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Posted Apr 18, 2013 in: Postponing tasks
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Posted by JPR:
Say it takes 10 seconds to manually postpone a single due date. Doing your xml export, excel parse, filter.... etc etc. must take you at least 10 minutes, (and I'm guessing much more) and that is the same time as manually postponing 100 tasks.

Personally, if I needed to postpone that kind of volume on a regular basis, I'd reconsider the use of the due date in the first place. Use the due date for things that are really due on that date, don't use it as a sorting mechanism.

Good point, as that was something that I was thinking of myself. I have a lot of related tasks, and if there was a way to use dependency, I would have to update only one task.

I am using the due date to remind me to do the tasks. Perhaps, I can play around with the "optionally due" feature.

Posted Apr 16, 2013 in: Postponing tasks
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Being the procrastinator that I am, I end up falling behind my task list. I would like to postpone a set of tasks by changing the due dates, but the catch is this. The set of dependent tasks have different dates, and I would like them all to be postponed by a fixed number. For instance, if I have three tasks, each due on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of a given month, I would like to change those dates to the 14th, 15th, and 16th.

My current solution is to export it as xml (csv causes problems with long notes fields), parse it into excel, filter to get the desired records, manipulate the dates, (waste an inordinate amount of time to get excel to export the dates into a text format), regenerate the xml file, import it back into toodledo, and then (!) delete the duplicates.

I tried the greasemonkey script, but it doesn't work on chrome.

Any tips?


Posted Aug 22, 2011 in: Multi-Edit and Recurrence
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How can I use search and multi-edit to change the recurrence pattern of many tasks to kick in from the completion date?

I have about 30 tasks that following an export, delete and import (I find it easier to do certain bulk tasks outside toodledo) that had its recurrence change from completion date to start page.