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Posted Feb 26, 2018 in: Categories for Habits
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Apart of the suggestions above, that I do subscribe, I miss a "description" field of the habit so properly motivate the habit, and a "comments" field for each entry, so I can add important data

The "goal" link, the x times a week, and the "cathegories" are also important features to make this fully integrate with toodledo as a self- management tool

thank you

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I get the message

Fatal error initializing user:Method 'get_DefaultTaskContextID' in type 'SyncApp.LibraryProviders.SyncLibSettingsProvider' from assembly 'SyncApp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' does not have an implementation.

I Have windows 7. I think I used it correctly in W7 before updating today to the latest toodledo version but I´m not sure.

Any idea?

Thank you

Posted Feb 28, 2010 in: Error on opening Outlook Sync
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Hi, I have same problem, no solution yet?