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Posted Jan 23, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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I am really happy that you introduced Habits. I was looking for a good habit tracking app to use it in addition to Toodledo, but it is possible that I won't need any third party app for that. In addition to the points mentioned by other Toodledo users I would advice the following changes, additions to make Habits a really good solution:

1, It would be very useful to introduce a counter habit type. It should have a button which increment the value by one for easy use. Many cases you want to log the event on the go, not at the end of the day. Like drinking a glass of water, smoking a cigarette, ... These shouldn't be considered completed before the end of the day, as I just want to track the number of something daily. For these kind of tasks it would be nice to be able to set a goal to do less than A, more than B, or to be between C and D.

2, In the iPhone app, the habit entries use unnecessarily large space, so only 4 of them can be seen on the screen at a time, which makes it much harder to use. With a little change, it could show 6-8 habits without a trouble. Not even talking about horizontal mode, where the header takes half of the screen also the statusbar takes 1/5th of the screen, so you cannot even see 1 habit in total. I think this is a typical topic, where Bridget's expertise could improve the UI a lot.