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Posted Jul 16, 2010 in: Please hire a UI Designer
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  • prios
  • Posted: Jul 16, 2010
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Currently giving TaskAngel a go. Clean UI and syncs with Toodledo. The developer is quick to reply to questions.

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Posted Jul 13, 2010 in: Toodledo Pro & Taskjot Pro Sync Issue
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  • prios
  • Posted: Jul 13, 2010
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Having an issue syncing my Blackberry Curve 8530 with Toodledo & Taskjot. I could see that Taskjot was constantly trying to sync to Toodledo by the little transmitter icon that was constantly displayed. Battery life was less than 4 hours, I then turned auto-sync to off and battery is good again. The pencil icon on TJ never would disappear to show that my sync was successful. Have contacted TJ and have followed their instructions to close out at the menu in TJ so that it will reset itself but that has not worked either. I have done battery pulls, changed the auto-sync to off but still not able to sync.

Anybody else experienced this issue?