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Posted Jan 09, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by jzamoras:
Posted by sknipfing:
Posted by jzamoras:
good idea!, however I'll wait for (hopefully) ticktick develop a easy way to import tasks, I have a year left in my toodledo subscription.

You can export from ToodleDo and import into ticktick. It's not perfect. I had to do some clean up and adjust things for the way ticktick works. But all-in-all, it was not too difficult. It was also a very good way to get acquainted with ticktick.

At this point, I may just ask toodledo for a refund of my unused year that is coming up.

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Posted Jan 08, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by jzamoras:
any ticktick promo code to try the premium version?

You can get started for free. It offers quite a lot to get started. You can do month-to-month for $2.99 and when ready, commit to a full year. This is what I am doing right now.

Posted Jan 04, 2019 in: Toodledo Update: November 2018
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Posted by Ummagumma:
Just a little note: TickTick is headquartered in China. It may or may not matter to you or your employer, depending on the sensitivity of your tasks and data.

As you know from Reddit

1 year ago
Hello guys,

This is the official account of TickTick Team. We'd like to clarify some points that hopefully could help with your doubts.

company background: The team behind TickTick is named We started in California, USA and relocated to HongKong, China in recent years. See from crunchbase:

Dida vs TickTick: Dida is a similar time management app we made exclusively for the Chinese market. Although the main features might seem similar, it is a different application with different policies&servers to protect our worldwide users. As you can see on our webpage: .To keep our users' data safe and secure is key important to our company. All the databases and servers of TickTick are hosted by Amazon Web Services in the U.S. We DO NOT share your data with third parties without your prior permissions. We have strict policy of NO ACCESSING to your data without prior permissions. Although we own the databases and all rights to our application, you retain all rights to your data. : The website that's mentioned above Umeng, is a Chinese website for analytics only. We use it to provide understand and thus to provide better user experience for Dida users (we use Google Analytics to do the same thing for TickTick users).

Fundings: Yes, our free version offers much more functions than others’ free ones. However, that indicates neither the flaw of our business model nor the potential risk of our users’ privacy. We are a well-funded company with relatively small team. With the enough money that comes from our investors and paid users, we are good to go.

Feel free to reach out directly to us via [email protected] if you have further questions about our company or the application. Our team is always happy to help.

TickTick Team.

Posted Jan 04, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by Duo:
Posted by Larry2:
In case no one is aware, there is mixed pricing information. Going to and selecting Pricing will display 3 tiers Free, Silver, Gold with outlandish pricing. Pretty much looks like the old subscription levels. Be sure to log out or go with a browser you don't normally use.

The other pricing plans show up in Aaron's blog for January 2019. Read down to where he talks about the new subscription pricing. There is a link to display the pricing plans available Jan 1. However that has 4 plans and is similar to previously announced features.

So we have two subscription options. I put in a trouble ticket yesterday asking for clarification but haven't heard back yet.

Me experience is that the 4 tiers didn't show up when not logged in until a few hours ago (perhaps your ticket helped). Even this afternoon with clean browsers (Incognito & cleared cookies & different machines) I couldn't see it.

I see the 4 tiers in all cases now.

It's still reporting a price increase to $60 annually for Gold. Too much. I am seriously looking at ticktick right now. They seem to be everything that toodledo should be but at a cost of just $27.99 annually.

Posted Jan 03, 2019 in: Toodledo Update: November 2018
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Check out TickTick. It looks like everything we were hoping for in Toodledo. It's free and if you need the Pro version it's just 27.99 for an annual subscription. I am currently a gold subscriber. They also seem to be able to import from a Toodledo backup. I expect to be able to play with it this weekend and will report back.

Posted Jan 03, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by tsinvest:
I purchased the Pro subscription of TickTick and so far I really like it. It is cross platform so I can use it on my Android phone, iPad and my Windows computer. It syncs perfectly and has a ton of features that aren't really apparent until you start using it. If I'm not mistaken it can do everything in your list above. The new team at Toodledo lost my confidence so I decided to try another service. So far I am pretty certain I will stick with TickTick. In addition to the above it has a calendar feature that is very handy and helps with tracking your tasks. Good luck with your decision.

I just checked it out and it does seem to ticktick (couldn't resist) most, if not all, my boxes. Will definitely look into this one very closely. Hopefully, I can find a way to import from Toodledo. Not a deal breaker but a like to have.

The price is right also. I may be able to get away with free version, but the $27.99 price point is back to where Toodledo used to be for Gold subscription.

Edit: Wow. I dug around a bit more on their site. They even have a way to import from Toodledo. Looks like I may have a weekend project.
1. Move all my notes from Toodledo. Mainly how I keep track of my file folders in my home office. This is not a big deal, will likely move them to MS OneNote.
2. Migrate my Toodledo tasks over to TickTick. Start with monthly subscription. After I get comfortable with it, I can then commit to the annual model.

And here I thought this would take the better part of a year. This may be over quickly.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Posted Jan 02, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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I've got a year at current pricing before I need to make the switch. No way I will pay $90/yr for this product. $30 was my limit. So far my shortlist to replace Toodledo is
- Any Do
- Todoist
- We Do
- TickTick
- Remember the Milk
- Quire
- Asana
- Nozbe

This is no particular order. What I a looking for is
- Folders
- Sub Tasks
- Repeating Tasks
- Due Dates
- Status
- Can email to set up tasks
- Can attach notes to tasks
- Web and IOS
- Tags
- Priorities

It's a shame that the new owners are failing. I had high hopes...

Posted Jan 02, 2019 in: Toodledo Update: November 2018
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I just tried incognito. I see the new plan prices listed as Free($0.00), Silver ($4.99/mo), and Gold ($7.49/mo). I am currently a gold subscriber and am paid up thru April 2020. So for now I am good. But, and this is a big but, since I paid just 29.99 the last time I paid (not counting discounts), there is no way I will be paying to upgrade next year. Sorry Aaron, but I will be looking for something new. No way I can justify paying any more than $30 annually. Just not going to happen.

I cannot see anyway that this software will be worth more than the current $30 per year I am paying. I wish you well, but the current road you are going down is not one I will be travelling on.

Posted Dec 10, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by jonathan.nissanov:
Easy solution guys regarding history. Rather than marking as done, simply assign them to a status you don't use. You can easily do that now to all your current history in batch.

Or change the priority to -1 as these can also be easily hidden.

Posted Dec 03, 2018 in: Toodledo Update: November 2018
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Thanks Aaron, the end-of-month feature is helpful. Please keep plugging away at the ever growing feature request list.


Posted Nov 27, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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It's been over a month and no real updates! We are not seeing any progress. A large number of items are listed as in progress, but we ar enot seeing any of it yet.


Posted Nov 13, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Are you monitoring

There is a lot of activity as far as feature requests, what's planned for and what is in progress. Seems pretty encouraging.

Posted Nov 12, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by Bevier:
I take it that the new pricing plan is staying? For that price, I'm forced into MyLifeOrganized. If I'm paying that price, why not use a finished, full-featured app? They are asking for more money without giving anything in return (in fact, they are taking away). I'm sorry, but I can't see an advantage to staying with Toodledo. :(

MLO looks interesting, but it looks like while they have apps for all the necessary platforms, they are missing a web browser interface which I need at work as they won't let me install unapproved applications :(

Posted Oct 31, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Excel is not an answer for me. I have an excel spreadsheet with VBA code to automate many tasks and dropped it in favor of Toodledo. Why? Because I want all my to-do's in one place. What I had was multiple spreadsheets in different places.

I work in an environment that does not let me share files on the cloud. In fact, I had to get approval just to use Toodledo from my workstation.

My tasks are all in one place that is fine. I can email tasks into Toodledo with notes attached. Beyond, that what really needs to be addressed is usability. And it looks like that is underway.

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Todoist even has a win 10 app something that Toodledo should be doing as well. I may have to investigate this more in my free time.

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After reading thru a lot of the posts and their replies, here is my suggestion to Toodledo. Go ahead and play around with the right feature mix on the free plan. Scale it back if need be.

But you need to maintain your current pricing structure for current customers for the foreseeable future. Take a page out of what Amazon does with their Prime service which had a price increase this earlier this year. They continually add new features to the service, then ask for a price increase from their customers. Not the other way around.

A year from now, you can point to n number of new features and app rewrites and say "we've kept up with our part of the bargain." A lot of the push back you are receiving is because of the lack of investment and the potential for the product overall.

My current subscription runs out in about 535 days from today, so I am committed. If you can provide new iPhone app, clean up the UI, provide new features, I will reup. If not, in Jan 2020, I will start looking for something new. I am rooting for you!

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I use autohotkey (free) to create tasks using email into Toodledo. I don't use outlook tasks at all since Toodledo is used for both work and home. When I type @em and press space, autohotkey replaces it with "Item Title #Today *SBI -SBI @Work ~5Min " without the quotes. I then do a quick edit to the subject and hit send.

Things I learned along the way.
1. Since many tasks are me waiting on a response to an email, I removed ~5min.
2. #Today can be #Tomorrow or a day of the week. i.e. Monday.
3. The SBIs are my current project and location. This gets updated over time.

To set this up in autohotkey, I use the following "code":
::@EM::Item Title {#}Today *SBI -SBI @Work ~5Min

I find that trying to use both Toodledo and outlook tasks not to be a good idea as I then have things in two places which is what I want to avoid in using Toodledo.

I hope this helps

Posted Jun 17, 2010 in: Some suggested Toodledo enhancements
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I particularly like items 5 & 7.

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I haven't found a way to do it. So I note when it should end and delete the last task on or after that date.

Posted May 31, 2010 in: Notes field icon in multi-line format
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I second the motion!
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