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Posted Sep 15, 2011 in: "Notes" Feature request?
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Almost every single one of my tasks has some "notes" attached to it, so expanding all of my notes at once is too cluttered and hides too many of my tasks.

As of now, when you click on the empty space of a task's row nothing happens. Is there any way, and obviously this would be best as a user defined option, that clicking in that empty space could open its attached notes? It would go from having to click on a tiny and specific icon on either side of the screen (you would have to be a capable gamer to effortlessly do this), to being able to quickly open, read, and then close any Task's notes that you'd like to reference.

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Posted Sep 01, 2011 in: We want an official Android app !!!
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+1 Add another Android power user that is dying for an official client.

As of now the best solution is "DGT Getting Things Done" app with the Toodledo extension. Astrid is currently at release 2.8 and, according to the timeline, will be adding Toodledo support in release 3.0 We'll see when that happens though. -_-