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  • BobDoo
  • Posted: Nov 05, 2014
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Also notes just seem to bleed into the next task.

A great place to start would be to take a close look at the mobile app Got To Do, and grow from there.

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  • BobDoo
  • Posted: Nov 05, 2014
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I was just going to post a question asking how can change the interface visuals or style. I really stopped using Toodledo because it is visual torture for me to interact with interface. I used to use it more through the now unsupported Got To Do mobile app which had a great interface, but now I am using Ultimate To Do which is ok, but not as good.

I need to be using more of the power features of Toodledo through the web interface, and I find it so mentally laborious to use that I hate using it.

It is difficult to sparse anything and everything on the screen in my head - everything seems just thrown together:
Different tasks & subtasks should be more highlighted
Different folders should be easier to discerne
Priorities should have stronger color coding
and on and on.

The engine is good, but there appears to be no investment in user interface ergonomics and design. That is much different thinking than running a great database engine.

The other offerings are getting closer to catching up.