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Brian Anderson_2

Posted Oct 15, 2010 in: Recurrence
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Hi, I have a number of tasks set up as a recurrence. When I complete the task the green tick goes in the box but does the recurrence automatically re-generate another task at this point for the future date.

Sometimes I complete the recurring task earlier than the due date and mark it complete then but it does not seem to automatically regenerate a task then too.

Is the re-generation of a recurrring task done after the orginal due date and time or do I have to do something to get the completed recurring task to re generate a new task ?

Brian Anderson_2

Posted Aug 17, 2010 in: iPhone/iPad app Version 2.0.4
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Why do deleted tasks still appear with a reminder on my iPhone 3gon OS4. I could have deleted the task weeks earlier as the task had been completed but it still comes up with a reminder on the day the task was originally due despite the task not showing in my overall list of outstanding tasks ? I also use the web version of Toodledo and have it synced with my iphone list. It's very annoying !