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Posted Feb 07, 2014 in: Cleaner RSS
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  • emarz
  • Posted: Feb 07, 2014
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I love the RSS Feature, but could you guys please make it cleaner?, as in putting everything in a separate field. As it is now, Due Date, Priority, Folder and Comments are all jammed in the same 'Description' field, making it harder to make a cleaner list to be displayed on a feed reader.

What I am trying to do is to share a feed of my tasks for a particular folder with people related to that folder. No, they don't want to sign up for Toodledo, they just want to see my list.

The "Internet Publishing" option was a nice idea, but also looks unfinished, all the columns stick out of the container and it also is an all-or-nothing option, if you share one folder, you share them all, which is not very helpful when you want to share certain lists with certain people.

Thank you!

Posted Apr 17, 2011 in: Please hire a UI Designer
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  • emarz
  • Posted: Apr 17, 2011
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I love Toodledo and it has all the features one can expect from a GTD app, however I do agree the UI and the website in general is really outdated and needs to be brought up to date. There are really nice looking apps out there such as Nirvana and Flow, but they're eaither really overpriced and/or they lack many of Toodledo features.

I think in general it should be fairly easy for the Toodledo team to update, the website just needs some CSS and someone with good taste and a good eye for design. As pointed out by several other people the userstyles site has some nice ones themes, I particularly like the Mac OSX theme, but it does lack icons which would give visual cues to the user, and therefore making it more effective and easier to navigate.

Just my two cents.