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Did Apple finally open up the Reminders app API? If not how is Toodledo hooking into the IOS Reminders App? This is a fantastic feature. I actually stopped using Toodledo because I use Siri to add tasks to my Reminders app and I didn't want to have two shadow systems. Now I will return to using Toodledo and only use Reminders app as the go between to be able to use Siri to get tasks into Toodledo. Thanks for this important update.

Posted Oct 20, 2011 in: Sync Reminders (iOS 5) and Toodleo
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CalDav. Its been done already by RTM. Works with Siri as well.

Posted Oct 20, 2011 in: iOS 5
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RTM uses CalDav to add tasks using Siri and IOS 5 Reminders app. You set up RTM as CalDav as a new Mail account in IOS settings and set as default list. Does Toodledo allow us to add tasks using CalDav?