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Posted Jul 07, 2014 in: Change Completion Date
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Please add my vote for the editable Completion date/time fix - Hope to see it implemented soon.

This feature in my view would open up many paid users both at personal use and at corporate use levels.

I have used toodledo with a Silver Subscription for several years and would have implemented it at work with multiple paid subscriptions - didn't due to the completion date/time not editable breaking the project and task tracking chain to close the loop of great features. (I appreciate the case of being able to "trust" the completion times as actual and not altered - though find it not practical in daily use).

The Android App ToDoList has synced with Toodledo using all the on-line features very well. Just a note for Toodledo full feature users.

I use a separate time tracking app to make up for time/date edits to export results externally for project time reports.

The Toodledo Statistics graphing tools would be great to use - no good without date/time edits.

The "one" big hole an awesome application.

So.... I'm grateful for Toodledo - really lobbying for completion date.

Obviously Toodledo has information to set priorities and this one hasn't made it to the action list.

I suspect this feature could open up paid subscriptions from independent contractors - sales, project managers, small business, personal use to large company paid subscriptions.

I would be pointing many to Toodledo if they could generate project-task with completion date and time reports.

It's holding all the awesome features hostage for reporting and tracking use.

Just my perspective. I'll search for an app to work around this and would appreciate practical work-workaround tips in the meantime.


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