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Posted Apr 02, 2012 in: We want an official Android app !!!
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Posted by Toodledo:
Each week we get dozens of requests for an official Android app. We hear you all loud and clear, but we can't magically produce one over night. It took us 2+ years of continuous work to get the iOS app where it is today and it will take a significant investment from us to get an Android app out the door. We have a plan that has been put in motion, but in the meantime there are 7 third party Android apps that work with Toodledo and they are getting better with each update.

Any word on the status of the Android app? I'd gladly pay for it. I just want something that is first party and supported.

It's all well and good to list third party apps, but since those are all unsupported... I'd rather wait.

Are you guys still working on this app?