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Posted Dec 28, 2011 in: We want an official Android app !!!
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Posted by sconstand:
I have been using Appigo's Todo iPhone native app, with Toodledo as the backend for over a year now. The combination is exactly what I need.

I am paying Pro customer btw.

However I now also have an Android device, as well as my iPhone/iPad and I desperately need a cross-platform solution.

I also am dissapointed with Toodledo's response to our demand for a native Android app, which after all isn't that difficult to do these days.

All the suggested Android apps and a joke.

So, my friends, I will probably be leaving Toodledo in the next few months, to another service, probably RTM or Wunderlist or something.

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

Toodledo is far better than RTM. There's a huge chance to see you back here. =^)

Posted Dec 28, 2011 in: We want an official Android app !!!
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Posted by Stefan777:
I myself also tried DGT-GTD and Ultimate To Do List and both are really good in functionality in my oppinion, with different approaches to user interfaces.

Now I am using UTDL and I am very satisfied with this combo

UTDL is awful and inexpensive ($5). I've both phone and tablet versions anda I work more with UTDL on tablet than the web version.

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Two features that are really missing for Pro+ users:

1. we could be able to see image files on the browser window instead of download them and open on our disk;

2. name uniqueness is ridiculous if you create tasks sending emails with attachements. I'm really concerned on lost something important on this simple file handling support that Toodledo has.


Posted Dec 28, 2011 in: Translators Needed
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Posted by Toodledo:
We are looking for some translators to help us begin translating Toodledo into other languages. We are starting with our iPhone app, because it is smaller, contained, and technically easier to do. We will be initially translating into the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Japanese. This was based on the number of our customers coming from countries that speak these languages. Once this is complete we will move on to more languages and more areas of Toodledo.

If you are bilingual in one of the listed languages and want to help, please follow these steps.

[edited to point to the new location for translation assistance]
1) Go here:

Thanks for helping us become an international company.

Is is possible to separate Portuguese (Portugal) from Portuguese (Brazilian)? A lot of terms are quite different.

Posted Nov 29, 2010 in: GTD APP FOR THE WEB
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It beautiful and nothing more. Toodledo is better. I like Toodledo's sortable grid style, all those app sync options and its community. I have no plans to choose another GTD tool.

Posted Aug 29, 2010 in: Translators Needed
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Are a Portuguse translation on your plans ? If so, I'm a volunteer.

Regards !