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Posted Aug 15, 2011 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
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  • grayct71
  • Posted: Aug 15, 2011
  • Score: 1
The new look is nice, however the system performance took a huge step backward at the same time. It now takes 22 seconds to load my main task list. Along the same takes about 13 seconds for the new task section to open after clicking the "task" button. I've tried deleting my cookies, temp internet files, etc but that didn't help. Anything I or you can do to improve performance? This system just isn't going to work for me long term if performance remains at this level.

In addition to these two new peformance issues, there are two other performance issues that are still there from the prior version: 1) adding a due date / time takes a long time using the calendar picker...please redesign and 2) it takes a long time to drag and drop a task on another task as a sub-task. And if they are on separate pages it's nearly impossible.

There are a lot of great things about the system, and that's why I use it, but performance has to be there in order for it to be feasible to continue. (I'm an engineer too) Hoping this constructive feedback is useful for all users. Thanks!