How to use Toodledo with Apple's Calendar

This tutorial will show you how to subscribe to your Toodledo tasks inside Apple's Calendar program. Keep in mind that the subscription protocol is a one way synchronization from Toodledo to Calendar. Any changes that you make inside Calendar will not be reflected on Toodledo.

Enabling Subscriptions

Click on the "Tools" menu at the top of the page and then click "More...". On the following page click on the "Calendars" section. Click the checkbox next to "Enable Calendar Subscriptions" and then click the "Save Changes" button.

This will publish your tasks on the internet in a file that can be read by Calendar. You will see several links appear in this section. Keep these links secret, because anyone know knows them will be able to read your tasks.

Picking the Right Link

Once you enable Calendar Subscriptions, you will see several different possible links. The one that you should use is labeled "Events".

Subscribing in Apple Calendar

Once you have picked the link that you want to use, click on it. It should automatically open in Apple Calendar with an option to subscribe. If it does not, copy the link to your clipboard. Then switch to Calendar and select "New Calendar Subscription" from the "File" menu. A box will appear where you can paste or type in the link. Click the "Subscribe" button.

Now, a window will appear with lots of settings. You may want to set your subscription to auto-refresh. We suggest setting this to "every hour". More frequent refreshing can consume too much bandwidth, battery and processing time.