MYN Time Management Infographic

Master Your Now!

"Master Your Now" (MYN), also known as "The One Minute To-do List", is a simple method of managing your tasks that solves the problem of too many things on your list. It involves taking your tasks and emails and turning them into an actionable to-do list. Based on the best-selling book "Total Workday Control" and book "The One Minute To-Do List" by Michael Linenberger, you can use MYN on its own or with GTD.

Organize your Tasks in One Minute

Quickly learn how to organize your tasks in just one minute with our MYN Time Management Infographic! Quickly learn how to automate your email inbox, set up Toodledo to work with "Master Your Now", and create your MYN To-Do List.

Learn how to organize your tasks in one minute with Toodledo's helpful MYN Time Management Infographic.