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Sep 1, 2015

Progress Report - August 2015

Sep 1, 2015 Here is what we worked on in August.

+ Redesigned the top navigation of the website by consolidating all the menus into one Account Menu.
+ Added the "Ribbon" to Tasks, Notes, Outlines, Lists and Habits.
+ Added a collapsible sidebar to go along with the Ribbon.
+ Made the Task section scroll better, so the toolbar remains on screen all the time
+ Made significant progress with re-engineering of our Notes section
+ Created an official "Beta Program" that anyone can participate in.
+ Added a Sweepstakes where people can win a free subscription
+ Finished redesign of our Subscription purchasing page.
+ Made significant progress making a styleguide and pattern library for Toodledo's new look and feel
+ Fixed a bug with sorting Lists by certain columns
+ Fixed a bug with Folder, Context and Location names that use a large number of foreign characters
+ Fixed a bug with the date column in Lists for European users
+ Fixed a bug with the note column in Lists
+ Improved the security of our brute-force password hacking prevention detector
+ Performed some server maintenance
+ Improved importing for Outlines and Lists
+ No longer remove the | character from task titles
+ Fixed and improved printing support
+ Fixed bug with Outlines that had items with links inside them
+ Allowed notices in the Account menu to be dismissible
+ Fixed some miscellaneous visual bugs with the Notes section
+ Added a better Bookmarklet
+ Improving Habits to respond better to different screen sizes
+ Increased the maximum width that a Task column can be resized to
+ Improved it so that a Task note cannot be wider than the screen
+ Fixed the spacing around lists insite Task notes.
+ Experimented with automatically expanding/collapsing the sidebar when you move the mouse into it
+ Began working on phase 2 of the Task's section redesign (colors and icons)
+ Fixed a bug with the account setting for sorting tags
+ Fixed an issue where the due-date popup had some overlap issues on certain browsers
+ Improved support for web browsers that have the font size increased by several sizes above default
+ Implemented a persistent feedback widget on our beta website to get feedback from beta testers quicker.
+ Began work on the ability to upload an image directly to Toodledo to replace your avatar image.

+ Testing Lists section
+ Released Lists section for beta testing

+ Testing for iOS 9
+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "note" cell was sometimes un-editable
+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "date" cell selected the wrong date when clicking the calendar for European users.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a newly added item may not always save immediately.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a link inside an item may not have been clickable.
+ Fixes a bug with button colors when the Accessibility option "Button Shapes" was enabled
+ Fixes an issue where the sync progress bar was hidden behind the settings window.

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Aug 26, 2015

Toodledo for iOS 3.3.2

Aug 26, 2015 An update is available now for our iOS app.

+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "note" cell was sometimes un-editable
+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "date" cell selected the wrong date when clicking the calendar for European users.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a newly added item may not always save immediately.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a link inside an item may not have been clickable.
+ Fixes a bug with button colors when the Accessibility option "Button Shapes" was enabled
+ Fixes an issue where the sync progress bar was hidden behind the settings window.

If Toodledo helps you be more productive, please consider giving us a rating/review in the iTunes App Store. Even if you have rated us before, you can rate us again with each new update that we release. It really does help us to have good ratings.
Aug 25, 2015

Introducing the Ribbon

Aug 25, 2015 Today we have released our first step in redesigning the Tasks section. We have taken the old "View By" section in the sidebar and turned it into the "Ribbon", a blue strip down the left side of the screen. The Ribbon provides a quick way to switch between different ways of viewing your tasks. It also allows you to easily collapse the sidebar to maximize the amount of screen space available for your tasks, so that you can focus on what's important.

For consistency, we have added the Ribbon to all of our major sections (Tasks, Notes, Outlines, Lists and Habits) and we plan on enhancing the other sections to take full advantage of the Ribbon in the future.

In addition, we have improved how long to-do lists are displayed. Now, the long lists will scroll within their task section instead of scrolling the entire page. The Toolbar and Ribbon will always remain visible. This means that you no longer need to scroll all the way to the top of the page when you want to add a new task, switch views or change your filters or sorts. This will save you time.

This is one of the biggest single changes that we will make to the Tasks section. Most of the rest of our redesign changes will be more incremental. We know that a big change like this will take some getting used to and that not everyone will immediately like it. When you use a productivity tool every day, you expect it to function a certain way so that you can get things done. With this change, you will need to relearn how to switch between different lists and some of you may need to make small adjustments to your column widths. We think that within a few days, you will have become accustomed to the new Ribbon and we hope that you will be more productive as a result.

We have been testing the Ribbon for several weeks with our Beta testers and have gotten very positive feedback. We have also done considerable testing ourselves across many different browsers and platforms, so we feel confident about this release. As with any release, it is possible that we have missed something minor so please let us know. We will be monitoring the forums and our support tickets carefully today and the rest of the week and will be quickly fixing anything that turns up.
Aug 12, 2015

Redesign progress: Navigation bar

Aug 12, 2015 If you look at the top of the screen in the strip that we call the "Navigation Bar", you'll see that today it looks cleaner. We have consolidated the Tools, Organize, and Help menus into one menu that we are calling the "Account Menu". This is a big step in our redesign process to streamline Toodledo's UI.

If you shrink the window down to skinny sizes, like you would see on a mobile device, you will also see that the Tasks/Notes/Outlines/Lists/Habits buttons collapse into one menu that we are calling the "Product Switch". This was done to make the website more responsive so that it will work across a wider range of screen sizes and devices. Expect to see more of this in the coming updates.

We have also slimmed down the "Footer" at the bottom of the page to give more room for the important stuff.
Aug 10, 2015

Scheduled Maintenance Aug 10 at 9pm PST

Aug 10, 2015 Tonight between 9pm and 10pm PST we will be taking Toodledo offline for a brief period of time to perform some scheduled maintenance to upgrade our servers and provide for future improvements.
Aug 3, 2015

Toodledo Sweepstakes

Aug 3, 2015 During the month of August, Toodledo is running a sweepstakes where you could win a free Gold Subscription.

All you have to do is say something nice about Toodledo. No purchase necessary. Please see the following link for the complete details:
Jul 31, 2015

Progress Report - July 2015

Jul 31, 2015 Here is what we worked on in July.

+ Released the redesign of our Lists section to be responsive and more refined.
+ Released the redesign of our Outlines section to be responsive and more refined.
+ Released the redesign of our logo and product icons.
+ Improved our ability to track errors and warnings across our products.
+ Fixed a number of minor warnings and small bugs across all of our products.
+ Fixed a bug with double scrollbars appearing for people using our "Experimental Scrolling" feature
+ Migrated one of our databases to a faster and more reliable server
+ Explored a new database technology
+ Fixed some spelling errors
+ Improved printing in Outlines, Lists and Habits
+ Fixed a bug where dividers could not be collapsed when sorting your list by "repeat"
+ Researching a new web framework (React)
+ Worked to create a collapsable sidebar across all of our products
+ Fixed a bug with Lists/Habits/Outlines where the page would jiggle on the initial load
+ Worked to redesign and simplify the top right section of the website with all the popup menus (available now for beta testers)
+ Fixed a display bug with tasks that repeat by weekday
+ Worked to create a "product switch" menu that will go in the upper left corner of smaller screens (available now for beta testers)
+ Fixed a bug where the Lists sidebar badges could get out of sync with the actual number of rows inside that list
+ Fixed a bug where the Lists section wasn't displaying the table correctly after you added a new column
+ Fixing the error that shows when you go to a habit/outline/list that doesn't exist
+ Created a "Sweepstakes" page where you can win a free Gold Subscription by saying something nice about Toodledo:
+ Redesigned the footer at the bottom of the page to be slimmer.
+ Began work on redesign of Tasks section
+ Began work on redesign of Notes section

+ Finishing Lists section

+ Released an update that included the Lists section, and updated Outlines section, and improvements to Apple watch.
+ Fixed a bug where the passcode feature would not work correctly on some iPad devices.

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Jul 13, 2015

iOS update: Lists, Outlines and Apple Watch

Jul 13, 2015 Good news everyone! The Lists section of Toodledo has finally been added to our iOS app.

This new section will allow you to sync your existing Lists and make new lists.

+ The Outlines section has been redesigned to be faster, prettier and easier to use.
+ The Habits section has been updated with various small bug fixes and some visual changes
+ Our Apple Watch app has been updated with bug fixes as well as support adding tasks. To add a task on Apple Watch, force tap the todo list and then use Siri to dictate your new task.

If Toodledo helps you be more productive, please consider giving us a rating/review in the iTunes App Store. Even if you have rated us before, you can rate us again with each new update that we release. It really does help us to have good ratings.
Jul 7, 2015

New Logo and Updated Lists/Outlines section

Jul 7, 2015 Today we are releasing three things.

1) Our new logo and icons

We've worked hard to refine and improve our logo. Because Toodledo has expanded beyond just "tasks", our new logo was updated to reflect that Toodledo is an entire system of productivity tools. Along with this new logo, we have also refreshed the icons that represent each section and redesigned our iOS and Android app icons.

2) Our Lists section has been visually redesigned to match our new styles, colors and patterns. Everything has been cleaned up and refined to make it easier to use and less cluttered. As part of this redesign, Lists is now responsive, which means that it works regardless of the size of your web browser (desktop, tablet, phone).

3) Our Outlines section has also been redesigned, like the Lists section. In addition to being more refined and responsive, we have added some new ways to view your outlines. From the Action menu you can now choose between "Presentation Mode" and "Edit Mode". "Presentation Mode" is similar to how it was before our redesign. You can add, edit, move and delete outline items by using your mouse and keyboard shortcuts. In the new "Edit Mode" we have added some intuitive visible buttons and menus to help you perform these same actions easier and on devices that don't support keyboard shortcuts (phones and tablets).

This completes a major phase in our ongoing redesign project. So far, we have redesigned our home page, Habits, Lists, Outlines, the forums, all the secondary pages of Toodledo, our Android app, and part of our iOS app. Coming up next are the Tasks and Notes sections. We saved Tasks until the end because it is the most complex and we wanted to make sure that we had all the proper design patterns in place first. It should come along more quickly now.

We have been testing these changes for several weeks with our beta testers and have received a lot of positive feedback. We would like to hear your feedback as well. Please let us know in these forums, with a support ticket, or via email to

Jun 3, 2015

Progress Report - May 2015

Jun 3, 2015 Here is what we worked on last month.

+ Finishing responsive redesign of Lists section
+ Finishing responsive redesign of Outlines section
+ Migrated data for Lists/Outlines to a new upgraded database
+ Fixed a bug that prevented some people from deleting their Toodledo account
+ Made Dialog boxes and Notice popups consistently across all 5 Toodledo sections.
+ Fixed a bug with outlines where you could not delete a note
+ Upgraded all of our web servers to new faster servers
+ When an email we send bounces back as undeliverable, we do a better job now of removing that email address from future emails
+ Fixed some small issues with our "email import" feature
+ Better caching of data to make website load faster
+ Improved some of our internal development tools
+ Fixed a temporary bug with the "Account Activity" section of Toodledo recording the wrong IP address for logins
+ Added a page to the Organize section to more easily manage tags
+ Mitigated the "venom" security vulnerability
+ Improved our SSL grade to A
+ Fixed our Facebook integration tool
+ Fixed API rate limits for apps using older versions of our API
+ Increased limit on tag field from 64 to 250 characters
+ Increased limit on tags displayed in the sidebar from 50 to 100
+ Made improvements to our nightly maintenance tasks
+ Redesigned Tag and List cell editors for the Lists section
+ Fixing an issue we had with Google not putting some of our pages in it's search results
+ Cleaned up the Habits section with some small visual tweaks to make it consistent with our other sections
+ Made good progress on designing a new Logo for Toodledo and improving our brand.
+ Conducted user tests on illustrative and logo
+ Defined new brand strategy & visual identity
+ Created illustrations for organize pages
+ Created illustrations for lists and outlines

+ Finished phase 2 of the Material redesign of the app
+ Finishing Lists section
+ Finishing redesign of Outlines section
+ Fixed issue where task and notebook notes are not synced correctly when edited in the web site and viewed in the device simultaneously

+ Finishing Lists section
+ Finishing redesign of Outlines section
+ Visual improvements to our Apple Watch app
+ Investigated the possibility to add a task via Apple Watch

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
May 19, 2015

Improvements to Tags

May 19, 2015 Today we have added a new page to our "Organize" menu that will allow you to better manage the tags that you use on tasks. With this new page, you can more easily delete a tag, which will remove it from every task that it is on without affecting the task's other tags. In a similar way, you can also rename a tag or combine two tags into one.

In addition, we have increased the maximum length for a task's tag from 64 characters to 250 characters so you can make better use of tags, and we now show the top 100 tags instead of the top 50 tags when in the tag view in the task section.
May 11, 2015

Android Update 5.8

May 11, 2015 We have released an update to our Android app today which includes the following improvements:

+ Continued to improve the design of app including the Task and Notes details pages
+ Task and note titles, notes and tasks can now be edited in-place
+ Embedded link support added to notes
+ Added some tutorial screens for new users signing in for the first time
+ Fixed: Scroll position restored when returning to a list.
+ Fixed: Manual sync possible even when global auto sync settings is off
+ Fixed: Tasks created via Share function will be saved automatically
May 1, 2015

Progress Report - April 2015

May 1, 2015 Here is what we worked on last month.


+ Made significant progress towards Lists redesign with responsive layout
+ Made significant progress towards Outlines redesign with responsive layout
+ Got List working on mobile browsers
+ Improving List cell editors to work and look better (icons, tags, long text, dates, etc)
+ Provided a way for 3rd party developers to more easily upgrade from using API2 to API3.
+ Redesigned the API documentation pages for developers
+ Fixing an error with IFTTT integration
+ Updated the way errors/warnings are displayed in Lists/Outlines
+ Decommissioned an old database and migrated data to newer one.
+ Fixed bug with Habits with initial sync of number habit that has values of 0
+ Fixed bug with Habits line graphs on Firefox
+ Fixed bug with Habits calculating daylight savings time correctly
+ Fixed bug with optional repeating tasks getting moved correctly for people in extreem timezones
+ Fixed bug with translation helper pages
+ Improved internal development tools to make building code faster
+ Created an informational page for Apple Watch and promotional graphics for our homepage
+ Replaced an aging piece of networking equipment
+ Improved error logging
+ Switched all of our automated email sending to another provider to improve reliability
+ Upgraded some 3rd party libraries that we use for various purposes
+ Removed some external dependencies for Lists/Outlines
+ Improved look of login window when signing in to 3rd party apps.
+ Fixed a bug with browser based alarms that could cause them to be a little too agressive
+ Fixed a bug that would cause some task edits to not save and present an error message instead.
+ Continued building pattern library and styleguide
+ Continued brand exploration
+ Defined artistic direction for future illustrations and graphics
+ Continued to review and catalog User Research Survey results and forum posts


+ Continued to improve the design of app including the Task and Notes details pages
+ Task and note titles, notes and tasks can now be edited in-place
+ Embedded link support added to notes
+ Added some tutorial screens for new users signing in for the first time
+ Fixed: Scroll position restored when returning to a list.
+ Fixed: User perform manual sync even when global auto sync settings don't allow it
+ Fixed: Tasks created via Share function will be saved automatically
+ Made significant progress with new Lists section

+ Finished, tested and released Apple Watch app
+ Continued with redesign work: finished settings, task list and started task details.
+ Made significant progress with new Lists section
+ Worked on getting rich text editing to work
+ Fixed a bug that could cause an infinite loop of syncing when using 2-step authentication

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Apr 27, 2015

Toodledo for Apple Watch

Apr 27, 2015 Toodledo is now available for Apple Watch! It's actually been available for several weeks (since our last iOS app update), but now that Apple Watch has started to ship we thought we'd tell you about it.

With Toodledo's Apple Watch app, you can view your hotlist, complete tasks and get alarms for tasks that are due soon. We have future plans for even more functionality.

Read more about our Apple Watch app here:
Apr 12, 2015 Maintenance April 12th 9-10pm PST

Apr 12, 2015 Tonight (April 12th) between 9pm and 10pm PST we will be performing some planned upgrades of our servers to better serve you in the future. During this maintenance window Toodledo will be unavailable for approximately 20 minutes. We will post updates on Twitter and Facebook if anything unforeseen occurs that might prolong this window.
Apr 1, 2015

Progress Report - March 2015

Apr 1, 2015 Here is what we worked on last month.

+ Removed jump when editing habits title
+ Re-styled consistent back button navigation in features
+ Created new back / forward calendar picker buttons
+ Redesigned modals and prompts to be completely responsive across home page and habits
+ Finalized Outlines redesign plans and schedule
+ Began implementing new responsive layout to Outlines
+ Updated Habits responsive layout to contain filter bar
+ Began conducting user research
+ Began concepting keyboard shortcut guide
+ Reviewed and monitored iOS Phase 1 Redesign progress
+ Finalized Android Phase 2 Redesign plans
+ Reviewed and monitored Android Phase 2 Redesign progress
+ Began concepting for Lists redesign
+ Began concepting for mobile Lists implementation for mobile browsers and applications
+ Upgraded Toodledo's main database servers
+ Working on allowing emoji and other characters to work in tasks/notes/etc
+ Upgrading Toodledo's web server for outlines, lists, habits and the API.
+ Improved Toodledo's SSL security
+ Added support for importing tasks from Google Tasks
+ Worked on Lists for iOS/Android/Mobile
+ Improved sorting in Lists
+ Investigated and began solving problem where some actions on Toodledo would fail due to faulty networking device
+ Fixed a bug where IFTTT actions were not getting the list of folder names correctly
+ Improved load time of our homepage and other pages on Toodledo
+ Fixed bug where incorrect account status was displayed when viewing a collaborator's workspace
+ Worked on redesign of subscription page
+ Began work on redesign of Notes section
+ Fixed printing of Outlines

+ Hide priority indicator if priority field hidden
+ Fixed bug where changing the fields used wasn't updating the drawer
+ Fixed bug where location based alerts were not taking filters into account
+ Allow Toodledo app to be installed on devices without location/GPS support
+ Better detect when the device is offline and don't warn about failed sync
+ Edit due-date and start-date now have consistent UI
+ Fixed bug where unused tags were still visible sometimes
+ Fixed bug where date picker was no longer a calendar on some devices
+ Implemented in-place editing for task title.
+ Implemented in-place editing for task notes. Added support for embedded links.
+ Implementing task note expansion/collapse.
+ Adding support for HTML.
+ Adding mini icons to task details screen.
+ More gracefully handle errors during sync
+ Implemented task detail row coloring based on fields/functions used.
+ Implemented in-place edit for task tags.
+ Started to work on Notebook list and detail edit redesign.

+ Fixed bug where sync on quit wasn't working
+ Final testing of Apple Watch app
+ Significant progress on redesign of app
Mar 24, 2015

Android App Update - March 2015

Mar 24, 2015 We have released an update for our Android App that includes the following fixes:

•Disabling priority field now hides colored priority indicator in the task list
•Adding or removing fields in settings now updates the drawer bar 
•Location based notifications now take filters into account 
•Allows app to now be installed on devices without location/GPS support 
•Detects when offline and doesn't sync 
•Quick dates for editing due and start dates are now consistent
•Fixes some issues with app while offline 
•Date picker offers calendar view again
Mar 11, 2015

Tuesday Night Maintenance

Mar 11, 2015 Over the past few weeks we have been secretly preparing to switch over to a new database. Our old database served us well for almost 3 years, but it was time to upgrade. We worked very hard to make sure that the switch was as seamless as possible. We tested the new database extensively over the past few weeks and with careful planning, we were able to do the entire maintenance with only about 10 minutes of downtime. And it was a success.

Well….99% a success. For about 30 minutes after the switch there was one minor issue that we didn't anticipate. For some people who sort large lists by importance, Toodledo was not displaying the correct results due to a quirk in how the new database was doing certain math functions. We quickly discovered the problem and corrected it so it's now working properly. 100% !

The new database is super fast and will give us a lot of room to grow in the future. In addition, it will enable us to do some new things that we couldn't do before. For example: In the near future it will be possible to put Emoji characters inside your tasks and notes, which was technically impossible with our old database. The new database also sorts non-english characters more accurately, so you may notice that right away if you use non-english characters.

Please let us know if you notice anything unusual.
Mar 4, 2015

Progress Report - Feb 2015

Mar 4, 2015 Here is what we worked on last month.

+ Finished phase 2 of our redesign.
+ Fixing various bugs with the new redesign
+ Fixed placement of "long text" popup in the Lists section
+ Improved line graphs in Habits to scale the y-axis more intelligently
+ Fixed bug where you could not press enter in a date field to add a new row in the Lists section
+ Improved pie charts in Habits section to have the correct colors and sizes
+ Fixed a bug with Habits where some habits were invisible for the 1st day of the month
+ Continued work on migrating Toodledo to new faster servers
+ Began work to migrate Toodledo's database to a new faster database
+ Fixed an issue with attaching a file from Dropbox
+ Improved printing
+ Finished adding ability to mark a habit as failed
+ Fixed a bug with IE11 not syncing Outlines correctly
+ Implemented improved spam filters to prevent spammers from abusing Toodledo
+ Improved syncing and error handling of Habits section
+ Improved UI for people who have the font size of the browser increased by several points
+ Fixed a display issue with Outlines and Chrome on Windows
+ Fixed bug with importing into Outlines
+ Began work on redesigning Notes section
+ Began work on redesigning Outlines section
+ Began redesign of subscription page and checkout process
+ Created color-coded icon system for file types
+ Created a storyboard for promotional videos
+ Plus lots of testing and small bug fixes.

+ Improved habits section with option to mark a habit as failed
+ Improved syncing (100% faster now)
+ Released iOS update
+ Began work on redesign of iOS app
+ Created concept and graphics for Apple Watch App
+ Finished beta of Apple Watch app

+ Designed new App Icon for Android and iOS Apps
+ Created promotional graphics for Google Play Store
+ Finished phase 1 of redesign using Google's Material Design concepts
+ Allow app to be installed on devices without location/GPS support
+ Fixed bug where changing hotlist settings on website was not updating app
+ Fixed bug where due-date modifiers were not used correctly on the hotlist
+ Fixed location notification bug, which now takes filters into account
+ Modifying fields/functions wasn't updating the drawer immediatly
+ Disabled priority field needs to hide colored priority indicator in the task list
+ Edit duedate and startdate not consistent ui
+ Released redesigned app with material design
Feb 25, 2015

Android App Updated and Redesigned

Feb 25, 2015 Today we are releasing an update to our Android app that includes our first steps at redesigning the app using Google's "Material Design" look and feel. The most noticeable changes are:

+ The "Add task" button is now a floating button in the lower right corner.
+ The "Navigation Drawer" that is revealed when tapping the top left button has been restyled with collapsable menus for easier use without scrolling
+ The habits section now allows you to intentionally fail at a habit to remove it from your inbox right away
+ The Toolbar at the top of the screen has been redesigned to make the menus easier to use. For example, you can now get to the settings section quicker.
+ Plus a number of additional refinements and behing the scenes improvements.

This is just the first step. We plan to continue to redesign the Android app to be more consistent with Toodledo's style and functionality. The next step is to improve how lists are sorted/filtered and how tasks are edited.
Feb 11, 2015

Habits Update

Feb 11, 2015 Along with our redesign progress announced today, we are also releasing the next update to Habits. We have made the following improvements.

1) You can now intentionally fail a checkbox habit. This will immediately take it out of your inbox. When you look at your history for the habit, you'll now be able to distinguish between "forgot to log it" and "failed to do it" which is an important distinction.

2) Pie charts are now color coded to match the colors used for habits.

3) Line graphs now scale better by calculating the minimum and maximum values and adjusting the graph to display as much detail as possible

4) Dividers on the left side can now be collapsed by clicking on them
Feb 11, 2015

Toodledo Redesign (Phase 2)

Feb 11, 2015 Several months ago we announced our plans to redesign Toodledo to be cleaner and more modern with improved usability. We broke this redesign down into a series of phases. The first phase, which we completed a while ago, was to redesign our home page for people who are not signed in.

Today we have completed phase 2 of our redesign plans, which calls for cleaning up the navigation bar (blue strip at the top of the page) when you are signed in.

As you can see, we cleaned it up and moved the "organize/tools/help" links to the right. The biggest change you'll notice is that at smaller window sizes, when all the links won't fit at the top, some items collapse into a hidden sidebar which can be revealed when needed. One of our goals with this redesign is to enable the entire website to work from any device that you are using, and this is the first step towards making this happen.

The next phase (phase 3) is to redesign all of the internal support pages of Toodledo. We've actually been working on this in parallel with phase 2 and are nearly complete. You may have noticed that the forums have already been redesigned, as well as the organize, tools, and help sections of Toodledo. We have also made some subtle changes to Lists and Outlines already. We have a little more work to go here and then we'll move on to improving the Tasks and Notes sections.
Feb 2, 2015

Progress Report - January 2015

Feb 2, 2015 Continuing on our new progress report idea, here is what we worked on last month:

+Habits can now accept decimal numbers as values when logging a habit.
+Fixed a bug where Safari could not copy/paste text in the Lists section
+Updated our logo to a slightly more refined design.
+Working to get the various sections of Toodledo to be independent so that if one section experiences problems the other sections can stay running.
+Redesigned the Collaboration Tools section to be consistent with our new design.
+Fixed some small bugs with the forums related to the recent redesign
+The Habits section now obeys your account settings with regard to the first day of the week (Sun/Mon)
+Improved many pages on Toodledo when viewed from a mobile device
+Continued to improve our internal building/testing/deploying tools
+Fixing a small issue with 2-step auth
+Redesigned the Settings section.
+Added an “action menu” to Habits that allows you to delete, clone and print habits.
+Fixed bugs with Habits on older browsers
+Added “Suggested Habits” to Habits dashboard
+Fixed various minor issues with Habits
+Redesigned the Organize section (folders, contexts, goals, locations). This was a big one.
+Fixed a bug where the “Always use SSL” account setting wasn’t taking effect until you signed out and back in.
+Worked around a bug with Google Calendar syncing tasks with the wrong time.
+Worked on redesigning the top navigation area of so that it is responsive and adheres to our new design. This was a big one.
+Added option for task alarms to be set to go to “3rd party apps” only.
+Worked on a caching layer for the tasks section to speed up page loads and releave some stress on the database.
+Fixed a bug where a number habit could not be unset after it was set.
+Worked on a feature where Habits can now be intentionally failed so it gets removed from your inbox.
+Added collapsible dividers to the Habits sidebar
+Redesigned the public sharing and scheduler pages
+Fixed a bug with making a saved search for “repeats by other”
+Added Habits to Toodledo’s Backup/Restore tool
+Redesigned the landing page for Lists and Outlines
+Planned initial stage of redesign for major sections (tasks, notes, lists, outlines)
+Improved visuals and usability for new functionality in Habits
+Storyboard for Habits promotional video
+Redesigned the Subscription/Payment pages
+Began transforming rough style guide into official pattern library
+Continued research and exploration for re-brand
+Began first stages of usability testing and user feedback

+Finalized Android app first stage redesign plans
+Fixed a bug where “no access token” error was sometimes appearing when syncing
+Remembering the last view visited
+Made significant progress towards a “Material Design” redesign of the app.
+Prepared a new release of Habits for Android

+Fixed bug with Dates/Timezones showing some tasks in the wrong sections
+Prepared a new release of Habits for iOS
+Added Habits as an option for the “Start Page” setting
+Finalized iOS app first stage redesign plans
+Made progress on Lists for iOS
+Fixed bug where the sync progress bar could disappear before sync was actually complete
+Worked on Apple Watch app
+Cleaned up the “iOS8 Today Widget”
+Stability improvements
+Improvements to internal continuous integration tools
+Fixed syncing issues with a large number tasks.
+Disabled sync related fields and buttons during a sync.
+Improved syncing perfromance.
+Fixed issue with saved searches and “with parent”
+Fixed issue with saved search and “today” and “tomorrow”
+Added more testing for tasks and syncing.
+Fixed clearing badge count after a purge.
+Fixed various date calculations and use of GMT vs. Local time.
+Fixed issue with updating alarms after a full sync.
+Made significant progress towards a redesign of the app

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Jan 13, 2015

iOS update: Habits, iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Widgets

Jan 13, 2015 After a month of waiting, Apple has approved our latest update with the following improvements.

+ Added Habits section. Syncs with Toodledo's new habits section and will help you make new habits and break bad ones. Log your progress each day and get a visual indicator of how good you are doing at reaching your goals.
+ Added a Notification Center Widget so you can quickly see your hotlist and add new tasks.
+ Added a Share Extension so you can quickly add a webpage or note to Toodledo for acting on later.
+ Optimized for iPhone 6 screen size
+ Fixing bug with Outlines where action button may stop working

If Toodledo helps you be more productive, please consider giving us a rating/review in the iTunes App Store. Even if you have rated us before, you can rate us again with each new update that we release. It really does help us to have good ratings.
Jan 5, 2015

January 5 downtime explanation

Jan 5, 2015 Today between 9:15am and 11:45am PST we experienced about 2.5 hours of intermittent downtime for all of Toodledo. This is definitely NOT how I wanted to spend our first week of 2015, which is traditionally Toodledo's most heavily used week of the year. We deeply regret any inconvenience that this may have caused to anyone.

Throughout the event we posted status updates on Twitter and Facebook. Here is a complete timeline of events:

At 9:00 we noticed elevated error rates when connecting to one of our external resources. We immediately started investigating. Soon after, Toodledo became intermittently unavailable across our entire site.

It initially appeared that because we were unable to connect to the external resource, it was causing connections to our website to be slower than normal and build up. Once they built up to a certain amount our servers ran out of connections/memory and stopped functionling properly. However, upon further investigation, we were able to connect to this resource from other locations, so it wasn't a problem with the resource, it was a problem with our server's network connection.

Upon realizing this, we immediately got on the phone with Rackspace (our datacenter provider) to help us diagnose the issue. It took about 30 minutes, but the smart people there eventually determined the source of the problem. It was a DDOS attack against another customer. Because of the way datacenters are setup, multiple customers share the same upstream network equipment. The attack on some other website was causing the networking equipment to become flooded and overloaded. The result was that anyone downstream of that point was experiencing trouble, so it affected several websites in addition to Toodledo.

At this point, it was out of our control. We had to wait for Rackspace to mitigate the attack and resolve the problem. At around 11:45am it was fixed and our website came back online.

We spent a few minutes running tests and checking everything and we quickly noticed that our API was still offline, which unfortunately meant that 3rd party apps were unable to sync with Toodledo. We investigated this issue and ultimately had to call Rackspace again who helped us resolve this secondary problem. It seems that as part of their mitigation attempt Rackspace noticed a lot of traffic going to our API, so they blocked that traffic as a safeguard. Once it was understood that Toodledo was very popular :) and all this traffic was legitimate traffic, they restored the connections and our API started working again. So, the API came back online about an hour after the main site came back.

At this time it does not appear that Toodledo was the to blame, or was the victim of the attack. We were collateral damage. No user data was compromised.

What have we learned?

We have learned that events outside of our control can affect Toodledo. It's difficult to plan for something like this. Even if we replicated our entire infrastructure in a different datacenter, it would take time to switch everything over if another event like this happened. These types of events are very rare. The last time we were affected by something like this was 5 or 6 years ago.

One thing that we are working towards across all of Toodledo is the ability to work offline. So, even if our servers went offline, you would still be able to access the website and make changes. Those changes would sync up once the site came back online. We have plans to do that in 2015 and we will likely accelerate these plans. If you access Toodledo through an app that syncs with Toodledo then you would already have benefited from this offline functionality.

Another thing we plan to do is isolate our services more so that it would be more likely that parts of Toodledo could stay online when other parts have trouble.

We are also going to keep thinking about this and trying to think of more ways to make Toodledo more robust in the future.

Those of you with Platinum accounts will be getting subscription extensions as part of the uptime guarantee that we have for that subscription level.

Again, we are very sorry for any inconvenience that this might have caused to anyone. We understand that Toodledo is a key productivity tool for lots of people and that you depend on us to be available all the time. We have had a good record in the last few years and we will redouble our efforts to improve in the future.

Dec 31, 2014

Toodledo 2014 - The Year in Review

Dec 31, 2014 Happy Holidays from Toodledo!

2014 was an exciting year for Toodledo. We added two new developers to our team and continued to expand our features and services to turn Toodledo into the top Productivity tool for people who want to optimize their lives. Here is a list of some of the amazing things that we accomplished this year:

Android App (link)
One of our most frequent requests was for an official Android app. We were late to the party but we caught up quickly with our official Android app that can now handle the core functionality of Toodledo on phones and tablets. This app is improving rapidly and we have a lot of new things planned for it soon.

Habits (link)
The Habits section (released this week) is a new addition to Toodledo that can help you keep your New Year's resolutions and make new good habits. Record your progress each day and see continuously updating graphs and charts. Monitor your self improvement, stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Outlines (link)
The Outlines section is into it's second year and has received a lot of improvements. Notably, you can now share outlines with your collaborators and Outlines is now available in our iOS and Android apps.

Lists (link)
The Lists section also got support for collaboration as well as the ability to search and filter rows within a list. I know that you have been waiting patiently, but it will be available in our iOS and Android apps soon. We've been working hard for much of the year to bring Lists into our mobile apps.

1) Added the ability to sort individual lists uniquely instead of using the same sorting for all lists in the same section. This was a popular request.
2) New IFTTT triggers were added to help you automated your life in interesting ways.
3) Similar to IFTTT, you can now use Toodledo with Zapier.

iOS app (link)
1) Updated app to support iOS 8
2) Added Outlines section
3) Added ability to share tasks from within the app.
4) The sum of the length/timer fields is now showing at the bottom of each list
5) We also added support for iOS 8 sharing extensions as well as the new Habits section which will be released as soon as it gets through Apple's review process.

Mac app (link)
Our Mac app was updated to support copy and paste as well fixing some bugs. We also published the app in the Apple App Store for your convenience.

We were able to maintain an uptime record of 99.995% for the year, with only 25 minutes of scheduled downtime. See Pingdom for more info.

1) In addition to above, we fixed a number of bugs and smaller improvements across all of our products.
2) Security was greatly improved with 2-Step authentication, enhanced encryption, and other behind the scenes upgrades.
3) Last but not lease, the biggest thing we did this year was to kick off a redesign of the entire Toodledo service. This is still under development, but we have already made great progress. We redesigned our home page and many of the internal pages of Toodledo including these forums.

In 2015, our goal is to simplify and standardize the Toodledo experience across all of our products and platforms and refine and improve our design and usability. Additionally, we will continue to bring new enhancements and capabilities to all parts of Toodledo.

We appreciate all the support and suggestions that we have received from everyone. We are continuing to make Toodledo the best productivity tool on the internet, and we have big plans for 2015 and beyond. Thanks to everyone for making Toodledo a success.

Happy New Year!

PS. Please use promo code "holiday14" at checkout to get 10% off a subscription or renewal for you and your friends.
Dec 29, 2014

New Section: Habits

Dec 29, 2014 Today we are excited to take the covers off our latest addition to Toodledo's suite of productivity tools: Habits

Just in time for your New Year's Resolutions, the new Habits section can help you make good habits and break bad habits. Record your progress each day and see continuously updating graphs and charts. Monitor your self improvement, stay motivated and achieve your goals.

You can choose to track your habits in three different ways.

Checkbox Habit
This is good for daily habits that you want to track. Each day that you record the habit adds a link to your chain. Don't break the chain! There is also a nice chart and calendar to display your progress as time goes on.
Examples: Floss, exercise, eat breakfast, meditate, stop smoking

Number Habit
This type of habit can track a number over time. Maybe you want to record your weight each day, or maybe you want to track how much TV you watched. See a graph showing your progress on these habits.
Examples: Weight, sleep, TV watched

Rating Habit
With a rating habit you can give 1 to 5 stars to a particular topic. You could track your happiness level each day, learn what makes you happier, and then do more of that! A graph and chart will give you a visual indicator of how you are doing.
Examples: Happiness, stress level, energy, productivity

Our hope is that these tools will help motivate you to make some new good habits or break some bad ones that you just can't shake.

Habits is available today at for desktop, tablet and mobile web browsers. Habits will be in our Android app (Android OS 4.2 and higher) by the end of the day and in our iOS app as soon as it makes it through Apple's review process.

Happy New Year!
Dec 1, 2014

Progress Report - November 2014

Dec 1, 2014 Continuing on our new progress report idea, here is what we worked on last month:

Investigated a few caching ideas for improving performance
Writing more automated tests for a variety of components of Toodledo
Made significant progress on a secret project
Fixing Outlines for Internet Explorer 9
Fixing a bug where a task note that was longer than the allowed length was getting cut off in a poor way.
Improving API documentation
Investigating an issue with authenticating through the API on multiple devices simultaneously.
Upgrading our internal development tools
Configuring and testing a new server for future deployment
Moving manual testing specifications over to a new tool, to support external beta testers in the future
Continued work redesigning all 140 internal pages of Toodledo including forums, settings, tools section, etc
New design for global buttons, badges, tables and boxes
New images/icons created for various functions
Testing and deploying an update to Outlines
Fixed a bug with saved search not saving (overly aggressing caching)
Fixed a firewall issue
Moved some Toodledo code into modules for better organization and reuse
Fixed a bug with promo-codes when trying to use two at the same time
Got automated tests running under a new development environment
Upgrading 3rd party libraries used to develop Outlines and Lists
Investigation into animation library to add some pizzaz to Toodledo
Worked on a library to make pretty line charts and pie graphs
Standardized the look and feel of modal popups across Toodledo
Worked on a new prettier method for displaying errors to users across Toodledo
Fixed bug with sorting tasks by how they repeat
Fixed bug with optional tasks that repeat from completion date
Reorganizing CSS for Outlines to be easier to maintain
Added some additional encryption to certain pieces of user data
Fixing an issue with payment for some users who were getting incorrect CVC errors preventing subscription purchases.
Investigating a potential issue with the API and certain timestamps not updating
(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)

Adding support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ native screen size
Fixed issue with offline changes to Outlines not saved all the time in app
Fixed bug with double tapping the Outlines icon causing outlines to temporarily vanish
Add test to verify that users in airplane mode who have already signed up don't get their changes lost
Working on a secret project
Passcode re-design to fix some bugs and iOS8 issues
Finishing iOS8 Notification Center widget
Finishing Native 64-bit support
Navigation fixes for Outlines section
Upgrading internal development and testing tools
Fixed issues with iOS 8 and asking permission for location, alerts, and reminders.
Added testing of file modified date.
Fixed issue with keyboard not showing in certain situations
Fixed cell height issue when a task is shared or unshared.
Fixed keyboard not dismissing in syncing signup.
Checking for the need for the location manager on startup.
Fixed incorrect date generation for “today” and “tomorrow”
Wrote additional, more extensive, tests for saved searches.
Added additional information to the Report Log feature
Fixed issue with recently completed task list and badge count.
Refactored the badge count manager to allow for better testing.
Improved information displayed when some logic tests fail.
Fixed bugs
(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)

When launching app for first time, should provide way to make a new account
Version 5.5.0 beta testing, first in-house and later with beta tester channel
Performed a trial migration from Eclipse/ADT development environment to AndroidStudio.
Started to work on Outlines
Begin redesign thinking and exploration
Defining user goals, technical goals and business goals for Android App
(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)

PS. The "secret project" that you see listed above will be announced soon :)
Nov 26, 2014

Android App Update 5.5.0

Nov 26, 2014 Our Android App has an update available.

Version 5.5.0 includes the following improvements.
* Indented subtasks can now show up in filtered lists without their parents
* Long-press a task to delete or clone tasks and add or promote subtasks
* Automatic subtask completion when parent task is marked complete
* Added date added and modified timestamps to notebooks
* Sorting by due-date / start-date now also sorts by time
* Start and due times clearable in the time picker
* Pull to refresh feature added to notes
* Don't show option to sort by fields that are disused.
* Bug fixes
Oct 31, 2014

Progress Report - October 2014

Oct 31, 2014 In the past, we used to post an update any time we made an improvement to Toodledo, often several times per week. As our team has grown and our news outlets have expanded to include various social media channels, we have stopped doing this because we didn't want to be spamming people with bug fixes and minor changes. Now, we reserve our announcements for big things.

Because "big things" happen less often, a consequence of this approach is that it may appear from the outside that we have slowed down development on Toodledo. This couldn't be further from the truth. Our team is bigger than it has ever been and we are working harder on Toodledo than ever before. Because this may not always be apparent when you only get an announcement from us a few times a year, we are going to start something new. At the end of each month we are going to round up all of the bug fixes and improvements that we worked on into one announcement. We hope that this will give users a sense of our progress and a hint at whats coming up.

Without further ado, here is what we did in October:

Worked on redesign of most of the internal pages of the website (about 80% done)
Worked on redesign of the top navbar of the website
Created new images/icons for internal pages
Worked on a framework for making pages responsive
Gathered observations from and about users to guide redesign
Defined vocabulary system for failure and success prompts
Made significant progress with designing a consistent visual system for Toodledo
Automated generation of a global icon font from vector images for use on site
Fixed homepage for IE8 and fixing Outlines for IE9
Fixed issue with sharing icon incorrectly displayed after cloning
Added badges to Outline section
Added sharing icon to Outlines/Lists in the left side menu
Improving automated testing for Outline/Lists
Improving forum search
Added browser caching to tasks section to improve performance
Made new tutorial videos for homepage
Got Lists section to work on touch devices (iOS, Android, etc)
Responded to over 300 support tickets
Responded to support requests coming in via email and social media
Improvements to Outlines and Lists when offline
Improvements to internal building and testing tools
Began work on a new secret project
Fixed SSLv3 (POODLE) security vulnerability
Began migration of Toodledo to new servers that will improve security/performance
Improved caching and compression of Toodledo resources to improve load times of homepage
Improved error reporting and logging
Manual Testing and improving automated testing
Fixed bug with Outlines where changes were not saved when using the keyboard to reorganize nodes
(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)

Fixed crash when displaying the map view while creating a new Location
Fixed phantom nav bar button that could cause unpredictable navigation for Outlines
Fixed issue that could create empty navigation items in Outlines
Fixed lock screen bug on iOS 8
Worked on a sharing extension for Toodledo on iOS 8 for text and web content
Worked on a notification center widget for Toodledo on iOS 8
Added background refresh option
Upgraded internal development tools
Improved support on Outlines when the user is not syncing with Toodledo
Worked on adding Lists (still a work in progress)
Fixed bug with showing sync progress bar
Fixed bug with editing Due Date on iOS 8
Fixed a bug with sharing joint tasks
Fixed iOS 8 bug with app badges
Fixed a crash when syncing in certain situations
Improved log reporting
Fixed an iOS8 but with displaying the sort window
Fixed location viewing and alarms on iOS8.
Added location alarm option for leaving a location.
Converted app to 64bit (Apple requirement)
Started work on enabling use of full screen for iPhone 6/6+
Performed several full QA tests on beta 3.2.8
Released 3.2.8
Created an "App Preview Video" for the iOS app store
Improving performance of Outlines
(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)

Improved subtask indentation options
Fixed delete task from list (swipe or tap hold)
Implemented long press context menu which offers: delete, clone, add subtask and promote subtask
Added automatic subtask completion when parent task is completed
The dual pane devices (mostly tablets) have a readjusted 60/40 split
Notebook displays date added/modified
Contact us button goes to support ticket rather than email
Fixed 2 crashes
Added "select all" icon to cut&paste functionality
Implemented clear button for start due-time and start-time time picker dialogs
Upgraded development environment to support Android 5.0 Lollipop
Tested running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) with no preliminary issues encountered
Due-time or Start-time to be applied when sorting by Due-date or Start-date, respectively
Omit email address on task/folder screens if only 1 account
Handle sync not available situation gracefully
Fixed when tasks stay blue-highlighted even on phone when going back to list
Fixed if a field is not in use, then it should not appear as a sorting option
Added new pull to refresh option to notebook section
Improvements to UI consistency
Fixed some hotlist due-date modifiers that didn't filter correctly
Testing beta 5.4.2
Published 5.4.2
(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Oct 13, 2014

Toodledo Android App Update v5.4.2

Oct 13, 2014 Our Android App has received an update today. Here are the improvements:

* Alarms will be presented as separate items in notification area.
* Overlapping tags (for example, "home" and "home depot") will be treated as separate tags.
* Pull-to-refresh: When viewing a list, pull down and release to refresh the list.
* Added new filter option (Show/Hide/Recent) for Show Completed tasks bringing it inline with the website's options.
* Added Due Time and Start Time fields to New Task Defaults.
* Improvements and bug fixes related to tags, time zones, copy/cut/paste, view syncing and others.
* Help/Documentation updates.
Oct 2, 2014

Forum Search Improvement

Oct 2, 2014 One of the contributors to our recent outage was the intensive computation that is caused by searching for topics in our forums. On top of that, our search accuracy wasn't even that good. So, we are scrapping our old forum search functionality and replacing it with a new forum search powered by Google.

Google is smarter than we are at search, so we have no doubt that this change will be an improvement to finding topics in our forums.
Sep 17, 2014

Toodledo iOS8 Update + Sharing + Outlines

Sep 17, 2014 Our iOS app has been updated for compatibility with iOS8. But, we didn't stop there. This update also includes:

* Outlines Section - Full support for Toodledo's Outlines section in the app.
* Sharing Tasks - Support for creating shared tasks from within the app.

You can download version 3.2.6 now from the iTunes App Store.

App Store

If Toodledo helps you be more productive, please consider giving us a rating/review in the iTunes App Store. Even if you have rated us before, you can rate us again with each new update that we release. It really does help us to have good ratings.
Sep 16, 2014

Toodledo Redesign Phase 1

Sep 16, 2014 Today we are releasing our new redesigned homepage. This is what you will see when you are signing into Toodledo, and what new users will see before they decide to create an account.

The new homepage was designed to have a more modern look and feel and to better communicate Toodledo's advantages to prospective customers.

We have kept the signin button in the same location so it shouldn't be a disruption for existing users, but otherwise it has been totally changed. Since people new to Toodledo don't have any expectations of how the homepage is supposed to function, we felt that it was safe to replace everything in one fell swoop. When it comes to redesigning the internal parts of Toodledo we will be more conservative to avoid disrupting your productivity by making the site less familiar.

Some of the key concepts that we were going for with the new home page were:

This means that the page reformats itself appropriately regardless of the size of your screen. Don't you hate it when you go to a webpage on your phone and the text is too small to read and you have to pinch and zoom and scroll to see anything? That's what our old website was like. Tedious! Our new homepage looks just as good on a phone or tablet as it does on a full-sized monitor. This is how the web should work and is the direction that we are going with Toodledo. Eventually, you'll be able to use our entire website from a phone sized screen without a compromised experience.

**Equal Weight Sections**
Our old homepage only talked about Tasks; as far as new users knew, Toodledo was just a to-do list. But as you know, we are so much more than that now! Our new homepage gives equal weight to all four Toodledo sections: Tasks, Notes, Lists and Outlines and provides more information about how Toodledo functions as a complete productivity tool.

**More Information, Less Text**
Our old homepage had a lot to read, and a website typically only has a few seconds to capture the attention of a new users, so we decided to make our new homepage more visual. There is actually much more information about each Toodledo feature, but it's now on-demand, so when you click on a feature that interests you, an explanation will be provided at that time. We've also added several tutorial videos that explain how Toodledo works in a visual way, so users don't have to do a lot of reading if they don't want to.

We have refined the colors, typography, buttons, icons, boxes and other elements of the site to make them cleaner and more cohesive. In the coming weeks and months you'll see these elements trickle down into the internal pages of Toodledo as we move onto the next phases of our site redesign.

Hope you like it!

Older items have been removed for brevity.