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Jan 2, 2018

Toodledo 2017 - The Year in Review

Jan 2, 2018 Happy New Years from Toodledo!

In 2016, we re-designed and re-engineered the entire website to work better across all types of screens (desktop and mobile). This was a major undertaking, but with more and more of our visitors using Toodledo on mobile screens, this was vitally important. It turns out that this was too big of a project to fit entirely in 2016, so one of our main goals of 2017 was to finish this project, monitor it, and optimize it. This means that 2017 wasn't as flashy as previous years, but it was all important work.

Here is a short explanation of what we worked on in 2017:

The brand new version of the Tasks section was released in March. It was the result of more than a year of effort, starting from scratch and re-engineering the entire thing using the latest technology. It works equally well on desktop and mobile screens and it works offline too! So, for a lot of people, they wont even need to use a app - the website will work just fine. We spent the remainder of the year continuously improving this new section: listening to feedback, making small changes, fixing bugs, optimizing syncing, optimizing loading, testing, etc. We are very happy with the result.

We know that, as a customer, this isn't a super exciting change, because the new Tasks section mostly works the same as the old Tasks section, so it appears that we didn't do much this year. I assure you, that it was a big effort and in the long run, I believe that this was the right move for Toodledo. The old Tasks section was getting a little long in the tooth and hard to maintain with 12 years worth of old code.

Many of you still prefer the old Tasks section because it is familiar. We respect that, which is why we haven't forced the new section on anyone. We are going to continue to improve the new Tasks section with the hopes that more people will switch over to using it full time.

In 2016 we completely re-engineered the Notes section to work on mobile screens and work offline. Most of this year was spent fixing bugs related to this, and optimizing things to make it work better. We also began work on WYSIWYG or Rich Text editing of notes, but this isn't ready for release yet. It turns out this is really hard to do, which is why you dont see it too often on websites.

iOS app
Im not going to beat around the bush here. The iOS app is in a bad state. The Toodledo iOS app was first written for iOS 2.0 back in 2008 (10 years ago!) and it has been updated continuously for a decade. Apple is very agressive with their iOS updates, often requiring that an app make major changes to work on the new phone or operating system. Over the years, all these changes on top of changes, upgrading from iOS 2 all the way to iOS 10 have caused our app to take on a lot of "technical debt". So in 2016 we threw out the old code and started over with a clean slate. The work on a new version of Toodledo for iOS continues today, albeit slower than we all would like. In the meantime, our new mobile/offline friendly website will work great for anyone who cant handle our aging iOS app.

Android App
With more and more of our users coming from Android, we spent a lot of effort this year on improving our Android app. Here are some highlights:
+ Reassigning tasks to a collaborator is now possible
+ Subtasks are now displayed inside the parent task
+ You can now edit a goal's level and archived goals are now hidden
+ The timer field is now editable and can be started/stopped in the app
+ Added context and tag filters
+ Dividers now show the number of tasks inside, and can be collapsed/expanded
+ Improved how links and HTML formated notes are displayed
+ Improved how tags are edited
+ Added an app shortcut (tap and hold app icon on Android 7.1+)
+ Improved the search feature to search notes as well as task titles
+ Improved syncing and a number of other smaller things

+ We improved security by forcing SSL encryption for all connections. It is no longer possible to use Toodledo without encryption. This was a big effort that happened behind the scenes, but it was important.
+ Improved importing of tasks from other places
+ Completely redesigned the homepage to be nicer and communicate Toodledo's features better.
+ Added the option to purchase a subscription that automatically renews monthly, for people who dont want to have to remember to manually renew their subscription every year.

We were able to maintain an uptime record of greater than 99.9% for the year.

All of the above is just the highlights. We made hundreds of other smaller improvements and fixes across all aspects of our product.

We know that our communication in 2017 was not as prolific as it has been in previous years. This was mainly because most of our work was in behind-the-scenes stuff that had nothing to communicate. We also could have done a better job at communication. However, another thing to keep in mind is that Toodledo has been around for over a decade. It's a pretty mature product by now. The velocity of improvements to Toodledo cannot be expected to remain as it was in its earlier years. Personally, I believe that we made some mistakes with adding some features to Toodledo and ended up with a somewhat complex and cluttered experience. We are trying to be more careful with new functionality that we add to Toodledo in the future. We want to make sure that it really is important functionality that makes most people's experience better, and isn't just adding stuff for the sake of adding stuff.

Our main goal going forwards is to make sure that Toodledo works reliably across as many platforms as possible and continues to be a powerful and useful tool to help people stay organized and productive. We appreciate all the support and suggestions that we have received from everyone. Thanks to everyone for making Toodledo a success.

Happy New Year!

PS. Please use promo code "newyear18" at checkout to get 10% off a subscription or renewal for you and your friends.

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