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May 17, 2016

Toodledo Roadmap Update

May 17, 2016 We've been a little quiet for the last few months, so I wanted to give you all an update about what we’re doing. We haven't stopped working, thats for sure. If you've been reading our forums for a while, you'll know that we've spent the last 18 months redesigning our website to have a more modern look, to be more efficient, and to work equally well at any screen size (desktop, tablet and phone). We’ve finished this for Notes, Lists, Outlines, Habits, the Homepage, the Forums, and all the miscellaneous tools, help and settings pages that we provide (over 200 individual pages)!

For the Tasks section, we have made good progress towards our goals already, as you can see, but we have more work to do. We first built the Tasks section over 12 years ago, and while we’ve upgrade the technology behind it several times, there are still parts of it that are running on 12 year old software. In order to achieve all of our goals for the Tasks section we need to rewrite a big chunk of it using modern software tools. This is a big project, but it allows us get rid of the digital cobwebs and it will allow us to innovate faster in the future.

Some of the key benefits that will come from all this work.

1) Offline mode. Tasks will work in a web browser even if you don’t have an internet connection.

2) Faster. Currently, whenever you view a new list, change a filter or adjust the sorting, it must ask the server for the new list. This can take a few seconds, especially on slow internet connections with large lists. Using the newer technology, all interactions will be nearly instantaneous.

3) More Secure. After we finish this work, it will be possible for us to encrypt your tasks inside our database, so even if a hacker is able to get access to our database, all of your information will be encrypted.

4) Responsive. This means that the same webpage will work perfectly regardless of the size of the window. So if you are using a desktop browser or a tiny phone, the Tasks section will adjust itself automatically to work efficiently. No more pinching and zooming.

5) The same code will run on the web and on iOS and Android. We are using a new technology called React which allows us to reuse a significant amount of our code between the website and the native apps. This is really important because it allows us to keep our apps up to date and in feature-parity with our website. Previously, when we wanted to add a new feature, we had to build it 3 separate times (web, ios, android). This is why some features from our website are still missing from our apps - we just don’t have the resources to build everything three times. When we are done with this project, the apps and the website will all have the same features. When we make an improvement, it will be available everywhere, at the same time, because we will only have to build it once. 3x productivity boost!

For the past 3 months we have been working really hard on this and we are making great progress. We already have most of the new Task section working in read-only mode. The next step is to enable editing and adding of tasks.

We are very excited about this, and we hope you are too. Its going to take some time for us to finish, so things are going to continue to be relatively quiet around here for awhile. So, please don’t take our lack of updates as evidence that we are slacking off. We’ve got some really great things planned for the Tasks section of Toodledo.

Apr 19, 2016

Security Improvement (SSL by Default)

Apr 19, 2016 To improve security for everyone, today we are making SSL connections the default behavior. From now on, after signing in, you will remain connected to Toodledo over an encrypted connection (https instead of http in the URL).

If you do not want to use an encrypted connection you can manually edit the URL and change it back to http. However, we have plans to serve Toodledo exclusively over SSL in the future so this will not work forever. If there is some reason why you cannot use an SSL connection, please let us know.

If you want to further secure your account, please go into your account settings and enable the "Encryption" setting. This will force your login to remain encrypted at all times, even if you attempt to edit the URL or click a link to Toodledo with http instead of https in the URL.
Apr 15, 2016

Android App Update v5.9.3

Apr 15, 2016 Today we have released a free update to our Android app with the following bug fixes:

+ Fixed a bug where sharing an image with Toodledo would cause Toodledo to crash
+ Fixed a bug where Google Now "Note to Self" used with Toodledo was causing duplicates
+ Fixed a bug where editing a subtask was causing duplicates
+ Fixed a bug where editing a task note and then tapping to edit another field without saving the note was causing the note changes to be lost.
+ Lists, Outlines and Habits updated with a number of small bug fixes
Apr 13, 2016

Releasing New Notes Section

Apr 13, 2016 About a month ago we released a preview of the new Notes section. During this month we have received a lot of great feedback! We fixed a few things, changed a few things and improved a few things and now its ready to go.

Please read our original announcement for an explanation of everything that is new and improved.

If you are still having difficulty getting used to the new Notes section, please let us know and we'll continue to refine it. For a limited amount of time you can still access the old Notes section here but this will eventually redirect you to the new Notes section.
Mar 17, 2016

Preview of New Notes Section

Mar 17, 2016 Today we are turning on a preview of our new Notes section. Toodledo Notes has been completely rewritten from the ground up with a number of improvements.

Preview it here:

During the preview, the old Notes section will still be the default, but you can choose to switch to the new version and use it whenever you want.

1) The Notes section is now responsive, which means that it works regardless of the size of your screen. So, if you use Notes from your phone's web browser, it will work great without needing to pinch and zoom. If you are using Toodledo on a desktop computer, you can make the browser skinny and keep a note on the side of your screen for reference.

2) We have streamlined the interface which has given us the ability to use more of the screen for displaying your note, the thing that matters. And you an collapse the sidebar to get a full screen view of you note.

3) Search has been improved. When you do a search, it will more quickly find all the matching notes, and even highlight the matching words that it found inside the note.

4) When you want to edit a Note, you no longer need to click an "Edit" button to begin. Now, you just click the note and it will automatically enter edit mode with the cursor at the location that you clicked. The "Save" and "Cancel" buttons are in the same place, but look a little different. The "Insert Timestamp" button has been moved from the bottom of the note to the top.

5) Moving a Note to a different folder is a little different now. To do it, click the folder icon at the top of the note to reveal the "Info Drawer". Then click the current folder and a menu will appear to select another folder. This may seem a little cumbersome right now, but it will make more sense in the future when a Note can have other attributes, such as tags. Also, it matches how Lists and Outlines work, so it will be familiar if you use those sections.

6) The toolbar has been cleaned up and rearranged a bit. The sort button is in roughly the same place. The print and delete buttons have been moved to the Action menu on the right side. The search bar has been moved to the top of the page and turned into a search button (magnifying glass icon). The "Collapse All Dividers" button has been removed, but the functionality still exists in a different form. Now, if you double click any of the dividers, they will all close or open.

7) The "Recently Added" and "Recently Modified" shortcuts have been removed. The new way to find your recent notes is to sort your notes by date. For example, if you want to view your recently modified notes, you would sort by "date modified" and your recent ones will be at the top. This new method takes 1 extra click, but this sacrifice in speed allowed us to make viewing your "all notes" list 1 click faster, as well as simplifying the page to give more area to the note. So, we feel that this is a worthwhile compromise. Our beta testers didn't seem to mind, so hopefully this will be ok. We'll see in the comments.

8) We added a "Duplicate Note" feature so you can quickly make a copy of a note.

9) We've improved the keyboard shortcuts for those people who like to use them to be more efficient.

10) Printing has been improved

11) All this work lays the foundation for future improvements that people have been asking for. For example: Rich text formatting, sharing notes, encryption of data, offline support and more.

We've been testing this for several weeks with our alpha and beta testers and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback. We think that we've fixed all the bugs, but there is probably something that we've missed, so we'll be monitoring the forums and tickets carefully and fixing bugs quickly as they are discovered. Please let us know what you think.
Mar 1, 2016

Introducing our new Homepage

Mar 1, 2016 Today we are releasing our newly redesigned homepage. This is what visitors see before they create an account and what you see before you sign in. We had three goals for this new front page.

1) Better communicate the benefits of Toodledo to prospective new customers.
2) Explain the key features of Toodledo to returning customers so that they can learn how to use Toodledo to it's full capacity.
3) Make the page load faster so that you can sign-in quicker and get to your tasks.

Please let us know what you think.
Feb 2, 2016

Progress Report - January 2016

Feb 2, 2016 Here is what we worked on in January.

+ Fixed bug with Smart Quick Add not working properly with copy/paste
+ Fixed bug with Smart Quick Add on Internet Explorer not allowing certain characters to be typed
+ Speed up of the initial loading of the Tasks section
+ Made significant progress with the redesign of the Notes section.
+ Made significant progress towards a redesign of our homepage (for new users to learn about Toodledo)
+ Investigated React and Angular 2, two software frameworks that we are deciding between for the upcoming reengineering of the Tasks section.
+ If you have left the browser window open overnight and have been signed out, Toodledo will redirect you to the signin page now instead of giving you an error when you attempt to do something.
+ Began recording new tutorial videos for our help section that reflect our new design and help explain the key parts of Toodledo better.
+ Improved security by adding CSRF protection to some places that were missing it.
+ Improved security by fixing an issue where clicking on a maliciously crafted link that appears to link to Toodledo could actually redirect you to the attackers site instead.
+ Improved security by making brute-force password attempts less likely.
+ Fixed a bug where the subtasks popup could appear when attempting to edit a task's note and obscure the note for a few seconds
+ Fixed a bug where touch devices (iOS, Android) could not switch workspaces when using the website in a browser

+ Fixed bug with iPad Pro
+ Optimized loading and syncing of the Lists section
+ Progress on the redesign

We also spend some time this month doing some marketing and advertising to promote Toodledo during the "New Years Resolution Rush"

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Dec 23, 2015

Toodledo 2015 - The Year in Review

Dec 23, 2015 Happy Holidays from Toodledo!

One of our goals for 2015 was to simplify and standardize the Toodledo experience across all of our products and platforms and refine and improve our design and usability. We made significant progress on this goal, as well as other enhancements throughout the year. Here is an abridged list of some of the amazing things that we accomplished this year:

1) Added an "Organize Tags" page where you can quickly delete, rename or combine tags across all of your tasks.
2) Redesigned and rearranged the toolbar at the top of your to-do list to be more streamlined and easier to use.
3) Added a way to collapse the sidebar and still navigate between sections by using the "breadcrumb" buttons in the toolbar.
4) Improved the look of all the icons in the Task section.
5) Redesigned the Filters and Sort menus.
6) Refinements to how search is performed.
7) Made "Batch Edit" work everywhere and you can now append tags in addition to replacing them.
8) Added "Smart Quick Add" so you can add tasks by typing their details using natural language.
9) Made improvements to the file attachment tool.
10) Emoji characters can now be used in any fields.
11) Improved our Bookmarklet.
12) Increased the maximum length for various fields, including folder name, tags, etc.

Habits (link)
The Habits section is one year old today and has already helped many people keep their New Year's resolutions from last year and begin making new ones for next year. We improved Habits with the following:
1) Added Habits to both our iOS and Android apps.
2) Ability to mark a checkbox habit as failed for the day.
3) You can now set alarms for Habits to remind you to do them.
4) You can now have a Habit that occurs on a schedule of your choosing (not just daily).

Outlines (link)
1) Redesigned to match our new style.
2) Made it "responsive" so that it will look great on both desktop and mobile devices.
3) Added "Presentation Mode" and "Edit Mode" so you can have a better experience.

Lists (link)
1) Redesigned to match our new style.
2) Made it "responsive" so that it will look great on both desktop and mobile devices.
3) Added Lists to iOS and Android apps.
4) Made it easier to edit the columns in a list.

Notes (link)
1) Redesigned to match our new style.
2) Made significant progress with a total rewrite that will be faster, work offline and display nicely on any screen size. More on this soon.

iOS app (link)
1) Added the Habits section.
2) Added the Lists section.
3) Added a Notification Center Widget so you can quickly see your hotlist without opening the app.
4) Added a Share Extension so you can quickly add a webpage or note to Toodledo for acting on later.
5) Optimized for iPhone 6 screen size.
6) Optimized for iOS 9.
7) Released an Apple Watch app!
8) Redesigned the Outlines section.
9) Worked on a redesign of the Tasks and Notes sections to match our new style. More on this soon.
10) Improved speed of syncing.
11) Stability improvements.

Android App (link)
1) Redesigned the app with Google's "Material Design" look and feel.
2) Added the Habits section.
3) Added the Lists section.
4) Made improvements to Location based alarms.
5) Improved offline syncing.
6) Added in-place editing of many fields and improved editing of dates and notes with HTML and links.
7) Stability improvements.

1) Redesigned and cleaned up the top part of our website with a unified Account Menu and a nicer look.
2) We made a new logo and new unified icons for use across the entire site.
3) Added a "Ribbon" down the left side of the page for all of our products (tasks, notes, lists, outlines, habits) for a unified way to navigate within each product.
4) Improved searching in the forums.
5) Redesigned our "Subscription Purchase" page to be easier to use.
6) Improved speed of Toodledo and decreased the load time of pages.
7) Improved encryption and security.
8) Improvements to printing.
9) You can now upload a picture to display as your avatar in the top right corner.
10) Opened up our beta testing platform for any user who wants to help.
11) Created a Sweepstakes page where you can win a free Gold Subscription by saying something nice about Toodledo.
12) Redesigned the footer at the bottom of the page to be slimmer.
13) Made it easier for us to get feedback from our users with surveys and other tools.
14) Redesigned the "Organize" section where you manage your folders, contexts, goals, locations and tags.
15) Redesigned many other secondary pages on Toodledo, such as the help section, settings, tools, etc

We were able to maintain an uptime record of 99.96% for the year, with only 3hrs of total downtime. In addition, we upgraded the entire backend infrastructure of the website to be faster, more secure, more reliable and more easily scalable.

All of the above is just the highlights. We made hundreds of other smaller improvements and fixes across all aspects of our product.

In 2016, our goal is to continue to refine and improve our design and usability across the entire product, with an emphasis on the Tasks section. We also plan to finish our work to make the entire website work elegantly across all platforms, regardless of screen size and capabilities. Additionally, we will continue to bring new enhancements and capabilities to all parts of Toodledo, especially the Tasks section.

We appreciate all the support and suggestions that we have received from everyone. We are continuing to make Toodledo the best productivity tool on the internet, and we have big plans for 2016 and beyond. Thanks to everyone for making Toodledo a success.

Happy New Year!

PS. Please use promo code "newyear16" at checkout to get 10% off a subscription or renewal for you and your friends.
Dec 16, 2015

Smart Quick Add

Dec 16, 2015 The "Quick Add" box at the top of your to-do list has always been the quickest way to add a new task, and today we are making it even better. Introducing "Smart Quick Add".

With the same "Quick Add" box as before, you can now fill out the task's important details, using natural language, in one step without leaving your keyboard. To activate the smart interpreter, type a slash "/". Then continue typing the details that you want to add and Toodledo will automatically show you a popup of its suggestions. Use the arrow keys to highlight what you want and press tab or return to select the correct suggestion. Then keep typing more details. Press return when you are done and the task will be created along with all the entered details.


Buy Groceries /tomorrow /High /Store /Errands
This will create a new a task named "Buy Groceries" that is due tomorrow with a priority of "High" and in your "Errands" folder and "Store" location.

Status Report /Every Friday /30 mins /Alice /Jack
This will create a new task named "Status Report" that repeats every friday and is estimated to take 30 mins to complete. It has the two tags "Alice" and "Jack".

If you don't want to use Smart Quick Add, it won't encumber you when quickly adding a task with just a title. It may take a few minutes to learn the new commands, but we think you'll pick it up quickly, and that you'll be able to add tasks with details much more quickly than before.
Dec 7, 2015

Batch Edit tool can now append tags

Dec 7, 2015 Good Monday morning everyone. We have a small update for you today. The newly enhanced "Batch Edit" tool is now getting a further small enhancement. Previously if you wanted to change the tag on a batch of tasks, you had to replace all the tags with the same new tag. Now, you have another option which is to add or append a tag to the existing tags on those tasks. This is helpful if the tasks in the batch you are editing have a unique collection of tags and you only want to give them all an additional tag.

Dec 1, 2015

Progress Report - November 2015

Dec 1, 2015 Here is what we worked on in November.

+ Added Schedules to Habits so you can have habits that repeat other than daily
+ Added Alarms to Habits so you can get reminded to complete a habit
+ Cleaned up and improved Advanced Search
+ Added option to re-save an Advanced Search
+ Moved and restyled Simple Search tool
+ Made Batch-Edit tool work anywhere
+ Moved and restyled Quick Add box
+ Released Part 5 of our Tasks redesign.
+ Fixed bug with using Emoji characters in Habits and Lists
+ Investigated and worked around a crash in Chrome if you load a very large list with many nested subtasks.
+ Improved out internal debugging tools
+ Fixed a bug with List column reordering
+ Added advanced searching tool for these forums
+ Added a default title to new columns in Lists in case user forgets to add a title
+ Fixed a bug with the public sharing page when the sidebar is collapsed
+ Optimized caching and compression so Toodledo will load a little faster
+ Changed the title of many pages on Toodledo to be more descriptive and moved the "Toodledo" to the end of the title, so it is easier to see the difference between two tabs open to pages on Toodledo.
+ Researched and implemented some changes we could make to make SSL more secure.
+ Fixed a bug with batch-edit where it wouldn't update the count of tasks when you change the filters
+ Fixed a bug where closing the keyboard shortcuts popup help window
+ Fixed a bug that was causing some emails to still be sent to recently deleted accounts
+ Worked on some improvements to our File Attachment tool
+ Fixed bug where Habits was only allowing 4 habits to be created instead of 5 for free users
+ Fixed a bug that was causing duplicate tasks to be created when adding the tasks via Twitter direct message
+ Improved printing a little bit
+ Fixed bug with using "R" keyboard shortcut to refresh a list after switching between multiple lists in the same view
+ Continued to make good progress on redesign of Notes section
+ Began work on redesigning our homepage
+ Began work on adding some new column types to Lists
+ Began work on "Smart Add" feature which will enhance the "Quick Add" tool
+ Prototyped a way to hover over the product switcher in the top left corner to reveal the different sections.
+ Did some research into how we can improve our marketing efforts

+ Finished testing and released Lists section
+ Added Schedules and alarms to Habits section
+ Various bug fixes for Outlines

+ Continued to make progress on a redesign of the task's section
+ Added Schedules and alarms to Habits section
+ Various bug fixes for Lists, Habits and Outlines

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Nov 24, 2015

Tasks Redesign (part 5)

Nov 24, 2015 This is the last in our 5 part series of redesign changes that we have made to the Tasks section (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). This doesn't mean that we are finished, just that we have reached the end of this particular phase. Please read on for a list of what has changed in this release.

Search Updated

We have cleaned up and streamlined the search functionality for the Tasks section. The "Quick Search" tool is still on the right side of the page, like before, only it has moved up about an inch to live at the top of the page. We've turned into a button and renamed it "Simple Search". To perform a "Simple Search" of the tasks on the screen, click the new button. The cursor is automatically placed into the revealed search box, so it's still a one-click action. If you have keyboard shortcuts enabled, you can still press the "F" key to enable this tool (F for find). The new "Simple Search" bar now has a link taking you straight to the Advanced Search page if you need to do a more serious search of your tasks.

On the Advanced Search page, it's now easier to save, modify and delete saved searches. One improvement that we think will be popular is the ability to quickly save changes to an existing saved search. Now, when you modify a saved search, there is one button to save those changes to make them permanent. There is another button that will save the changes as a new saved search if you prefer the old behavior.

Batch Edit Everywhere

We have renamed "Multi-Edit' to "Batch Edit" and made it available everywhere (it used to be available only in the Advanced Search section). With this upgraded tool, you can now Batch Edit the tasks in any list that you are viewing. For example, you could go to your "overdue" list and quickly move all the tasks forward to tomorrow. We have also cleaned up the interface for this, so its easier to use and takes up less space on the screen.

Quick Add
We have moved the "Quick Add" tool and restyled in, but its functionality is currently the same as before. We have some big plans for this "Quick Add" tool. In the near future we'll be updating this tool with power users in mind. You'll soon be able to use special commands to quickly add a task with more than just a title. This will be similar to the way you can fill a task's details when emailing a task into Toodledo, only much better.

We knew that this entire redesign (all 5 steps) would change a lot of things and that if we did it all at once, it would have been disruptive. This is why we broke it up into phases. Now that it's complete, you can see how far we have come with these before and after shots.

As you can see, we have greatly streamlined the interface, improved our use of color, better organized the various functions and updated our whole look to be more modern and approachable. We have also made it so more of your tasks fit on the screen at once. Our goal was to make Toodledo look better and be easier to use, and we think that we have achieved that. We understand that these changes (as with any change) may require some relearning of behaviors, but we are confident that everyone will adapt to the new locations of things and using Toodledo will be more enjoyable and productive.

Now that we have gotten the structural changes mostly completed, we are going to turn our attention towards upgrading individual elements of the Tasks section. We already mentioned the upcoming improvements to the Quick Add box, but we also have plans to overhaul all the popups that appear when editing tasks to make them more powerful and easier to use.

We really want to know what you think. Please let us know here or in a support ticket if you have any constructive feedback.
Nov 13, 2015

Lists on Android

Nov 13, 2015 We have released an update today to our Android app that includes the "Lists" section as well as updates and bug fixes to the Habits and Outlines sections.

Thanks for your patience with us getting Lists into the Android app. It was a bit of a challenge, but we are happy with the results.

As with the Habits and Outlines sections, the Lists section requires Android OS version 4.2 or higher.
Nov 3, 2015

Habits Update: Alarms and Non-daily Schedules

Nov 3, 2015 Today, we are happy to release two powerful new features for Habits. The first is "Schedules". This allows you to create habits that repeat on a schedule of your choosing. You can make everyday habits like before, but you can also make a habit for just the weekends, or just Tuesdays.

The second addition is "Alarms". Get reminders to help you remember to completed and log your habits. Alarms can be sent via email, Text, Twitter, our iOS app, or in your web browser.

Before we get a hundred requests for this: We are planning to create a way for a habit to repeat several times a week, but not always on the same day. For example: "Exercise twice a week (but on any day)". This will be coming in the next update.
Nov 2, 2015

Progress Report - October 2015

Nov 2, 2015 Here is what we worked on in October.

+ Completed and released Part 3 of our Tasks redesign that included moving the sort and filters buttons to a new location and redesigning how they function.
+ Completed Part 4 of our Tasks redesign that included moving the "Add Task" button to a new location and redesigning the product menu in top left corner.
+ Fixed some small bugs with the new sort and filter popup menus
+ Worked around a bug with Chrome that could cause the browser to crash when scrolling the window at the same time that a long list is being loaded.
+ Worked on allowing Habits to have alarms
+ Worked on allowing Habits to repeat on certain days of the week instead of always "daily".
+ Improved printing of all sections, especially Tasks
+ Improved Habit to use the Ribbon more effectively.
+ Fixed some display bugs with Internet Explorer
+ Improved the icon used for file attachments
+ Refined the look of the selected item in the sidebar
+ Added an "Edit Columns" button in Lists that makes it easier to edit columns.
+ Refined the look of the sidebar on Habits, Lists and Outlines
+ Upgraded and tested some external software that we use to build Toodledo
+ Worked on animating certain things that happen on Toodledo
+ Improved our handling of emails that we send (alarms, etc) that bounce back as undeliverable.
+ Fixed the positioning of the popups that appear when editing tasks. These were not positioned correctly if the page was scrolled horizontally.
+ Added a syncing indicator to the Habits section so you know when it is saving.
+ Improved responsiveness of Tasks section (so it will work better at mobile sizes).
+ Replaced logo and other images with high resolution versions that look good on high resolution displays or when zoomed.
+ Updated the range of years displayed in the Task's date picker to be more useful.
+ Fixed a bug with Tasks where a collaborator looking at someone else's workspace couldn't see who the other person's tasks were shared with.
+ Improving automated testing of parts of Toodledo
+ Fixed a bug where pressing the tab key after editing a task's title in multi-line mode could have caused the task below it to be checked off.
+ The keyboard shortcut popup in the Tasks section can now be dismissed with the esc key
+ Began work on phase 5 of our Tasks redesign, which will be redesigning the Quick Add and Quick Search tools.
+ Updated the entire FAQ to reflect the changes we have made recently
+ Improved performance of the Tasks section when scrolling long lists
+ Continued working on a redesign of the Notes section
+ Began redesigning the support ticket system.
+ Began redesigning our homepage.

+ Continued to make progress on a redesign of the task's section
+ Fixed a bug with Habits section where the date wasn't updating to "Today" for some timezones
+ Upgraded the look of the Habits section with a Ribbon

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Oct 26, 2015

Tasks Redesign (part 4)

Oct 26, 2015 Today we are releasing part 4 of our multi-part transitional redesign (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). There are a few separate things that we did in this release.

1) The "Add Task" button has been moved from the toolbar to the top of the page. The "Add" button for our other products has also been moved to the top of the page. We did this for a variety of reasons. First, this is the most important button on the page so we wanted to give it a more prominent location so that it was easier to locate and use. Second, as you may remember from our previous redesign steps, we are trying to simplify the page and get rid of the toolbar so we needed to move this button out of the toolbar.

2) The links for switching between products (Tasks, Notes, Outlines, Lists, Habits) have been merged into a popup menu in the top left corner. Click the product name to refresh the page and click the down arrow to switch products. This product switcher already existed for people using Toodledo on mobile devices, but we decided to make it the default behavior for some good reasons. Our usage data showed us that most of our users do not use every one of our products, and they don't switch between products that often. So, we realized that it wasn't necessary to have the 5 product links visible all the time at the top of the page. By collapsing them into a menu, we have made the page less cluttered and we feel like the extra click that is now necessary to switch products is justified.

Both of these changes were also done to make the website more "responsive". This is a term that means that Toodledo will work on mobile devices just as well as in the desktop browser. You can see this for yourself by resizing this window and making it really skinny. The top section should scale down appropriately. Our goal is to eventually have the entire site work well inside a mobile browser and we are making great progress in this direction.

We have one more step in this transitional redesign, and that will be moving the "Quick Add" and "Quick Search" fields elsewhere on the page and getting rid of the toolbar. We already know how we are going to do this and will begin testing this with our Beta Testers soon.

We also snuck in some smaller updates:

1) We have slightly changed the icon used for "file attachment" to make it easier to see when a task has an attachment.

2) We have changed the colors of the dividers between groups of tasks and updated the style of the sidebar to make it easier to see which list is selected.

3) The Habits section now utilizes the Ribbon more effectively by giving you a dedicated "Inbox" to show the habits left to complete today, as well as the ability to see the habits you have archived.

4) The Lists section has a new "Edit Columns" button that makes it a lot easier to add, edit, rearrange and remove columns.

Please let us know here or in a support ticket if you have any constructive feedback.
Oct 6, 2015

Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 3)

Oct 6, 2015 Today we are releasing part 3 of our multi-part transitional redesign (Part 1, Part 2).

You will see that the old "Show" menu that manages your filters has been moved into the breadcrumb bar and been replaced with an "eye" icon. The "Sort" buttons have been moved into the breadcrumb bar as well.

We have also taken the opportunity to redesign the pop-up menus that appear when you click on either of these items. These menus are now cleaner and easier to use.

As you can see from this and our previous 2 stages of this redesign, we are progressively moving things out of the toolbar, with the eventual goal of getting rid of the toolbar entirely. There are two big reasons why we are doing this. First, to simplify the page and give more space and attention to your tasks, with fewer distractions. Second, to eventually allow the page to work at mobile phone sizes.

We are doing this in small stages to prevent a major disruption to your productivity. We still have one or two more steps to go in this process.

We have been testing this with our Beta Testers for about 2 weeks and have gotten a good response. Please let us know here or in a support ticket if you have any constructive feedback.
Oct 1, 2015

Progress Report - September 2015

Oct 1, 2015 Here is what we worked on in September.

+ Finished and released the new Breadcrumbs bar.
+ Moved some icons from the toolbar to the new breadcrumb bar action menu.
+ Made new icons for the entire site, including new icons for the task, star, and note buttons for each task.
+ Added the ability to upload a profile image to Toodledo for the upper right account button
+ Made the notes section work on smaller screens
+ Fixed a bug with Habits where in rare cases the habit could change types
+ Modified the color pallet of the Tasks section to better match the rest of the website
+ Refined the spacing and position of various things in the task's section and general cleanup of the task's section.
+ Improved the sidebar by showing more characters of text in the titles
+ For beta testers, there is now a quick feedback widget where they can quickly send us a message
+ Fixed a bug where you could not delete an alarm location on the alarm settings page
+ Replaced our logo with a vector image that looks crisp at all sizes on retina (HiDPI) devices
+ Fixed a bug with the date popup inside the bookmarklet where it may have appeared slightly off the screen
+ Fixed a bug where it may have been possible for the Habits section to add a new habit twice
+ Folder names can now have up to 64 characters (previously 32)
+ Upgraded some of the 3rd party frameworks we use in various parts of our website
+ Updated the Lists section so that at mobile sizes the checkbox/star columns where not really wide
+ Started updating Lists to have a better interface for adding/editing columns
+ Moved the filter and sort buttons from the toolbar to the new breadcrumb bar (in beta testing now)
+ Worked around an issue where some corporate users with strict security requirements could not see our new icons when using Internet Explorer 11
+ Added the ability for the website to automatically reload itself when it detects that a new version of the Toodledo software is available.
+ Made good progress on a rewrite and redesign of the Notes section
+ Started work on allowing Habits to occur on a different scheduled than "every day"

+ Testing Lists section with beta testers

+ Fixed an iOS 9 bug that prevented the Lists, Outlines and Habits sections from functioning properly
+ Fixed an iOS 9 bug that caused the task's note to display incorrectly in some situations.
+ Continued to make progress on a redesign of the task's section
+ Fixes a bug where the Lists and Outlines sections would jump back to the home page after syncing.

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Sep 22, 2015

Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 2)

Sep 22, 2015 In continuation of the transitional redesign that we started with the Breadcrumb Bar, today we have moved a few things.

These four buttons in the toolbar have been consolidated into a new action menu in the breadcrumb bar.

These four buttons have always been problematic. New users often didn't know what these buttons did and sometimes accidentally clicked them and then couldn't figure out how to undo the setting change. Also, these 4 buttons were seldom used, and just added to page clutter.

By consolidating all of them into a more descriptive popup menu, we are simplifying the page and making these functions easier to understand. We understand that these functions now take two clicks to activate instead of one, but we feel that this is an acceptable compromise because they are rarely used by most people. If you do use the "show/hide notes" and "expand/collapse dividers" functions often, then please try using our keyboard shortcuts functionality which will allow you to activate these functions with one keypress.

We are still working to clean up the task section and will have more changes in this area in the coming weeks.
Sep 16, 2015

New Icons

Sep 16, 2015 We have made a few small changes today to the icons that you use in the Tasks section.

The biggest change here is that instead of using two separate icons in some cases (ex: task has a note and task doesn't have a note), we are instead using one icon and allowing color to do the differentiation. This was done to streamline the tasks and make it easier to see when a task has a note/attachment/etc. We are also using our new standard icons that we use elsewhere on the site. These have several advantages: looks crisp on retina devices, prints better, loads faster.
Sep 14, 2015

Introducing the Breadcrumb Bar (part 1)

Sep 14, 2015 A few weeks ago we introduced the "Ribbon", which optimized the sidebar and provided a way to collapse it to maximize screen space for tasks. We also have plans to reorganize the Toolbar above your to-do list to make it cleaner and easier to use, but our vision for an improved Toolbar requires a number of things to be moved and redesigned. We thought that it would be too much change to do all at once, so we are now entering a brief transitional period. What you see today is not the final design. Over the next few weeks we will be slowly moving items around to maximize space for your tasks and clean up the toolbar area. We will announce and explain each of these changes in our forums. For our first explanation...

At the top of your to-do list you will now find a horizontal grey bar that we are calling the "Breadcrumb Bar". At a glance, this bar will show you which to-do list you are looking at and provide you with a quick way to navigate within the Task section. Just click on the list's name in the Breadcrumb Bar and a menu will appear to let you quickly change lists. This will make it possible to keep the sidebar collapsed more often, which will give you a wider and more focused view of your tasks.

In additional, for those people who use our collaboration tools, the menu that allows you to switch workspaces has been relocated to the new Breadcrumb Bar. Just click your name, and you can quickly switch to a collaborator's list

To make vertical space for the Breadcrumb Bar, we have gotten rid of the big "Footer Bar" at the bottom of the page and we have also compressed the task list ever so slightly (we stole 1 pixel of padding between each row). The net result is that even with the addition of the Breadcrumb Bar, more tasks can fit vertically on the screen than before, without feeling cramped.

Our Beta testers have been playing with this for a few weeks and have helped us perfect it with their excellent feedback. Thanks! Do you have a suggestion or some constructive criticism? Please let us know in the forums or via a support ticket.
Sep 1, 2015

Progress Report - August 2015

Sep 1, 2015 Here is what we worked on in August.

+ Redesigned the top navigation of the website by consolidating all the menus into one Account Menu.
+ Added the "Ribbon" to Tasks, Notes, Outlines, Lists and Habits.
+ Added a collapsible sidebar to go along with the Ribbon.
+ Made the Task section scroll better, so the toolbar remains on screen all the time
+ Made significant progress with re-engineering of our Notes section
+ Created an official "Beta Program" that anyone can participate in.
+ Added a Sweepstakes where people can win a free subscription
+ Finished redesign of our Subscription purchasing page.
+ Made significant progress making a styleguide and pattern library for Toodledo's new look and feel
+ Fixed a bug with sorting Lists by certain columns
+ Fixed a bug with Folder, Context and Location names that use a large number of foreign characters
+ Fixed a bug with the date column in Lists for European users
+ Fixed a bug with the note column in Lists
+ Improved the security of our brute-force password hacking prevention detector
+ Performed some server maintenance
+ Improved importing for Outlines and Lists
+ No longer remove the | character from task titles
+ Fixed and improved printing support
+ Fixed bug with Outlines that had items with links inside them
+ Allowed notices in the Account menu to be dismissible
+ Fixed some miscellaneous visual bugs with the Notes section
+ Added a better Bookmarklet
+ Improving Habits to respond better to different screen sizes
+ Increased the maximum width that a Task column can be resized to
+ Improved it so that a Task note cannot be wider than the screen
+ Fixed the spacing around lists insite Task notes.
+ Experimented with automatically expanding/collapsing the sidebar when you move the mouse into it
+ Began working on phase 2 of the Task's section redesign (colors and icons)
+ Fixed a bug with the account setting for sorting tags
+ Fixed an issue where the due-date popup had some overlap issues on certain browsers
+ Improved support for web browsers that have the font size increased by several sizes above default
+ Implemented a persistent feedback widget on our beta website to get feedback from beta testers quicker.
+ Began work on the ability to upload an image directly to Toodledo to replace your avatar image.

+ Testing Lists section
+ Released Lists section for beta testing

+ Testing for iOS 9
+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "note" cell was sometimes un-editable
+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "date" cell selected the wrong date when clicking the calendar for European users.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a newly added item may not always save immediately.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a link inside an item may not have been clickable.
+ Fixes a bug with button colors when the Accessibility option "Button Shapes" was enabled
+ Fixes an issue where the sync progress bar was hidden behind the settings window.

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Aug 26, 2015

Toodledo for iOS 3.3.2

Aug 26, 2015 An update is available now for our iOS app.

+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "note" cell was sometimes un-editable
+ Fixes a bug in the Lists section where the "date" cell selected the wrong date when clicking the calendar for European users.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a newly added item may not always save immediately.
+ Fixes a bug in the Outlines section where a link inside an item may not have been clickable.
+ Fixes a bug with button colors when the Accessibility option "Button Shapes" was enabled
+ Fixes an issue where the sync progress bar was hidden behind the settings window.

If Toodledo helps you be more productive, please consider giving us a rating/review in the iTunes App Store. Even if you have rated us before, you can rate us again with each new update that we release. It really does help us to have good ratings.
Aug 25, 2015

Introducing the Ribbon

Aug 25, 2015 Today we have released our first step in redesigning the Tasks section. We have taken the old "View By" section in the sidebar and turned it into the "Ribbon", a blue strip down the left side of the screen. The Ribbon provides a quick way to switch between different ways of viewing your tasks. It also allows you to easily collapse the sidebar to maximize the amount of screen space available for your tasks, so that you can focus on what's important.

For consistency, we have added the Ribbon to all of our major sections (Tasks, Notes, Outlines, Lists and Habits) and we plan on enhancing the other sections to take full advantage of the Ribbon in the future.

In addition, we have improved how long to-do lists are displayed. Now, the long lists will scroll within their task section instead of scrolling the entire page. The Toolbar and Ribbon will always remain visible. This means that you no longer need to scroll all the way to the top of the page when you want to add a new task, switch views or change your filters or sorts. This will save you time.

This is one of the biggest single changes that we will make to the Tasks section. Most of the rest of our redesign changes will be more incremental. We know that a big change like this will take some getting used to and that not everyone will immediately like it. When you use a productivity tool every day, you expect it to function a certain way so that you can get things done. With this change, you will need to relearn how to switch between different lists and some of you may need to make small adjustments to your column widths. We think that within a few days, you will have become accustomed to the new Ribbon and we hope that you will be more productive as a result.

We have been testing the Ribbon for several weeks with our Beta testers and have gotten very positive feedback. We have also done considerable testing ourselves across many different browsers and platforms, so we feel confident about this release. As with any release, it is possible that we have missed something minor so please let us know. We will be monitoring the forums and our support tickets carefully today and the rest of the week and will be quickly fixing anything that turns up.
Aug 12, 2015

Redesign progress: Navigation bar

Aug 12, 2015 If you look at the top of the screen in the strip that we call the "Navigation Bar", you'll see that today it looks cleaner. We have consolidated the Tools, Organize, and Help menus into one menu that we are calling the "Account Menu". This is a big step in our redesign process to streamline Toodledo's UI.

If you shrink the window down to skinny sizes, like you would see on a mobile device, you will also see that the Tasks/Notes/Outlines/Lists/Habits buttons collapse into one menu that we are calling the "Product Switch". This was done to make the website more responsive so that it will work across a wider range of screen sizes and devices. Expect to see more of this in the coming updates.

We have also slimmed down the "Footer" at the bottom of the page to give more room for the important stuff.
Aug 10, 2015

Scheduled Maintenance Aug 10 at 9pm PST

Aug 10, 2015 Tonight between 9pm and 10pm PST we will be taking Toodledo offline for a brief period of time to perform some scheduled maintenance to upgrade our servers and provide for future improvements.
Aug 3, 2015

Toodledo Sweepstakes

Aug 3, 2015 During the month of August, Toodledo is running a sweepstakes where you could win a free Gold Subscription.

All you have to do is say something nice about Toodledo. No purchase necessary. Please see the following link for the complete details:
Jul 31, 2015

Progress Report - July 2015

Jul 31, 2015 Here is what we worked on in July.

+ Released the redesign of our Lists section to be responsive and more refined.
+ Released the redesign of our Outlines section to be responsive and more refined.
+ Released the redesign of our logo and product icons.
+ Improved our ability to track errors and warnings across our products.
+ Fixed a number of minor warnings and small bugs across all of our products.
+ Fixed a bug with double scrollbars appearing for people using our "Experimental Scrolling" feature
+ Migrated one of our databases to a faster and more reliable server
+ Explored a new database technology
+ Fixed some spelling errors
+ Improved printing in Outlines, Lists and Habits
+ Fixed a bug where dividers could not be collapsed when sorting your list by "repeat"
+ Researching a new web framework (React)
+ Worked to create a collapsable sidebar across all of our products
+ Fixed a bug with Lists/Habits/Outlines where the page would jiggle on the initial load
+ Worked to redesign and simplify the top right section of the website with all the popup menus (available now for beta testers)
+ Fixed a display bug with tasks that repeat by weekday
+ Worked to create a "product switch" menu that will go in the upper left corner of smaller screens (available now for beta testers)
+ Fixed a bug where the Lists sidebar badges could get out of sync with the actual number of rows inside that list
+ Fixed a bug where the Lists section wasn't displaying the table correctly after you added a new column
+ Fixing the error that shows when you go to a habit/outline/list that doesn't exist
+ Created a "Sweepstakes" page where you can win a free Gold Subscription by saying something nice about Toodledo:
+ Redesigned the footer at the bottom of the page to be slimmer.
+ Began work on redesign of Tasks section
+ Began work on redesign of Notes section

+ Finishing Lists section

+ Released an update that included the Lists section, and updated Outlines section, and improvements to Apple watch.
+ Fixed a bug where the passcode feature would not work correctly on some iPad devices.

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)
Jul 13, 2015

iOS update: Lists, Outlines and Apple Watch

Jul 13, 2015 Good news everyone! The Lists section of Toodledo has finally been added to our iOS app.

This new section will allow you to sync your existing Lists and make new lists.

+ The Outlines section has been redesigned to be faster, prettier and easier to use.
+ The Habits section has been updated with various small bug fixes and some visual changes
+ Our Apple Watch app has been updated with bug fixes as well as support adding tasks. To add a task on Apple Watch, force tap the todo list and then use Siri to dictate your new task.

If Toodledo helps you be more productive, please consider giving us a rating/review in the iTunes App Store. Even if you have rated us before, you can rate us again with each new update that we release. It really does help us to have good ratings.
Jul 7, 2015

New Logo and Updated Lists/Outlines section

Jul 7, 2015 Today we are releasing three things.

1) Our new logo and icons

We've worked hard to refine and improve our logo. Because Toodledo has expanded beyond just "tasks", our new logo was updated to reflect that Toodledo is an entire system of productivity tools. Along with this new logo, we have also refreshed the icons that represent each section and redesigned our iOS and Android app icons.

2) Our Lists section has been visually redesigned to match our new styles, colors and patterns. Everything has been cleaned up and refined to make it easier to use and less cluttered. As part of this redesign, Lists is now responsive, which means that it works regardless of the size of your web browser (desktop, tablet, phone).

3) Our Outlines section has also been redesigned, like the Lists section. In addition to being more refined and responsive, we have added some new ways to view your outlines. From the Action menu you can now choose between "Presentation Mode" and "Edit Mode". "Presentation Mode" is similar to how it was before our redesign. You can add, edit, move and delete outline items by using your mouse and keyboard shortcuts. In the new "Edit Mode" we have added some intuitive visible buttons and menus to help you perform these same actions easier and on devices that don't support keyboard shortcuts (phones and tablets).

This completes a major phase in our ongoing redesign project. So far, we have redesigned our home page, Habits, Lists, Outlines, the forums, all the secondary pages of Toodledo, our Android app, and part of our iOS app. Coming up next are the Tasks and Notes sections. We saved Tasks until the end because it is the most complex and we wanted to make sure that we had all the proper design patterns in place first. It should come along more quickly now.

We have been testing these changes for several weeks with our beta testers and have received a lot of positive feedback. We would like to hear your feedback as well. Please let us know in these forums, with a support ticket, or via email to

Jun 3, 2015

Progress Report - May 2015

Jun 3, 2015 Here is what we worked on last month.

+ Finishing responsive redesign of Lists section
+ Finishing responsive redesign of Outlines section
+ Migrated data for Lists/Outlines to a new upgraded database
+ Fixed a bug that prevented some people from deleting their Toodledo account
+ Made Dialog boxes and Notice popups consistently across all 5 Toodledo sections.
+ Fixed a bug with outlines where you could not delete a note
+ Upgraded all of our web servers to new faster servers
+ When an email we send bounces back as undeliverable, we do a better job now of removing that email address from future emails
+ Fixed some small issues with our "email import" feature
+ Better caching of data to make website load faster
+ Improved some of our internal development tools
+ Fixed a temporary bug with the "Account Activity" section of Toodledo recording the wrong IP address for logins
+ Added a page to the Organize section to more easily manage tags
+ Mitigated the "venom" security vulnerability
+ Improved our SSL grade to A
+ Fixed our Facebook integration tool
+ Fixed API rate limits for apps using older versions of our API
+ Increased limit on tag field from 64 to 250 characters
+ Increased limit on tags displayed in the sidebar from 50 to 100
+ Made improvements to our nightly maintenance tasks
+ Redesigned Tag and List cell editors for the Lists section
+ Fixing an issue we had with Google not putting some of our pages in it's search results
+ Cleaned up the Habits section with some small visual tweaks to make it consistent with our other sections
+ Made good progress on designing a new Logo for Toodledo and improving our brand.
+ Conducted user tests on illustrative and logo
+ Defined new brand strategy & visual identity
+ Created illustrations for organize pages
+ Created illustrations for lists and outlines

+ Finished phase 2 of the Material redesign of the app
+ Finishing Lists section
+ Finishing redesign of Outlines section
+ Fixed issue where task and notebook notes are not synced correctly when edited in the web site and viewed in the device simultaneously

+ Finishing Lists section
+ Finishing redesign of Outlines section
+ Visual improvements to our Apple Watch app
+ Investigated the possibility to add a task via Apple Watch

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)

Older items have been removed for brevity.