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Use with Sync or without; Sync to Mac, MobileMe, Outlook (PC) and Toodledo in no time; get Push / Local Notifications and Email alerts; share todos with others and even drag & drop between Calendars! NO other app does these better:

★ One App for all your devices. Includes a free universal version for the iPad.

★ Multi-Device Sync with Mac / Outlook (WiFi), Toodledo or MobileMe (Edge/3G/WiFi). Works with the new MobileMe CalDAV calendar*

★ Share and Sync ToDos with friends, family or colleagues using the 'Shared Calendar' feature in MobileMe

★ Instant Previews: Preview notes, voice notes or attached pictures from the main list

★ Background Sync, Sync on Exit and Sync at Launch

★ Multi-tasking, local alerts & Retina display support

★ Push / Local & Email Alarms: Easily create multiple alarms per task.

★ Projects, Checklists or simple ToDos

★ Landscape

★ Nearby (i.e. location aware) Tasks

★ Tags & People: create keyword tags; search for tags or attach contacts as people tags

★ Actions: attach contacts or other 'action' information to tasks

★ Starred Tasks

★ Voice Notes

★ Focus: Quick toggle between your tasks and a refined 'focus' list from any view

★ Repeating ToDos with end dates

★ Drag & Drop tasks from and to Calendars

★ Batch Operations: Edit, Delete, Move, Tag, Share and much more

★ Password Protection: On individual calendars or full app

★ Tabbed Calendars / Folders

★ Smart Calendars: Save a search with or without dynamic date ranges

★ Date Range search with Smart Calendars

★ Full Text & Soundex Search Search Engine: Search for similar sounding words

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Toodledo does not endorse or support this solution. We caution you to research your decision carefully. Once you have given a 3rd party tool access to your account, it can do anything that you can do, including deleting all your tasks or making them all public. Toodledo is unable to recover data that is lost due to a misbehaving 3rd party tool. We encourage all customers to backup their data periodically. You may block 3rd party apps from accessing your account if they misbehave.

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