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Many companies struggle with organizational and communication problems. Regardless of a branch there are often problems with internal communication between employees and external communication with clients, contractors, producers or subcontractors. There is bigger and bigger need for storing documentation in an electronic form and organizing work on contracts or projects conducted by a company.

Companies attempt to put their commercial or project works in order by introducing CRM or documentation management systems. Unfortunately a typical CRM solution requires entering much data by employees and forces them to sacrifice much time for work with a new system. As a result implementation are not successful. There is a big human resistance and systems remain unused.

The solution of the problems is application "TenvirkMK".

The program for companies, in which an office work takes place. It contains all the elements needed for office management from organizational and communication side. The system enables graphic building documents circulation.

Main part of the system TenvirkMK is "Event module". Event module is the central communication system storing on the server e-mails, faxes, SMS-es, scanned letters, telephones, time limits and official orders. It enables completing and passing correspondence. The module gives the employees an access to correspondence replacing usual mail program. It enables correspondence circulation and supervising time limits of realizations. Correspondence centralization makes archiving easy and increases safety level. The module contains also the common schedule and tasks, which enables many users to work at the same time and plan time limits for employees, clients, projects, cases/projects or resources. Event module is integrated with Toodledo.

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