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How would you like a relaxed, easy way to manage your overwhelming to-do list? MyTasks Pro can do that for you. This one-stop task list manager stores and organizes your tasks and even lets you sync with Toodledo and Outlook (via Toodledo). Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App.

You have a lot of tasks to accomplish today and your to-do list is an out of control mess. Where’d you put that list, anyway? Your stress level climbs as you notice that your first meeting is in ten minutes and you just know that you’ve forgotten something but it won’t come to you what that ‘something’ is.

There’s an easy solution to your problem. All you have to do is relax, get MyTasks Pro and never worry about being stressed and unorganized again. This app is going to take care of keeping things straight for you.

MyTasks Pro keeps you organized and tracks your various activities so you always know the status of a task. Did you get an idea about a different task while in that meeting? Great, just open the app and add it. It’s really easy to do, just press the “+” key. If you have time, add some notes or come back to it later and fill in anything you want.

Sharing MyTasks Pro files is easy. Just upload your files to an FTP server for other users to access and download to their devices. It’s great for group projects and designating to-do items. Through Toodledo, you can also sync to Outlook or use your PC to view and edit tasks.

Manage task fields or add custom ones in the format you need. MyTasks Pro lets you make this app your own. You can edit label names, decide which fields will be visible, even change the order. Set it up in a way that works best for you and share it with other project members who have Toodledo access.

This app isn’t just the world’s best task organizer, it looks great, too. You have a choice of seven different skins, which are really easy to work with.

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Toodledo does not endorse or support this solution. We caution you to research your decision carefully. Once you have given a 3rd party tool access to your account, it can do anything that you can do, including deleting all your tasks or making them all public. Toodledo is unable to recover data that is lost due to a misbehaving 3rd party tool. We encourage all customers to backup their data periodically. You may block 3rd party apps from accessing your account if they misbehave.

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