IFTTT + Toodledo

Put the internet to work for you! IFTTT lets you create powerful connections between services with one simple statement: "if this then that". With the Toodledo Channel at IFTTT, you can automate and integrate Toodledo into hundreds of different 3rd party services.

Learn More and Setup

Toodledo + Google Calendar

Add Tasks to Google Calendar using Due Dates

Tasks that you create on Toodledo with a due-date will be automatically added to your Google Calendar. Configure

Toodledo + Google Calendar

Turn New Calendar Events into Tasks

Any events added to your Google Calendar will be added to your Toodledo to-do list as well. Configure

Toodledo + Email

Email Yourself Completed Tasks

When you complete a task on Toodledo, you will receive an email with the details of that task. Configure

Toodledo + Feedly

Remember to Read Saved Articles from Feedly

When you save an article for later on Feedly, a task will be created on Toodledo to remind you to read it. Configure

Toodledo + Weather

Remember to Bring an Umbrella if it's Going to Rain

Adds a task to your Toodledo to-do list if it is going to rain tomorrow. Configure

These are just a small sampling of what you can do. Use your imaginagion and create your own recipe for integrating Toodledo with any other service available at IFTTT.

Start Creating Your Own Recipes