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New Mobile Website with Offline and Android Support


Posted: Jul 17, 2014
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I would like to inform that I have a problem with the mobile version (m.toodledo.com) on my Windows Phone 8. The problem is the following:
When checking my hotlist (without future tasks) after 21:00 hours, I already see the tasks for the next day.
I made some testing, setting the time of my phone manually to a time before 21:00 (20:55 for example) and I can see the tasks correctly, this is, no future tasks, only the tasks that starts today or before, but when the time passes 21:00 hrs, the tasks for the next day appear too.
Note: In order to test this I had to refresh the cache of the browser after changing the phone's time manually.
I'm located in UTC -3 (Brazil) so I believe the problem is that toodledo is not using/setting the timezone variable correctly, as when we reach 21:00 hrs, toodledo sees only the UTC time, which is already 0:00 (the next day) which could be the reason why the tasks for the next day starts to show up.
I made an additional test by setting manually the Time Zone of my phone to UTC 0 and changing the time to 21:10, and the problem was not observed, this is, the hotlist was only showing the tasks for today or before.

Posted: Jul 17, 2014
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Check your time zone setting here:

Posted: Jul 17, 2014
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Thanks for the tip, but my timezone settings are correct.
The issue happens only with the mobile version and my windows phone 8. And the mobile version does not have a timezone setting.
Both mobile version and full web version are diplaying my tasks properly from the PC.
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