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Updated Firefox Addon


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 01, 2010
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I am not sure why they aren't working. We are looking into it.

Posted: May 18, 2010
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Any updates here? ctrl+alt+A does not work for me either. :-/

Posted: May 18, 2010
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Both of those shortcuts work for me.

But when I'm on the Toodledo site F5 doesn't do a screen refresh like most other sites. It opens/closes the sort drop down. This is really annoying when I want to refresh the page after making some changes.

This message was edited May 18, 2010.

Posted: May 18, 2010
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F5 Refresh works ok for me.

Posted: Jun 14, 2010
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I have an issue, Toodledo slows my firefox alot
Can you guys fix this please -I've read in my forums the same issue -I have to disable the sidebad

Posted: Jul 23, 2010
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Any fix for this ?
I uninstalled a month back because of the same issue, thought I will give it a shot again, and it does the same thing...doesnt do jack when we add a task via the ff addon.
have the latest everything.
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