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Issues caused by use of the ampersand sign in Tasks - URGENT


Posted: Feb 01, 2013
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I reported several months ago that a Task in Outlook with the ampersand ‘&’ symbol in the Notes section causes an issue when it synchronises with Toodleoo

Although an ampersand will synch across (usually) ok when it is entered in the Title field of the task - 95% of the time when an ‘&’ sign is included in the Notes field then all text typed after this sign will be lost when synched to Toodleoo!

This is a nightmare!

As soon as any changes are then made in Toodleoo (including just change the date of a task and not even an alteration to the text) and then resynchronised with Outlook the text that was after the ‘&’ sign in the outlook task (Notes field) is permanently lost

This issue has still not been resolved

It is a major problem in an otherwise excellent piece of software

Can you please respond with regards to this issue ASAP? Are there any 'work-arounds' or when will this issue be fixed???

Please let me know asap

Many thanks

Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Feb 01, 2013
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Hi Paul,

Since you are using a 3rd party sync tool, unfortunately, there is no way for us to address the problem. The problem is with the tool, so you will need to contact the company that makes it for assistance. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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