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Subtasks count is sometimes wrong


Posted: Feb 25, 2013
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Toodledo App 3.0.2 on 4th Gen iPod, iOS 6.1.2, Connected via WiFi

Toodledo App is set to sync on Start/Quit & on Edit.

Note: I would consider this a low priority problem.

Note: Could not reproduce with WiFi disconnected (airplane mode), so possibly an online issue.

Reproducing the problem:

Add a task, edit the details, then add sub-task(s), return to the task details and the "subtasks" count is sometimes wrong (e.g. 1 instead of 2).

Accessing the subtasks again and returning to the task details does not usually correct the count.

This discrepancy seems to happen more (not always) when the "add subtask" button is used from the task screen (as opposed to using "add subtask" from the sub-task screen.

Thanks. BTW Glad the new version is back. There are MANY things I like about it.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 25, 2013
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Thanks for the bug report. We will investigate.
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