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Posted: Jun 09, 2009
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I try to pack every possible sort possibility and I'm out of control. I did this with clear context and want to blow it up now. Does anyone have a good criteria for setting up Tags? Limit number of Tags, anything like that. I know I don't "get it" because this couldn't possibly work.

Thanks in advance.

Posted: Jun 09, 2009
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If I understand your question clearly, you want to use tags as a sort of super-contexts so you can have multiple contexts per task, etc.

I would love to do that myself, but I just don't think the tag interface is right for that at this point. You will find many discussions on the use of tags for this purpose and others around these forums. For me tags are simply a way of marking tasks for quick retrieval, or for special sorting purposes, at least until there are some improvements in the way the are entered and viewed.

So I just have a couple of quick tips that you may or may not be aware of. If you are going to sort by tags, remember that the first tag listed is the one used for sorting. If you are going to use them like contexts, you will probably want to look into the advanced search which would allow you to set up saved searches for different tag groups. Be careful with tags that are included in other tags like "home" and "homework", they can get mixed together. Because tags are entered free form rather than choosing from a list, be careful with spelling to ensure tasks end up on the correct lists. Probably best to keep them as short and simple as possible for that reason.

Vin Thomas

Posted: Jun 09, 2009
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I second what Anders said. Tags are sometimes a little hard to work with. I don't use them anymore since I went pro. Once you have the option to create projects with parent/child tasks it becomes less useful (for me).

When I was with Remember The Milk they utilized a tag cloud which made it a little bit more useful. But they failed in almost everything else, so TD fit my bill much better.

Instead of trying to "pack every possible sort possibility" into your system, I would recommend stripping out everything that is non-essential. That's what I do. And it makes my system much simpler and easy to use.

Posted: Jun 09, 2009
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Thanks for the great suggestions Anders and Vin. I guess the habit I think I want to drop is using tags for every scenario for each task. For instance... I have a project with a TENANT, in AUBURN, looking for a RETAIL space, in the CBD. I will use all of these and then some.

I generally use all those types of tags. In your opinion, how many are too many tags? I think my tags list will get unwieldy quickly if I'm not careful (as it did when i used Clear Context). Thanks.

Jon P.
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