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Working Off-Line


Posted: May 24, 2008
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Is Toodledo data resident on the user divice or can it only be accessed on-line. For example...If I had an i-touch, how would I have access to my data when not on-line?

Posted: May 24, 2008
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Hi dgushta,

Toodledo is relying on an online connection at the moment. I read somewhere, that offline capability is something they have on the radar, but is not something they´re working on right now (Jake kill me, if I´m wrong there).
You might want to try the printable booklet for "offline-access". Not as flashy as a ipod touch, but then again: it can not run empty ;-)

Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 24, 2008
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Offline access is something that we have planned for the future. Right now, you can either print your list, or you can try using the Outlook synchronization tool that is available in these forums.
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