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Does Pro allow exceed of 1MB size limit for upload?


Posted: Jul 28, 2009
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Hi! I'm one of the many "Palm refugees" who are migrating years of data from Palm OS to iPhone/cloud storage.

I'm looking at ToodleDo, and it seems very promising, especially the many varied import/export options.

Does buying a Pro account, on ToodleDo, allow for exceeding the 1MB size limit of uploads, when syncing data?

Currently, my iCal file is 29MB. I'm not sure how to break up the iCal file into its individual components (calendars, to do lists).

I will try my Palm Desktop file soon.

I'd love to be able to break the 1MB size limit. This is a feature I'd gladly upgrade to a Pro account for! It would most likely be a one-time thing, to upload all of my old Palm data. Then, individual edits should be very small, from that point forward.

Thank you!


Posted: Jul 28, 2009
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The 1 MB limit is the same for Pro accounts (at least with iCal, but I have never used the Palm import). I think I have figured out how to break up an iCal, but I will have to test it out on my own iCal. If it works I will let you know.

Posted: Jul 28, 2009
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I'd be curious as to what you find.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jul 28, 2009
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Each event/todo is contained in a block of text that start with "BEGIN:VTODO" or "BEGIN:VEVENT" and end with "END:VTODO" or "END:VEVENT" As long as you keep these blocks of text in tack and keep the header and footers in tact, you should be able to cut and past events and todos into smaller files and upload them individually.

The other thing is that a 29MB iCal file is humungous. I'll bet that it has some embedded files in it . If you can remove these, as well as completed tasks, I'm sure you can get under the 1 MB limit

Posted: Jul 29, 2009
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I tried again in Palm Desktop, for Windows.

I exported all records, to a file in "To Do" (not Tasks) format, using .tda extension.

It seemed to work MUCH better. The file size was only 189KB!

I have a total of 1561 tasks, of which 207 are not completed (sigh).

They seemed to all import into ToodleDo without a problem! That's really good.
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