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Unofficial list of feature requests


Posted: Oct 06, 2009
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In this post http://www.toodledo.com/forums/2/3436/-18607/read.html, Toodledo says: "Anyone is welcome to make an unofficial feature list if they want to".

Here is my list:

Multi-edit without search
Choose Tags from dropdown list
Manually re-order tasks
One more level of subtasks
Better Multi-line view: Choose two or more fields to display
Edit Date Completed
Context Filtering on iPhone
Saved searches on iPhone
Ability to link a task to a Contact
Rich text formatting in Notebook, without using HTML tags
Ability to move Tasks to Notebook, and vice versa

Please add your suggestions.


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Posted: Oct 06, 2009
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I agree with all your items, so I will just add some more here.

1. Default Folder: Working for all sources of input, not just the site.

2. The ability to add stars to emailed task or SMS task.

3. Exporting of Search results.

4. Folders showing the correct number of task when using a context filter.

5. More triggers for Hot List in settings.

6. GUI Overhaul. There are too many hidden functions due to the Spreadsheet Style UI and adding functions makes Toodledo wider.

Some of the hidden options are:
- Delete task by hovering over the check box
- Clone task by hovering over the check box
- Adding sub-task by hovering over the hand icon.
etc. etc.

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