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New Tab behehavior when adding new tasks?


Posted: Oct 22, 2009
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Did the behavior of the Tab key change when adding a new task? Pressing Tab after filling in the task title used to take you to the folder selection box, then to context, then to due date. Now it jumps directly to due date. Pressing tab after that will go to priority, notes, and then browser address bar. It doesn't seem like it's possible to move to the folder and context boxes from the keyboard now at all. For me, this makes entering tasks much slower since I now have to use the mouse just both to select a folder and a context. I use folders all the time (and contexts often enough), so I am now mousing for every single new task. The old behavior was much better since even if you don't use folders and contexts, getting to the due date was quick enough--you just press tab two more times. It would be great if the old behavior would be reinstated.

Thanks so much,

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Oct 22, 2009
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You may have updated your web browser recently, or changed some settings because some browsers have a setting that prevents the tab key from moving to a drop down menu. This is why your tab key is suddenly going to only the text entry boxes and skipping the rest. It depends on which browser you have, but you might be able to find in in the accessibility section somewhere.

Posted: Oct 22, 2009
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Yes, what browser are you using? I tried this in Firefox 3.5.3, Chrome, Opera 10.00, and Safari 4.0.3. Tabbing from field to field works fine in all of them on my Windows machine. If it is not a browser setting, it may be a desktop setting doing that but you would probably know if you had changed that. If not a browser setting, I would try disabling any addons, or even new programs you have installed that could be interfering.
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