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Subtasks hidden/not displayed message aligned right


Posted: Jan 13, 2011
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The message that more subtasks are hidden or not displayed appear in a separate row beneath the task, but are aligned all the way over to the right. In my saved search tabs that places the button to display the tasks offscreen, requiring me to scroll over to display the tasks. I would like to know if Toodledo can be configured to show this message on the left instead? If not, can a userstyle be used to achieve this?

Posted: Jan 13, 2011
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That message shouldn't be off the screen if you're not using any userstyle at present. It doesn't happen on my search tabs.

Anyway, if you do implement a userstyle you can reposition this message to the left. Here is a sample snippet:

.moresubs {
float: left !important;

This will align the text left underneath the subtask's checkbox. You could also add something like "margin-left: 80px !important;" if you want to indent it a bit.

Alternatively you could leave it on the right and just use margin-right to pull it back in a bit.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 13, 2011
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It isn't currently possible to have this message on the left side, but you might consider removing unused columns, or resizing some of the columns to make horizontal scrolling no longer necessary.

Posted: Jan 15, 2011
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Thanks PeterW. I am using a userstyle, and the snippet works for me.
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