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Toodledo Desktop Client for Mac (kinda)

Vin Thomas

Posted: Sep 09, 2009
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That is normal with userscripts.

Kind of a pain.

Posted: Oct 13, 2009
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Thanks Andy. This is awesome! I switched to Toodledo from Things and the only thing that bugged me was the way Toodledo looks by default. Big ups!

Posted: Nov 08, 2009
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Thanks and much appreciation for this awsome stuff! This should be official with this slick things style.



Posted: Nov 13, 2009
Score: 4

You can also use combine fluid with the toodledo dashboard widget to create a mini app which sits in your menubar like this:


Simply use fluid to create an app for the 'simple' version of toodledo used by the dashboard widget:


Then load the app, and from the main menu choose 'Convert to MenuExtra SSB'.

Next time you start the app it will appear in your menubar - click the icon and toodledo will pop up.

This message was edited Nov 13, 2009.

Posted: Jan 21, 2010
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The menuExtra idea is just great! It's all I need really to keep a list of tasks in sync. Omnifus is great I'm sure but look at the price!
Shame toodledo haven't got a client though.

Posted: Jul 16, 2010
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This is a great client. If only it stored the tasks to view online on Mac. I'd that is done I am willing to pay for this. It would be a winner.

Posted: Jul 26, 2010
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I am a non tech refugee from Treo, Now Contact & NUD iPhone, iPad, Mac using paying Toodledo (TD) newbie.
Have tried almost every other task manager out there. Got used to OmniFocus but could not stand the lack of reminders or alarms to make sure I looked at something in time. TD seems to be the best (or least-worst) alternative so far but I really wish it had a desktop version. Would one of you experienced TD users be kind enough to gather the above into one post that would give a DA like me a fighting chance of making it happen w/o a huge investment of time?

Posted: Sep 27, 2010
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you can look at http://www.mypocketsoft.com/taskangel/download.aspx
I just downloaded trial version to test, because I prefer DA as well.

Posted: Nov 06, 2010
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Thanks, I've followed your instructions and now have a nice desktop todo-list!
Joey Wong

Posted: Feb 05, 2011
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Sigh~ no matter how many times I followed the instructions... it still looks the same. Can anyone help me out?

Posted: May 31, 2011
Score: -1

I'm running into the same problem as Joey - following the instructions, but can't get it to look like in the screenshot.

Posted: Jun 10, 2011
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The Fluid suggestion rocks! I created a Google Calendar Fluid app and added Toodledo as a Panel to the right. Now I can finally see my calendar and my Todos all in one app.
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