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Grr... So Many Fields, So Little Monitor Space!


Posted: Sep 21, 2008
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First, this is NOT a Toodledo issue - unless I were to complain about it having too many darned features! Which is why I am posting this in the OT forum.

I just decided that I wanted to add a couple more fields to my Toodledo To-Do List page, and naturally I am now looking at that most dreaded of all Windows UI features - the Horizontal Scroll Bar... aaarrgghhh!

This is with the sidebar minimized; and this is on a so-called Widescreen monitor at its maximum resolution of 1400 x 990. I guess I could use Ctrl- to zoom out a bit and see if that helps, though I will probably end up with "crow's feet" on my "crow's feet" from squinting if I do that! (That's those wrinkles at the corners of my eyes for you young-uns out there!)

Maybe I have to get a larger monitor. Do they have 52" Widescreen monitors out there? (Think I'd need a new desk, though).

Or maybe I can find a new monitor with an aspect ratio of, say, 48 x 9; I guess they would call that a "Really, Really Widescreen Monitor"? ;)


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 21, 2008
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You could also try to shrink the width of the columns, if possible.

Posted: Sep 21, 2008
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Thanks. Actually I did that - some allow it, some do not. I think each column has a set minimum and some seem to already be set at that minimum. Goals, for example.

I did zoom out twice, which allows all to show, though some text is hard to see - like my input right now! I hope there are no typos because I cannot see what I'm typing!

Not a Toodledo issue, as I mentioned up front. just something for me to whine about!! :D

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