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Posted: Dec 06, 2012

I am using the Toodledo iPad app and trying to use the new syncing option with the native iPad Reminders app.

As an avid GTD-er, I have to continue having contexts in some way. So I am trying to use the Reminders "lists"/Toodledo "folders" as my GTD contexts. From what I"ve read, the Toodledo folders are supposed to sync with Reminders lists.

I have created a "List" in the iPad Reminders app. I have created an identically-named "Folder" on the Toodledo app. I have turned on the "Reminders sync" function.

However, the tasks that I have placed in the Reminders List that I created are NOT showing up in the Toodledo app's folder. And vice versa: tasks created in the Toodledo folder are not showing up in the Reminders list.

What am I doing wrong?

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Posted: Mar 02, 2012

I purchased the Toodledo app for iPad and have figured out how to do most things on it. But there are two key things that I cannot figure out.

First and foremost, how do I search for a specific task? This is so elementary I am embarrassed that I cannot find the "search" function! I am talking about the Toodledo iPad app, not Toodledo on the web.

Secondly, how do I add, edit, and delete tags? Again, I mean on the Toodledo iPad app, not Toodledo on the web.

Finally, regarding tags -- is there a way to make them sync with with Outlook categories? For this question I guess I am talking about Toodledo on the web, since that is actually what syncs with my Outlook tasks.