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Posted: Dec 10, 2013

For Firefox users there is the "Right Links" Addon at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/right-links/?src=api
A very useful addon that, amongst other things, lets you do a long left click to open in a new window.

Thanks for the tip regards the middle button, did not know about this, works a treat in Firefox.

Regards - Martin.

Posted: Nov 12, 2013


It was the shortcut I was using.
Have changed this to www.toodledo.com and now the default view works ok.
Should have searched this forum before posting, sorry if I have wasted anyones time.

Posted: Nov 12, 2013

I have set the default view as Search but when ever I open the Toodledo web interface it opens at "Context" - "Computer".
I am expecting it to open at "Search" or am I misunderstanding the default view function?

Running Windows 8.1 and Firefox V25.0 both all up to date with any updates.
I have set Firefox options to clear the cache on exit.

Any ideas?

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Posted: Sep 19, 2013
From Topic: New Section: Lists

There are lots of programs that have been developed over the years but then the developers move on and loose interest in a mature product.
So it is great to see the continued development of Toodledo, and I really hope it continues apace (even if the additions are things that do not appear to be high on the list of requests from users but more Jake's priorities).

However, Android users are now falling far behind the Web and IOS users in the features that are available.
I am not going to open up the "we want an Android app" discussion again (even though I do want one), it is clear Jake applies absolutely no priority to this request at all and it is unlikely to happen in my lifetime.
His argument that the Mobile site is the way forward for Android users was appropriate before the introduction of Outlines and Lists but as neither of these additional features are available in the Mobile site this argument is now invalid.
Also, until the API is updated to include Outlines and Lists the third party developers are unable to help.

So Jake, please can you make adding Outlines and Lists to the Mobile site, and also to the API a priority.

I have been a Toodledo user for many, many years and have been very pleased with its continued development and stability but having recently switched to an Android phone I am now feeling very much the poor relation.


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Posted: Jul 03, 2013

Posted by Jake:
If you don't want to purchase a Plus subscription but still want to link an outline to a task, you can copy and paste the Outline's URL into the note of the task.

Also, you can use the Bookmarklet to easily create a task from the Outline.

However, in common with other comments on the Outline feature I would find it much more useful to link an Outline node to a task.
In this way I could create an Outline for a Project, with all the required actions clearly listed and indented as necessary, and then have the Projects "Next Action" node(s) link to real task(s) with start/due dates, contexts etc.
When a task (action) is completed and I tick it off, it should also tick off the Outline node.
When I review my Projects I go back to the Outline, decide the next "Next Action(s)" and link these to task(s).
Keep doing this until all Outline nodes are ticked off and the Project is completed.

I think this would make Outlines really powerful because you could easily define all the actions for a Project with unlimited levels of indenting in an Outline, the whole Project (Outline) would be clearly and easily visible and you could assign "Next Actions" as appropriate.
Only the "Next Actions" will appear on your task lists, keeping them clean but making it easy to see what needs to be done next.


Posted: May 01, 2013
From Topic: Android sync

If you have not resolved this (and you have not already tried this) you could check that you have set up the PI Toodledo Account on your Android Device.
Go to Settings, Accounts and if the PI Toodledo account is not there click the Add Account and enable it.

Also be aware you may need to download and install the PI Lost Accounts Fix app from the Google Play Store.


Posted: Apr 02, 2013

Thanks very much for the tip, adding Toodledo to the Exclude list in Feedly has cleared the warning.

Posted: Mar 29, 2013

I would find it really useful to be able to set this to 1 day as a minimum.

Posted: Mar 28, 2013

Thanks for the feedback.

I disabled the Feedly Chrome extension and the warning went away, re-enabled it and the warning came back so in my case it is coming from Feedly.

I don't store any private data in Toodledo so not too worried, but thanks for the warning.

Posted: Mar 28, 2013

I have noticed the same warning today, not seen it before. On my work laptop and home PC.
Both latest version of Chrome and Windows 7.

I did enable Feedly RSS feed reader today on both PC's, could that be the cause?
PC are clean as far as I can tell.

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Posted: Mar 13, 2013

I use MYN and have the same problem; I don’t think Michael Linenberger considered TD repeating tasks when he advocated changing the Start date as part of the “defer to do” process, unless it is mentioned in the MYN/Toodledo training videos (which I have not purchased).

My solution is to use the Due date field, not as a Due date (because tasks in MYN do not have a Due date) but as a "Repeat" place holder date. The Due date tells me when the task is due to Repeat, not when it is Due to be done.

How I use this is as follows;
For every repeating task I set the Start Date to be when I initially intend to start work on the task (normal MYN practice) and set the repeat interval as normal, but I also set the Due date (my Repeat date) to be the same as the Start date.
With the standard MYN settings (Future Tasks hidden) the task will appear on the given Start date as normal and if I can do it on that day I will, then I close the task.
When I close the task, TD will create a copy incrementing the Start date and Due dates together by the set repeat interval, so that the task appears again in due course on the Start date.
However, if I can’t/don’t complete it on the set Start date, I change the Start date to when I think I will be able to do it (as per normal MYN "defer to do” practice) but I leave the Due date as originally set (Repeat date).
What happens then is TD will hide the task until the Start date comes around, when it will appear again. I can then either do it, or "defer to do" again by changing the Start date, this process can be repeated, until I eventually complete the task.
Once I have completed the task I change the Start date back to match the Due date (which has never changed but will now be highlighted in red as it is before the Start date) and close the task.
TD will again copy the task and increment the Start date and Due date by the repeat interval as normal, and it will reappear on the set Start date as it should.

The advantage of this approach is that you can "defer to do" repeat tasks as many times as you want, in the same way you would non repeat tasks, but you never lose the original Start date (because it is recorded in the Due date field, my Repeat date). Also. if you have invoked the MYN settings for TD the secondary sort will be on “Start date/Reverse” so the list will still follow the MYN “Fresh Prioritisation” practise, and tasks that you have “Deferred to Do” will still appear at the top of the list on the selected date.

The disadvantage is that once you have deferred a task by changing the Start date, you must change the Start date back to match the Due date before you close the task (this does not apply to repeat tasks you close when you have not changed the Start date of course). If you do not change the Start date to equal the Due date, when TD clones the task it will increment the Start date and Due date by the same repeat interval and the task will be hidden until the (now incorrect) Start date comes around.
However if the Due date is now before the Start date it will be highlighted in red (even if they are both before the current date) and this should prompt you to change the Start date to equal the Due date before you close the task.

The only changes you need to make to the pre-set MYN settings is to add the Due date field to your views, and set the Due date of all repeating tasks to, initially, be the same as the Start date.

It would be really great if TD checked when you closed a repeating task, and if the Start date is after the Due date it automatically changed the Start date to equal the Due date in the new cloned task (the dates should stay the same in the closed task for historical reasons). This would dispense with the need to manually reset the previously changed Start date before you close the task.
Although there may be one, I can’t think of an instance when you would want a task to repeat with the Start date set as being after the Due date however, to prevent upsetting anyone who does need this existing functionality, this feature could become effective only when you enable the MYN option

Would you consider adding a feature such that when you close a repeating task, TD will automatically change the Start date to equal the Due date on the new task, but only if the Start date is greater than the Due date on the task you are closing?
Either make this a system option, or automatically enable it if using the MYN settings.

IMHO, with this feature added Toodledo would be the ideal tool for MYN.


Posted: Sep 04, 2012

Toodledo have now produced a bookmarklet that works in Chrome/Firefox and probably all other browsers to add a task from a web page and automatically insert the url of the page in the task note.

See this announcement for details;

Thanks Toodledo this is fantastic!

Posted: Sep 04, 2012

This is fantastic, a welcome addition for all GMail users because the url of the GMail thread is automatically placed in the note of the task.

I use(d) Firefox because there ia an addon for adding a task that automatically contains the url of the page, but my company are committed to GApps and this means I can go back to using Chrome and have my GMail/Calendar available off-line.

Thank you so much for this - Martin.

Posted: Jul 17, 2012

Toodledo Team,
Apologies for my earlier mistake, this is what comes of replying when you are in a hurry.

Of course my post should read -
"A BIG THANK YOU to the TOODLEDO TEAM for including this update.

Regards - Martin.

Posted: Jul 12, 2012

The Collaboration update on 02/07/12 also included the fix for this problem.

Evernote note links now work in Toodledo tasks.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Evernote team for including this update.

Regards - Martin.

Posted: Jun 13, 2012

Isn't it funny how what suites and appeals to one person is a real turn off for another.

I love the new layout of Toodledo, it is clear, easy to read and very configurable.
ricardo complains that it is dated with "everything squished together without any room to breathe" but this "compact view" is one of the main things I like.
It allows me to see lots more information on the screen without having to scroll about (and I have a 1680 x 1050 screen).
If you want a modern layout and lots of space then take a look at GQueues, but I really dislike their layout which (IMHO) looks toy like with too much wasted space.

recardo, I am not having a go at your post, your comments are very valid from your point of view, the layout does not suite you personally so you are off to find a program that does.
For me the current TD interface is just perfect and would hate for them to change it.


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Posted: May 22, 2012

Thanks for chipping in.

From other posts on this forum it appears that Toodledo is in fact one person by the name of Jake.
This would explain the "canned responses" to many posts, including my requests for GMail integration.
I only read the posts that interest me, I can imagine that it would take a long time to not only read but respond to every post, as Jake appears to do.
I suppose I should take heart that the original response to this request was "its on our list to do" but it has now become "Gmail integration is a priority for us" which is not a canned response.

And Simon, yes you are right, I have also tried out most of the competing Task Management programs, but keep coming back to Toodledo as it is so flexible and stable, plus the iOS mobile apps are so good.
Which is what makes the lack of GMail (and Evernote) integration so noticeable, in every other respect Toodledo knocks the socks of the competition.

In the meantime I have started using Firefox (thanks to piyush_soni for the tip) and have found the Toodledo AddOn to be just what I needed, so for the moment problem solved.


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Posted: May 16, 2012

OK, thanks for an honest reply.
Looks as if it wont be soon :-((


Posted: May 16, 2012

Toodledo Administrator,
Thanks for the quick reply, appreciated.

Could you expand on your plan.
Are you intending to implement GMail integration in a such a way that the url of the GMmail is automatically included in the task note so that you can easily open and read/reply to the GMail thread directly from the task in TD?
This is a very important requirement for me.

Also, I know you don't like to give out target dates when new features will become available, but I am sure we would all like an idea of the time scales for this.
If I know it is in the next couple of months then I will stick with TD, as the rest of TD is so good it means I can wait a bit longer for this feature.
However, if it is going to be 6 months or more, or you can't/wont give a target time scale, then I can't carry on with TD with no hope of this feature coming soon, so I would have to seriously consider moving to GQ.

You have in the past replied to posts asking for this feature with the comment that is is on your list, it is a priority for you etc, but other (IMHO) less useful features have been added before this one.

I really don't want to have to move to GQ, I really do love TD so even a hint of when we will see GMail integration would be most appreciated.

Thanks again for a great program - Martin.

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Posted: May 15, 2012

Toodledo Developer(s)
GQueues (one of your competitors) has a bookmarklet that you can copy onto your bookmark bar.
When you click it a small window opens which lets you create a task in GQueues.
The title of the task is the subject of the email, you can change this.
There is a notes dialogue box where you can add notes, but also the url of the page you are on when you click the bookmark (including an open GMail) is automatically pasted into the note - HURRAH!!!
Tasks are automatically added to the INBOX queue or you can select which queue you want it added to.
You can also add a date and time for the task by using key characters in the title of the task.

This is exactly what I need Toodledo to do, to square the circle with GMail and make TD the best task management application ever.
It would mean that from a task, I can click on the link in the notes and go directly to the email conversation that the task was created from.

The fact that it works so well in GQueues proves that it can be done.
Please, Please can you look at replicating this for TD.

I can send you the text of the bookmark for you to study if it would help.

I am SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING SWITCHING TO GQUEUES if this functionality is not included in TD soon, which is a real shame as I really like TD, am a paying Pro subscriber and have used TD for some time.

From recent developments to TD (Facebook integration/Stats/Graphs) you clearly have different developement priorities to myself (a committed GMail/MYN user) but also from these forums there are many other users of TD who would appreciate full GMail integration.

Regards - Martin.

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