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Posted: May 25, 2009
From Topic: Statistics, please

FOUNDATION STATS - The foundation of stats for a majority of task applications can be created with access to 4 or 5 fields. Creation date/time, Due date date/time, completion date/time, completion status, etc.

SEARCHED - I have searched almost every iPhone to do app and it seems as if it is not important to have a summary of stats on task progress in the form of a charts/number summaries. It frustrates me to think that developers would think users are happy to live in an app where they can't see the forest for the trees. Even RTM seems clueless to this.

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Both the mobile and iPhone versions don't include completed tasks (as it's not possible to edit completed tasks in RTM). If it would be useful, we can look at supporting the completed searches, but the task details would be read-only.

- quoted 2007 and as of yet still unavailable (still looking perhaps)I can also cite other forum posts from customers on their board who lament no access to completed tasks.


TOODLEDO was the one of the first To Do app that actually seemed to understand the importance of this when I saw their statistics functionality. Unfortunately, it locks you into an un-customizable model that is not as useful for user purposes as it can be.

UNIVERSE HIDDEN - Like I said earlier with just 4-5 fields you can have a universe of info customized to an excellent feedback system. Even for what it Toodledo provides it does not seem to be accessible on the iPhone a place where colorful stats would make full use of the economy of space. Ask yourself:

1) Would it be useful or inspiring to see a count of completed tasks for each day of the week?
2) Would it be useful to have a running count of Total Tasks Due Today Completed & Total Tasks Due Today Left.
3) Would it be useful to have a Pie Chart of Tasks completed by context/project for the week/month/year?
4) On Completion of a task would it be useful to be directed to tasks that need to be completed today as opposed to an entire list of task not necessarily due on that day.


I could go on but I'll stop there. Gooeytodo has a pie chart implementation that shows it is doable but the app seems abandoned. RTM doesn't even allow you to have a simple feed that can allow a count completed stats as has been requested for quite some time.

http://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ideas/4670/ (quite a few requests)


I have created on my own an app using perl that will give me what I want but it is web based and I would love a native iPhone app that can sync this type of info and allow customizable views of my data but more importantly progress.
I would love to work with any custom iPhone App developer to see this become a reality. All the info is already there it just needs to be visualized in a a way that allows interaction with it. Didn't someone way at some point "If you can't measure it you can't move it"?

I would gladly pay a yearly fee and promote this if either Toodledo or any other app had this available on a native iPhone app. There are already tons of programs that handle stats for diabetes, weight, habits but not for to dos in an intuitive way.

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Posted: May 24, 2009
From Topic: RSS feeds updated

I would love completion date and created date as additional fields. These are key fields for analysis of tasks that I would find useful.

Would it be possible to add those 2 if not as standard as options.

Posted: Dec 15, 2008

Close to a Google Docs integration. I was able to use the get tasks api to import all tasks into a spreadsheet doc but the token ran out. All that is missing is a way to dynamically generate the api request for at the very least a read only display of tasks.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Posted: Nov 10, 2008

Google Docs
Zoho Sheet

Meaning import data remotely for data reporting.

Posted: Nov 08, 2008

Thanks MikeyP, Perfect. I have gone through the same dilemma as you and have been successful importing into spreadsheets via CSV with csv database type software not as robust as Toodledo. I realized as well that the Toodledo CSV is in the category of importing and exporting and not connection.

I imported the RSS into a spreadsheet program but the ability to customize or query specific info even on a cell by cell level did not seem possible.

Looks like your explanation communicated better than mine. Hopefully access to CSV data will be as readily available as RSS.

Posted: Nov 08, 2008

Thank you for your reply. I was hoping for something a little more seemless. The export to CSV then to excel and then to Google spreadsheet does not seem like a process that could be automated.

Since there are so many ways to connect with Toodledo whether by iphone, RSS, etc I was hoping that the API would allow integration with Google doc especially if an iGoogle gadget can be created from it. I would love to be able to manipulate task information from Google Spreadsheets.

Posted: Nov 07, 2008

Hopefully there is someone more technically inclined that can provide a solution. Toodledo has apis and Google docs has apis. Maybe the following is possible.

I would like to pull task data into a Google spreadsheet based on search parameters. Like all completed tasks and/or all tasks with status and date attributes like created, started, completed dates.

Thank you very much in advance for any possible help with this.