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Posted: Dec 17, 2009

I think location awareness is a nice feature as well. I have used this in other apps. I set up work and home as locations and my tasks for those locations show up based on which one I'm at. Another good feature is to be able to access the contact list of the phone, so users can add a contact to the task and make e-mailing or calling a one-click operation.

Posted: Apr 22, 2008

I create folders for each of my ongoing projects. I then drag tasks into them. This morning, I created a task because I didn't see it in the folder on the "All Tasks" view, even when I expanded the folder. As soon as I dragged the task into the folder, it showed up there twice! That was because it had already been created. So, I navigated to the folder view and expanded the folder for that prject. No tasks were visible there. I went back to the All Tasks view and none of my folders showed any tasks. Why on earth would this be the case?

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Posted: Apr 02, 2008

It started working later. temporary glitch, I guess.

Posted: Mar 30, 2008

Logging in to ToodleDo WAP version used to work on my mobile phone, but now it won't accept the login at at all. I verified my username on my desktop. Each time I use the same username and password on my mobile phone browser, I get "Login Failed". This used to work. My browser is Internet Explorer on a WM5 handset.