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Roland Reyer

Posted: Oct 25, 2012

Hi Benjamin,

is it possible to combine Folders, Contexts and Tags with an AND (except creating a custom/smart list)?

I´m using Appigo´s ToDo on iOS with Toodledo sync and I´m trying to find a tool that comes close to that on Windows.

Appigo´s ToDo is nice for mobile use because it restricts me to some features of the GTD method, which are FOLDERS (the main grouping mechanism), CONTEXTS and TAGS (2nd and 3rd).

There are only a few "smart" lists:
- All
- Focus (customizeable)
- Star´d
- Inbox (no Folder)

and all the Lists and folders can be intersected (AND) with contexts and tags.

I like this concept because it allows me to e.g. quickly find all "Work" entries (folder) that have an "office" context and are related to a certain customer (tag).

In TaskUnifier I can only choose one folder OR one context OR one Tag in the list on the left..
OR I´d have to create a smart filter (which is a cool thing to have, but takes too long for a quick check).

In order to mimic Appigo´s ToDo I´d also like to change the order of CONTEXT, FOLDER and TAGs in the left column to be FOLDER, CONTEXT, TAG (and actually remove GOALS, PLACES).

TaskUnifier is a very powerful tool, that is customizeable enough to try to get something like the simplified iOS tool.

Thank you,

This message was edited Oct 25, 2012.
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