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Posted: Jul 26, 2011

Very nice! I think the new design hit the mark. It seems more efficient to me and certainly "modernizes" the look and feel of the app. Been playing with it a bit and I'm finding it very intuitive. Nice job!

Posted: Jul 08, 2010

My Sync on Startup isn't working with 2.0.2 update on 3G iOS4.
Was working fine prior to this update.

Posted: Dec 29, 2009

The subject pretty much sums it up. I use starred items to bump lower priority, undated items up on my list of todos. I don't want to bump the actual priority just to get it onto the Hotlist, but rather my priority field truly reflect the importance of the task.

With this option I could set my Hotlist to show items due in a day or two, with priority 2 or 3 and still easily throw less important things onto my Hotlist by just clicking the star. I work primarily from Hostlist and and Starred lists, but this would allow me to really work off my Hotlist instead of bouncing between the two all the time.


Posted: Sep 25, 2009

Yeah, I like that list. Those five things are all things I've wanted in Toodledo. Particularly, item 3 and 5.

Posted: Jul 17, 2009
From Topic: Status

I'd like to see this as well. I'd like to be able to select which statuses show up in the Hotlist. I might set this to Next Action and Active only or None, Next Action, Active and Planning.

Posted: Jun 16, 2009

Sweeeet!! You just gave me an excuse to pay for SMS on my iPhone...wait...that just cost me $5/mo ;-) Great feature!!

Posted: Jun 13, 2009

+1 for SyncML!

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

Thanks for your communicating the progress being made during this downtime. Unfortunately, these things happen sometimes. What's important is the communication you maintain with your customers during these times...and there you've been true to Toodledo's reputation...thanks for the updates and your hardwork.

Now get some sleep!

Posted: May 08, 2009
From Topic: SMS Reminder

Hmmm, SMS Reminders are great, BUT only if I can be reminded, say 10 minutes in advance instead of 1-2 hours in advance. RTM allows a 10 minute advance reminder which works very well. Could we have the same in Toodledo?!

Posted: May 08, 2009

RTM has a nice feature where if a URL or phone number appears in the notes they are active on the iPhone. You can simply tap the URL directly in the notes to bring it up in a browser or you can tap the phone number to make the call.

Would be nice if Toodledo supported the same.

Posted: Apr 29, 2009
From Topic: stars

I use stars to mark tasks with no start/due dates that I'd like to "try" and get done this week. My Hotlist is sorted by Due Date and priority, so this helps non-dated tasks that I'd really like to get off my plate, but that aren't a priority stand out a bit. Plus they're easy to turn on and off as my landscape changes over the course of a week.

Posted: Apr 23, 2009

I'd love to see a feature where if I pick the status Waiting that I can then check off zero or more tasks from Toodledo. This could be used to define dependencies on other tasks. Would be extra cool if once the tasks were completed that another task was waiting on, it could be moved to a new state like Active.

Posted: Apr 23, 2009

I recall reading in the RTM forums that this was actually a restriction of the gCal interface. RTM users run into the same issue. Would be nice if someone could figure out a way around this or if Google would improve that integration.

Posted: Apr 17, 2009

Wow! It amazing how creative people are with Toodledo! Here's my GTD system in Toodledo:

Folders - Represent significant projects, projects where I may want reference notes. Using folders allows me to use the Notebook feature as designed being it's tied to the Folders. I also have one folder called Inbox which new tasks are directed to.

Contexts - These represent high level context or focus areas. Currently: Church, Errands, Health, Home, Work, Personal. I like differentiating between these focus areas which are a type of context and more detailed context involving resources/location/people

Tags - Further contextual information. This is where I determine what actual resources I need handy to complete the task. Includes: @co, @p, @o, @c, etc. These are shorthand for common contexts @Computer, @Phone, @Outside, @Church, etc. This also provides flexibility for agendas and location contexts:
Agenda: @mom, @wife, @BrianL, @Samuel, @Qwest
Location: @HomeDepot, @FredMeyer

SubTasks - Represent tasks requiring multiple steps or what GTD suggests is a project, although I've always had a hard time considering some multi-step tasks a project in my mind. I'll tag these parent tasks @prj so I can search these lesser "projects" for loose ends easily.

Using Folders for large projects works because I'm not generally creating alot of these on the fly. Using subtasks for lesser projects works because I'm generally creating more of these on the fly AND I may want to use these multi-step tasks within the context of a large project, essentially giving me three levels of hierarchy.

By using folders as projects as Toodledo has suggested I hope to avoid reorganizing my system as Toodledo continues to make improvements and better support projects via folders (assumption).

Anyhow, this seems to be workin' for me both at the desktop and iPhone.

Great product!

This message was edited Apr 17, 2009.

Posted: Apr 06, 2009

I would really like to see the options for what gets included in the Hotlist expanded. Here's a few ideas:

1) Option to include Starred tasks
2) Option to include Next Action tasks
3) Option to include Saved Filter as the Hotlist criteria (my preference)

Posted: Apr 03, 2009

Posted by ryssalee:

If you use the "Priority" field in Toodledo to represent "Importance" in Covey (so Priority 2 = A, Priority 1 = B, Priority 0 = C, -1 = D) and then make sure to appropriately set start dates and due dates to reflect Urgency in Covey, then viewing your list by "Importance" in Toodledo will sort things into a nice Covey order.

So with Priority 2 = A, does Priority 3 represent something special in your workflow?

Posted: Apr 03, 2009

I like to work through the Toodledo Google gadget frequently. For the most part it works great. However, several enhancements would REALLY help:
1) When you're viewing the gadget there is Navigation bar allows you to navigate between various folders, contexts, etc. Many times I'll set my default to say Hotlist, but sometimes I'll be navigating around in, say, the @office context. Problem is if I go to Edit any of these tasks in the @office context, I have no way to navigate back to my @office task list except Refresh and then navigate back to Contexts | @office...this is very annoying. Could we please keep the navigation bar available when we click on or Edit a task even if the Navigation bar only allows us to go Back to the list from which we came? Bonus point if we could also click a task and Navigate to sibling tasks!
2) Would be nice if gadget could remember where we had navigated to if the browser is refreshed or at least make it easier to set the Default Start page...how about a thumb-tack at the right side of the Navigation bar? Would also like to set Default Start page to a specific Context like @office or @home instead of just at the Contexts level. Same goes for specific folder or specific priority, etc.

Posted: Apr 03, 2009

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