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Posted: Jun 01, 2012

Posted by WilcoBis:

It seems I'm the only one to use... TAGS!

Posted by vtlaura:

I'm using tags for projects as well. My folders are - Next Actions, Agenda, WF, Reading, Projects, Reference and Someday/Maybe. And contexts are traditional GTD contexts.

I've found that this setup makes the project review part of the weekly review really easy.

I use Tags too. When I reviewed Allen's "Getting Things Done" recently I found this: "The 'Projects' list is not meant to hold plans or details about your projects themselves.... The real value of the 'Projects' list lies in the complete review it can provide (at least once a week), allowing you to ensure that you have action steps defined for all your projects, and that nothing is slipping through the cracks."

I realized that, for this purpose, all I need is a list of my projects, which I can easily get by using "Project" as a Tag. I made a Saved Search for Tag=Project. It's sorted by Folder>Importance>Context.

I use Folders for the main aspects of my life (Personal, Home, Family/Friends, Arts, and one for each of the three main areas of my job). I also have a "Big Rock" folder in which I place all the projects and actions that contribute to my annual goals. In my Saved Search, my "Big Rock" items are displayed at the top of the list in order of Importance and Context, followed by the other folders.

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Posted: Mar 29, 2012

Thanks. I've been wondering about that too, but had not yet had an urgent need to ask.

Posted: Jan 27, 2012

I use folders for life roles (Covey). One of my folders is "Big Rocks" in which I put all actions related to my annual goals, regardless of the role to which they belong. That helps me in my weekly and daily reviews to see how well I'm attending to my goals.

Other than that, I rarely refer to my folders. Like PeterW, I don't "work in" my folders, so they're really only useful as reference. And like PeterW, I use tags for "business" and "personal," and I that's how I search/sort for pipeline planning and weekly reviews.

Posted: Dec 29, 2011
From Topic: 2011 In Review

I appreciate Toodledo and find it so helpful that I gladly just renewed my Pro subscription. Thanks for the wise and committed attention you give to this service.

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Posted: Nov 29, 2011
From Topic: Context help?

I use Contexts as David Allen suggests...Home, Office, Errands, Phone, etc. It's especially helpful to me when I'm out doing errands. With the "Done!" app on my Palm phone, I sort by Context to see what errands are on my list. If I have a few free minutes while I'm out (waiting between appointments, for instance), I can pull up my list of phone calls to make. And if I've been out erranding longer than I expected, I can pull up both my Home list and my Office list to see which has the more important tasks to do next...and I go there.

Posted: Sep 17, 2011
From Topic: Simple System X

Folke X, last night I used your Simple System to set up my plan. So far I like it a lot.

At first I resisted using the "Postponed" status for repeating routine tasks, but now I see the value of that too. I just wish I could give that status a different name.

I have a large variety of tasks, many labeled Next Action for their category, so I still need (or think I need) to assign a Due Date to the most urgent ones so they don't get lost in all the Next Action tasks. I also have lots of tasks that have real Due Dates. So I use your "Now" custom search, but I sort by Status, Importance (which includes Priority, Due Date, and Star), and Folder (just for reference).

Because I usually have 35 or more tasks for each day, I think I'll be using Calendar (today's date) as my work list throughout the workday (but maybe not on personal days). I sort that by Importance, Status, and Folder. That way my highly-important routine tasks will still appear high on the list.

As I said, I just made these changes last night, so I'm sure I'll be adjusting as I try this out.

Thanks for sharing your good insights!

Posted: Sep 17, 2011

Folke X, I had been using Priority as both timing and value, and you're right, it got confusing. I went through all my tasks last night and made adjustments per your suggestions here and your Simple System X, and I like it a lot so far.

Thanks for sharing your good insights!

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Posted: Aug 16, 2011

First, I really like the update to Toodledo. I find it very useful and attractive, and I appreciate the work you all put into making it better.

Concerning the calendar...I used to use the full-screen Calendar view everyday. I assign a due date to all my active tasks, and the calendar view was where I reassigned undone tasks and checked how many tasks were assigned to upcoming days. I'd like to see it again.

Posted: May 28, 2011
From Topic: WebOS Options

I discovered Done! first, which led me to Toodledo. I haven't tried anything else, so I can't compare. But I'm very happy with Done.