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Posted: Dec 13, 2012

As a developer, I know how hard it is when you work on a beautiful new interface and everyone says, "I liked the old way! But know that there are a bunch of us who were really pleased and excited by the new layout. I'm going to hold off on upgrading because I like it so much, I don't want to go back. Looking forward to your next version, too!

Posted: Sep 21, 2011

I could be wrong, but it seems that it has something to do with when people add Toodledo as a guest to the event? At least all the 'extra' events I've seen seem to have Toodledo on the Guest list in the gcal event.

Posted: Aug 13, 2011

Thank you, Ralph!
Does this work with the new redesign? I'm not sure if I can't get it working because of that or because I'm just doing it wrong. :)

Take care,

Posted by ralph.kurz:
Hi @all,

I've written a new Script: Everledo - Your Evernotes in Tooldedo.

Check it out at: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/103701

I hope it meets your needs!

BG Ralph

Posted: Nov 30, 2009

Okay, I fixed it...but I don't know why this fixes it. I added the 's' to make it https: in the address bar, and now dates work. Huh? Anyhow, I don't understand it, but I'm very happy it works!

Posted: Nov 30, 2009

I seem to have lost the ability to change due or start dates for a task. Also, if I create a new task, there's no little calendar popping up.

I turned off greasemonkey in case it was one of the scripts causing trouble, but still no joy. Any idea what I can do? Thanks.

Posted: Feb 05, 2009

That's okay, I was just worried I was missing something obvious. Although if these changes can be made, I'd love it. Thanks!

Posted: Feb 03, 2009

I really like the Firefox Sidebar, but there are two things I'd like to do that I can't figure out:
How do you sort by importance, as you can with the hotlist on the website?
How do you change the font size? It's at least 18 point on my monitor and takes up way too much space.

Posted: Dec 18, 2008

Posted by Toodledo:
The multi-edit tool will replace all the tags with whatever new value(s) you have typed in.

Not to sound like a complete ingrate (I love this program) but are there plans to make the tags more taglike? As in, lists of tags, maybe a tag cloud, global tag editing, full multi-tag support? I know you guys are already doing a lot, just wondering if this was something on the horizon. Thanks!

Posted: Dec 18, 2008

Will this work on items with multiple tags, when you only want to edit one? Or will the new value overwrite all the existing tags including the one you wish to change?