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Posted: Jun 01, 2012

I'm glad you found an app that works for you, and perhaps a little envious that 'simple' cuts it for you.

Losing my tasks would certainly be a huge worry, which is why I'm glad Toodledo has a back-up feature—and I have a weekly Toodledo to-do to implement it. =) Has anybody else heard of UTDL losing data?

Posted: Jun 01, 2012

Hmmm... yes, two clicks is better than four. Thanks.

But yes, I have hundreds of outstanding tasks—the GTD book is right! In my monthly and quarterly reviews, I often want to select dozens of tasks and change multiple criteria, so the ability to arbitrarily select tasks for the multi-editor would still be extremely helpful.

I'm pretty sure TaskUnifier allows this, but that's a pretty clunky app overall. I wanted to make sure I couldn't just do it with Toodledo, or that the feature wasn't on the horizon here, before paying for TaskUnifier. But if no easier option presents itself before the quarter's up, I'll just do that, and continue to use Toodledo's much more responsive interface for daily task management.


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Posted: May 31, 2012

This isn't the first time this feature has been asked for: https://www.toodledo.com/forums/2/2035/0/batch-edit-in-toodledo.html

Since that post is three years old, and it's a pretty basic feature to expect, I thought I'd ask in this forum whether this is possible yet.

I can't construct a query for 'tasks I think are important enough to bump up in priority for the month' by criteria; I just need to go through and select them one-by-one by gut feeling. But then I have to expand them one-by-one... and change their priority one-by-one... it'd be nice if I could just tick checkboxes and load them into the multi-editor, or better yet, use the arrow keys and the space bar or something. Surely we're able to do that by now! What am I missing?

Posted: May 31, 2012

Honestly, I don't see the point of a Toodledo Android app, when UTDL works perfectly well. I'm a TODO power user—I have all the features turned on in UTDL and Toodledo, and use them. I can think of one feature that the Toodledo site does that UTDL doesn't (making a TODO list based on available time and context—and it's pretty rudimentary) but I can also think of a couple of things UTDL does that Toodledo doesn't (e.g. setting nag reminders by time). But for the most part, they're very compatible.

I would much rather see Toodledo developers focus on the Toodledo web site, and not waste its resources reinventing the wheel on Android. If you find UTDL lacking, tell the UTDL people what you miss—they're not the friendliest bunch, but I've found them responsive to bug reports and I've managed to get them to implement a feature I wanted by getting a few friends to gang up with me. (I've been meaning to do that again for widgets to directly access existing views, including notes—anybody want to join me to campaign for that?)

P.S. I hear DGT GTD is very good too.

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Posted: Jan 04, 2012

I'm sure I'm repeating what's been said many times before in this forum, but since there doesn't seem to be a way of limiting topic searches by date, I haven't found any recent threads to add my +1 to. Sorry about that. It would be helpful if there was a separate Toodledo feature suggestion system, so users can vote for features.

Anyhow, as mentioned previously, the 'location' field would be much more useful if we could assign multiple locations to tasks. For example, if I need more whiteboard markers, it would be good to select a newsagency, a supermarket, an office supply shop and even a dollar shop. I know Toodledo doesn't reveal its feature roadmap, but does Toddledo at least agree that this is a good idea, and one it will pursue one day?

I actually don't find the address and latitude/longitude fields very useful, and I'm confused about what location fields look like to third party apps. I would hope that just plain 'newsagency' or 'OfficeMax' would be available, so a third-party developer can add a feature to regularly do map searches in the background and alert when I'm near a relevant location. The Google Maps results for 'newsagency near -33.90, 151.17' and 'Flight Centre near -33.90, 151.17' are sufficiently relevant for this. I guess my question is whether third-party apps can see the location names I create, even when I don't add an address or coordinates.

Thanks for providing this place for my musings. =)