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Posted: May 23, 2014

Is there a way to get a simple statistics report without having to use a sliding graph? There are plenty of nice looking graphs but no features with easy data extraction.

This stat page, http://www.toodledo.com/tools/stats/line.php, is sufficient but cumbersome. At the end of every week I check various folders and contexts for both active and completed tasks for the past and coming week. With that graph, I have to make adjustments to the display criteria (time and what's shown) every single time.

I would simply like to see total number of stats completed or due in a distinct time frame for a bunch of different folders, contexts, and states rather than having to reslide, re-toggle, and count the tasks per day EVERY time. This stat should be called a "Report" and being able to save recurring reports (i.e. this context completed in the past 7 days) would also be great.

I searched the stats features and forums for over 30 minutes and didn't see this feature anywhere. If this feature exists or is discussed elsewhere, linking me to that page would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: Mar 02, 2011

I have a similar request regarding colouring/coloring of the ToodleDo calendar (this has nothing to do with the other calendars that people are trying to sync with).

When I am assigning/changing the date of a task, it would be nice for the mini-calendar where I select the date (if I choose to do it that way) to be color coded. For instance, days with 5 or less tasks are highlighted a light green, days with 5 to 10 tasks in them are highlighted yellow, and days with 10 or more tasks already assigned to it to be highlighted a light red.

I am often changing dates for things that don't have specific deadlines but just need to get accomplished at some
point. It would be nice if I could know a day is more open than others. I am constantly placing a task in a date that is already booked/overbooked.

I am somewhat knew to Toodledo, so sorry if this has already been addressed. Searching the forums proved both tough to find if this feature existed and tough in general.

As a sided note, can the search function show you threads first before sending you into individual posts?
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