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Posted: Jul 27, 2011

> Is there any way to move the "Details" icon to the far left > column with the other icons? Or add "Display Details" to
> the "Actions" button. This would eliminate having to scroll
> to the far right each time I look at a task to remember if
> I entered details."

I second that, the design is to big here so that I do not see any detail-icons. I first thought that the details got lost until I read this post here.

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Posted: Jul 05, 2011

Update: Application is minimized to system tray instead of taskbar on Windows.

Latest version can be downloaded here:
- Windows (1.34 MB)
- Mac OS X (2.84 MB)
- Linux (1.17 MB)

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Posted: May 09, 2011

Hello together,

I've developed a free standalone browser for Toodledo for Windows, Mac OS X (Universal Binary) and Linux
which is using the slim interface of Toodledo.

- Windows (1.34 MB)
- Mac OS X (2.84 MB)
- Linux (1.17 MB)

Screenshots (click to resize the thumbnail):

Feel free to write your wishes. Please note that I can not change the interface within the browser, because that comes from Toodledo itself.

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Posted: Mar 28, 2011

sarois3, expensiveness is in the eye of the beholder ...

Ben, thanks for your offer, but I'm now looking for alternatives.
However, I wish you all the best, it's a good program.

Posted: Mar 27, 2011

sarois3, you did forget to mention that you even have a pro account of toodledo ...

I live here in Tanzania. The computer where I am typing this will not even deserve the word computer in your country, but I am happy with it. I earn 32,000 shillings per month which are about 28 USD. Not much in your eyes, but it's okay here.

So in terms of a return of my investment (7$), lets see:
Rental fee for our home for one week
Get meal for me and my family for one week
Electricity and water for one week
Partly clothes, medicine/doctor, toys, ...

I must admit that 7$ is nothing compared to the great job Benjamin is doing. Let us be fair: I'll tell my wife and my children that they have to go to bed hungry for a week ...

I appreciate the work of Benjamin too, but I can not afford it.

Posted: Mar 23, 2011

Attention - Todays release 0.8.2 of TaskUnifier introduceed an intentional 30 second delay on every synchronisation which is not mentioned in the changelog.

The delay can only be removed when buying the Toodledo-Plugin from TaskUnifier.

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