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Posted: Jun 01, 2008

Sorry, guys, if I sound harsh, but why don´t you just get your tasks done, instead of hassling with sub-sub-tasks. This is a personal taskmanager, not MS Project! Keep it simple, fellas!

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Posted: May 24, 2008
From Topic: Status

erm, sameer2, status is something, that has been introduced recently, so no reason to miss it ;-)
check your account settings (fields used) to see if you have not activated it yet.

Posted: May 24, 2008
From Topic: Working Off-Line

Hi dgushta,

Toodledo is relying on an online connection at the moment. I read somewhere, that offline capability is something they have on the radar, but is not something they´re working on right now (Jake kill me, if I´m wrong there).
You might want to try the printable booklet for "offline-access". Not as flashy as a ipod touch, but then again: it can not run empty ;-)

Posted: May 18, 2008

the slim version seems to use cache a lot. I think, that´s why the refresh icon in the app was introduced. yet, I sometimes find it not fully working on my iphone. a full refresh (via safari) still gets me out of most trouble from these "display" issues.

Posted: May 18, 2008

True, if your Sidebar is not populated by something else. I Like my Bookmarks there, so I do not loose the space of a bookmark toolbar on the top of the screen. You see, I use the All-in-one toolbar plug-in, which auto-collapses, after I chose something from the sidebar.

I just thought it might be a good idea to have my two most valuable productivity tools side by side. If you don´t need it, don´t use it ;-)
16 downloads just today say that somenone is using (or at least trying) it.

Apart from that, I just wanted to see, if I could do it, being lame at java-script as I am. :-)

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Posted: May 17, 2008

Hi everybody,

I´m a big fan of Gmail. Based on an idea I found here:
http://lifehacker.com/39 0490/gmail-addons-embeds-any-webapp-in-gmail
I wrote a little Greasemonkey script, that integrates Toodledo into Gmail.
A screenshot of how it looks can be found here:
http://skitch.com/di lbert166/mw59/gmail-posteingang-dilbert166-gmail.com

If anybody likes, what they see, the scripts can be downloaded here:
Gmail Addons: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/19956
Toodledo Addon: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/26719

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Posted: May 14, 2008

and stated publicly in the help section: http://www.toodledo.com/info/help.php?sel=51


Posted: May 14, 2008

oh, one more thing: while you´re overhauling the slim interface, would it be possible to have higher prioritized tasks show up in a more prominent way, like in the main application? when i work off the hotlist, it´s sometimes not so obvious, where my attention should be.
what do you think?

Posted: May 14, 2008

Posted by John:
Cool...does this have off line access capabilities? 2 way syncing?

no, as he pointed out, it´s a site specific browser, so it won´t add any functionality. the goal of the fluid applications is to have a way of focussing on one online app, without the rest of the distracting internet right at hand.

to be honest, i could not follow that idea, as it does 2 things:
a) clutter my dock with one more icon
b) it does not prevent me from opening firefox and surfing the web anyways

so while the idea is nice, it never worked for me. i´ll stick with toodledo in my firefox sidebar, where it´s working decently enough for me.

Posted: May 14, 2008

"Having the to-dos complete themselves automatically!"

Yeah, that would be nice. I guess the interface would get much cleaner then: just a big red bumper button labeled "Do it!" ;-)

Posted: May 13, 2008

whohoo... sheer toodledo joy on my iphone. how much better can this get? thank you!

Posted: May 13, 2008

whoa, very creative (pun intended) :-)
good idea!

Posted: May 13, 2008

no problem, you´re welcome. just keep up the excellent work! hope, some other folks might pledge as well! go on folks! i think, its for a good cause.

Posted: May 13, 2008

creative, i read somewhere that mass updates of tasks is something they look into. so: it´s on their radar.

Posted: May 13, 2008

gee, that was fast. thanks, jake :-)

Posted: May 13, 2008

Status is just what I needed. Thanks. Only one thing: At least in Firefox 2 on my Mac a double click on the task description in list view brings up the status field somehow. It´s a bit confusing as
a) it does not display the status of the task, but "none"
b) it´s making it a bit difficult to to place the cursor in the description to edit a certain part of the description.

is that a bug (there aren´t really many of these around), or some intended behaviour i just don´t understand?

Posted: May 06, 2008
From Topic: TSheets integration

would be nice, if the toodledo-timer and tsheets would somehow play together, wouldn´t it? just a thought. :-)

Posted: May 01, 2008

Posted by sean.herschmiller:

Also, why do I get a security pop-up from Outlook that the Sync app is trying to access email addresses. I have to grant it access for 1min to allow a sync to happen. Obviously, this makes the auto sync unusable.

i don´t think you can blame keith for outlook´s pain-in-he-hoop nagging security dialogues, can you? just spend aminute to google for ways to suppress this kind of warnings!

<edit> heck, it took me 30 secs to come up with this: http://www.contextmagic.com/express-clickyes/
@keith: maybe there´s a way to incorporate something like this into the plug-in itself?

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Posted: Apr 26, 2008

Oh Qrystal, I so feel with you on this! Everytime I decide to "just quickly check" the forums, I end up reading everything that´s new.
Anyways, I still rate this as good use of time, as I get new and nice ideas from this :-)

Posted: Apr 23, 2008

you dont really have to install something, just point your browser safari to http://www.toodledo.com/slim and login. that´s it, you´re done :-)
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