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Posted: Dec 03, 2012

I'm having some problems with the new UI.

I keep all my tasks organized by folder and context. Everything goes into the Inbasket Folder by default.

Now, every time I want to switch between folders I have to click on the Folder dropdown, then click on the folder I want. It's actually more work than previous UI.

If you're doing feature requests, I'd like to be able to keep folders or contexts in the grey task area to the left.

Posted: Jun 30, 2012

This Alfred extension sounds like it does what you want. I'm not sure whether you're saying that you want something that the Ruby gem can't do, or that you don't have the option of installing the Ruby gem.


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Posted: Mar 19, 2012

Hi there,

I noticed that version 2.0 is using MD5 with the app token for authentication. It's actually very easy for today's hardware to break MD5 -- either by reverse engineering it, or by creating a key that looks like it. Just google for "MD5 security risk" to see the results.

Using HMAC-SHA512 or another SHA-2 based algorithm would provide much better security -- any chance of an upgrade?

Posted: Nov 21, 2010
From Topic: API 2.0


Posted: Oct 20, 2010

Posted by jonzenor:
That is very cool. Would be nice to have it customizable, such as show things due today or things with the Next Action.

I do not have a betabrite, but have always wanted one. Now I have a reason to get one lol.

Making it customizable is probably the next step -- I have the web server accessible, so I just need to expose a query interface to the web and then carry that back through.

I was having some problems with the session not being able to get new keys and invalidating, but I think I've ironed those out now -- it now updates only every 5 minutes, and tries to keep the existing key for as long as possible.

Posted: Oct 04, 2010
From Topic: Evernote integration

You already can do Evernote integration: I have evernote scripts here:


and they can be used in conjunction with the Ruby client to integrate with Toodledo.

Posted: Oct 04, 2010

Before I do anything else, take a look at this:


The source code for setting this up is here:


I've made it as clear as I can, but you will most probably need to be a developer or enthusiast to set this up. The good news is that's pretty cheap: Betabrite costs around $150 (or much less on eBay), and a cheap Unix server (using an Atom chip) may cost $169.

I've set up the code so that it only displays things which are either starred, or past their due date, which reduces the amount of overload time. The script goes out and polls the website for changes every minute, and changes the displayed task every five seconds.

Posted: Mar 31, 2010

Just a note that the problem is partially fixed; it will only ask for the API token when the last one expires.

As far as minimizing calls to the APIs, it's much better to keep a running instance of the gem (which caches tasks internally) than to repeatedly call it from the command line.

Posted: Mar 31, 2010

Hi rjoung,

Probably the problem is that you have a different PATH environment variable in your local drive, and so it's not picking up the executables.

So first try

export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gem/ruby/1.8/
export PATH=$GEM_HOME/bin:$PATH

And then if that doesn't work, do the following:

gem uninstall toodledo
gem install toodledo

and that should fix things.

Posted: Feb 16, 2010

I'm working on caching as much data as I can, but based on the nature of the command line nature of the utility, it has to be filesystem based rather than memory based. The core library itself just does calls to the server, so I have to wrap that in a caching layer.

Posted: Jan 15, 2010
From Topic: Command line tools

This is a flaw in the Ruby gem -- it does not persist the token in between processes.

The best way to pull large amounts of data is to write a single Ruby program that runs as a daemon and checks the file at given intervals. I'll look into the amount of work it would take to add a cache or persist the token.

Posted: Oct 24, 2009

You can select something by typing, but the dropdown box will never appear in Google Chrome 3.x.

Happens consistently across platforms -- tried it on Mac, Windows and Linux and same behavior.

In here as a topic rather than a support request because I know Google Chrome isn't supported right now.

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Posted: Aug 26, 2008
From Topic: iPhone App

I really like it, but there's no context. It's good for adding stuff and checking it at a glance, but it's not nearly rich enough.

Posted: Jul 23, 2008

There's no way to add a due date currently through the command line client. You could tweak the parser, or you could leverage the library and write a custom ruby script that parses a date...

Posted: Jun 18, 2008


What's the version of OpenID that's supported? I've been trying my Yahoo OpenID, and it complains it only supports 2.0.


Posted: Jun 18, 2008

Sweet. I have the beginnings of a Python library, but it's not very complete yet. I have tasks working, but not folders or contexts.

But here's how you do it in Ruby:


Posted: Jun 03, 2008

I use the GreaseMonkey addon with Firefox:


Posted: Jun 01, 2008

Whoops. Okay, I see it. I was looking for something saying 'filter by status'.

Posted: Jun 01, 2008

I'm seeing this when I'm getting a task back:

<timer onfor="123">600</timer>

But there's no mention of the 'onfor' attribute in the docs. And the timer parameter is only mentioned in the 'edit task' context, not adding or getting.

Posted: May 31, 2008

"There are a variety of values that you can choose from, and there is a new filter that can be used to hide tasks that are deferred or inactive."

I don't see any filter of that nature, and I have status enabled in my accounts settings.
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