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Posted: Jun 11, 2009

I think we have all "been there" on some level or other. We are very glad you are back. I also appreciate your candor. You handled the situation very well.

Posted: Aug 28, 2008

Sync Google Calendar to Outlook for just a category: Use SyncMyCal.

I looked everywhere for a better sync between Outlook at Google calendars. Finally found one that could sync to Google Cal for only specific category: SyncMyCal.

Posted: Jun 02, 2008

I also use Cozi to organize family stuff, mostly our calendar. It has a great integration with Outlook. Anything you add into Cozi gets synched to your outlook and marked private so your co-workers can't see. You can set rules as to which appointments from your work calendar go onto your Cozi calendar automatically. I then also have a view setting in Outlook that displays all my personal stuff in another color.

I've tried Google calendar but couldn't find an easy way to sync to Outlook just for certain appointments. Do others synch it to Outlook or have a better way?

Cozi has other stuff that I don't use as much because they don't have a WAP interface or email integration (although you can get your schedule and shopping lists over the phone - either read to you or texted to your phone).

I also love Google Reader mobile for my gap time.

Posted: Apr 03, 2008

I would like to keep from showing items in the Waiting context in certain situations. For example, I'm trying to use the scheduler, but one of the tasks it gives me is in waiting context so I can't really do that task.

I like how it's really easy to use the -1 priority to filter out low priority tasks from of a lot of the views - this is how I've done the "someday/maybe" list. What would be a good equivalent for the "waiting' list - such that you only see it when you want/need to? (e.g., use a folder instead of the context? just not sure....)