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Posted: Nov 25, 2009
From Topic: Subtask pop-up

It seems almost churlish to ask this given all the fabulous work done recently on subtasks, but hey, the squeaky wheel gets the grease :-)

When adding a new sub-task (on the website), a pop-up appears that says "Please type your subtask here". In the text field, the text "New Subtask" is pre-filled. Would it be possible to either

(a) Have that text pre-selected or
(b) Not have it at all

in order to avoid having to deleting prior to typing one's own subtask?

Posted: Sep 29, 2009

*slap forehead*

I think this may actually be the second time I have been bitten by this. For god's sake fix it before I make a fool of myself a third time :-)

(I can confirm though that like Anders, at least one of my users had this problem on first adding this column - although I have played with it before and it might have remembered a shrinking, he almost certainly hadn't).

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Posted: Sep 28, 2009

PS tested from Firefox and Safari with 3 different accounts

Posted: Sep 28, 2009

Reassignment does not seem to be working this morning (all pro accounts and it was all working last week - not a setup issue).

The collaborator is listed on the drop down menu, but if you pick the collaborator and move onto the next item, the field goes back to "reassign".

Posted: Aug 14, 2009
From Topic: Sharing: Where next?

I've used toodledo for over a year now and I want to put out my thoughts.

First: Customer communication *rocks*. I often use toodledo as an example of how a service provider should deal with their users.

Second: The system is pretty darn good for single users. What I most wanted early on was sub-folders, but the reality is that you can make toodledo work really well with what there is, so I'm over that.

Third: The attention to import/export methods, firefox/google plugins and the iPhone app is much appreciated.

Fourth: It is inevitable that if you use toodledo for yourself, you also want to use it for your group (whether workplace or other project). I think sharing is the one area where more work could pay off in more users.

I do understand that this means a lot of work; I also appreciate that toodledo are happy for multiple people to use a single account (how many providers do that ?) in order to get around some of the issues. The problem is that a shared account is all very well if that is all you have - but for people who already use toodledo personally, it's a messy solution - having to log in and out and so on.

Now ideally, the way sharing would work is like this: I and "Joe" and "Mo" have a folder that is shared; our view of the folder is common (all context is preserverd, such as folder name and task name for subtasks); I can assign stuff to Joe, but me, Joe and Mo all see it in our view of the folder; when Joe does the item, Mo and I get notified.

I also want a pony.

So, given all that is more work that can be reasonably accomplished, what can be done? Eventually it occurred to me that for practical purposes, the most important part of all that is the common view. As long as everybody can *see* what everybody is meant to be doing, it doesn't matter if only I can tick things off - so Joe can tell me when he's done something, and I'll deal with disposing the item.

The pony then is more affordable: What I want is to be able to "expose" a saved search. For example, publish the view that I would get as a result of a saved search, with the same sorting options, as an HTML page (saddle for the pony: an HTML table with user-sortable columns).

Is that "easy"? Can I do it with the existing public API - I'm happy to have a go, but I am concerned about authentication. Security via obfuscation would be fine I think - but one would need to obfuscate per saved search, so that I could give one URL to my husband (context:town folder:errands) and one to my minions (folder:BigProject) without them being able to reverse engineer the other.

(By the way, I wish there would be a separate features request forum - putting these in with Questions doesn't always feel right. Maybe it should have gone to Developers since it is an API question, sorry.)

Posted: Aug 10, 2009

I also use AdBlockPlus and do not have this problem. Did you somehow manage to get toodledo on your Adblock blacklist? Try switching to the default databases.

Posted: Aug 04, 2009

Well Toodledo didn't win, but seeing some of the winners in the other categories I don't think much of the voting public. For example the winner in the kid's category was some lame bubblewrap popping thing (I can't even call it a game - there's no purpose to it) whereas some of the other nominations were really good kid fodder (like a matching game).

So, pffft to them... no wait, it was an honour to be nominated or something.

Posted: Jul 17, 2009

Given how reasonable the Pro subscription rate is, I think that is fair.

I am willing to guess some of those support tickets could be dealt by asking a question on the forum.

Posted: Jul 07, 2009

Anders - yes, they are a photo hosting site and actually they are really great. Not only is the interface really well designed, but they have lots of different levels of privacy control, which is really nice for those of us who are not quite as exhibitionist as the youngsters these days :-)

On the overall issue, I think customers are willing to tolerate some level of service interruption if it is infrequent and quickly and honestly dealt with. The thing people really can't tolerate is data loss. I don't think a business could recover from that.

Posted: Jul 07, 2009

And if it makes you feel any better, check out these poor guys:


(they are a great service too, as you can tell from the honesty of their announcement)

Posted: Jul 07, 2009

Toodledo must have been unlucky - this time some of their Dallas cluster managed to stay up on UPS. Aren't you sure you don't want to stay at Dallas and keep getting the service credits? :-)

Seriously, do you really want to spend the effort on moving datacenters? Rackspace are bound to fix this, especially since they are now becoming a bit of a joke over this center.

Posted: May 19, 2009


(No I'm not switching. I don't know whether there is an API that toodledo can sync to, which might be interesting)

Posted: Apr 24, 2009

I wonder how many toodledo users actually use notes a lot...

Posted: Apr 23, 2009

Bearing in mind there is a boatload of toodledo users that do not GTD in the slightest...

What exactly is the cause of your dissatisfaction? There seem to be many predominantly happy GTDers in this forum. I looked to see if you had posted before making specific requests but couldn't find anything.

Posted: Apr 20, 2009
From Topic: Notebook HTML Editor

I do use the TD notebook (with Appigo Notebook on the iPhone end). My notes are usually simple lists of things, so I get by in plain text.

The one feature I find myself wishing for in TD notes (either in the Notebook proper or in the notes attached to tasks) is a feature from the Palm days - the ability to insert a character that automatically turns into a date and/or time stamp (for example including the string !ds would turn into 2009-04-20 or whatever your preferred format is).

Posted: Apr 20, 2009

Do you mean like showing "No date" when there is no date selected?

The thing to realise is that the "No date" is essentially a placeholder - clicking on it allows you to set a date after the fact. I use this functionality very often, and it is one of the nice things about the interface, that you are only one click away from adding or changing any property of the task. I would be very disapointed if that were to change.

I find the faint grey font works well in allowing you to mentally tune out unset fields. Otherwise you are only going to end up with some other kind of placeholder anyway.

Posted: Apr 16, 2009
From Topic: Wording on nav bar

Having read this forum for a while now, I have two suggestions for the left nav bar.

1. People are clearly not finding their way to the settings. While some of this is users being users, I think the fact that they are under "Account settings" is a contributing factor. By analogy to other websites, I think people expect to find stuff relating to their account management (eg password changes, email address, subscription) and not things that configure "the software" so they just don't go there. I would suggest leaving the aforementioned in "Account Settings" and having a "Preferences" Tab that has things that relate to toodledo usage (eg week starts on Monday, fields used etc). If that is too much work, just changing the Account Settings label to Preferences I think would direct more people to them.

2. Help is in the smallest font possible, and mushed in with News. I would suggest Help go with and just above "Sign Out" in the normal navbar font.

Posted: Apr 10, 2009

Am I missing something here? The settings that allows you to tick which fields are used really are what fields are used (and displayed). AFAIK there is no concept of "a field is in use but it is not displayed" in any kind of view. Multiline versus grid does not display different fields, just differently arranged.

This vexed me in the beginning but I now realise it's actually a good design interface choice since the system never hides information from the user.

I have had to shrink my columns to fit everything in a non-scrolling window in grid view, but that works quite well.

Posted: Apr 09, 2009
From Topic: Trying to upgrade

Are you on the toodledo site, or the payment sites (Google checkout or Paypal) when that happens? I am pretty sure toodledo didn't ask me for my zipcode.

Posted: Apr 09, 2009
From Topic: Ultimate Todos

Posted by anders_royce:

Do you mean that it has been rejected several times? I know Apple likes to reject app updates for ridiculous reasons (i.e., Pocket Informant and Ultimate Todos currently). However,I have never heard of it taking them more than a few weeks to either give an app the thumbs up, or reject it.

Oh they can take more than a few weeks - they can take long enough for the company to go out of business:


The rumour is that it is a lottery depending on which human reviewer gets assigned your app. Some are great, some are picky (sometimes in strange ways), and some are black holes.

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