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Posted: Apr 06, 2009
From Topic: Changing Todos?

Posted by anders_royce:
Personally, I would use subtasks, or tasks in a folder if you use folders as projects.

I do use subtasks. I am still trying out many things, but coming from RTM (only a few weeks) I realized that folders do not work for me as projects. Subtasks just nicely meet my bundling-tasks requirements.

I thought about using tags for assigning tasks to "real" projects (such as my research projects, or private topics such as car, home improvement, ...). But there are other threads here that discuss that in more depth and I still have to find my way that works for me.

I don't think changing the name is necessarily a bad habit as long as the first task is complete, but it does deprive you of the sense of accomplishment that accompanies a nice check-off.

That is a very good point :) Especially as I sometimes peek into my "History"...

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Posted: Apr 03, 2009
From Topic: Changing Todos?

Hi all:

Still a gtd-beginner, I find myself very often updating todos to reflect the progress of an activity. So the todo was "make call about agenda" and then literally change the header to "send updated agenda by email". I am just wondering if this is not a bad habit and I should really declare the call-todo finished and create a new todo send-email?!
On the other hand, this way there will be no connection between the two. Or do I then miss a project (which could be "agree on agenda" which consists of the twho sub/tasks)?

Cheers, Martin