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Posted: May 10, 2014

Hi there,

looks good, the menu bar app, and works fine on my MBP (17" 2011 10.9.2)...
I was wondering, whether alerts are available, or an implementation of Apple's "alert centre" (or whatever it's called in english GUI, have a German Mavericks version here... "Mitteilungszentrale") is planned, or already there?
Clicked around in the app, but didn't find it so far - personally I wouldn't mind paying some dollars for the app, if something like that is implemented.
The reason: on iPad + iPhone you get the alerts from apps, which makes sense - but on the Mac, I have to add it as a calendar in iCal, where it's not editable... So I used to edit it in Safari; but it'd be much more logical, if I can strip it from iCal and just use the app :-)

Cheers, Michiel

Posted: Jan 17, 2014


I know I can subscribe to my todo's with iCal (or "Calendar" or whatever apple likes to call it now), but I can't edit tasks there. I searched a bit on the web and on this forum, but didn't find anything like a power calendar app, which syncs with iCloud (or directly with the local Apple Calendar app) AND Toodledo actively - so I can edit both calendar reminders and Todos on my mac in 1 window? Or does anybody know something similar?

I'm currently using Toodledo in the browser + iCal (tried some desktop Toodledo app in the past, but it wasn't any better than the browser version); the todo's are displayed in iCal as well - but would be great to be able to edit them in - any good calendar app - as well :)

Thx in advance for tips!

Oh btw. I'm on Mavericks (using Toodledo app on my iPad and Appigo Todo on iPhone)...

Posted: Apr 04, 2013


I noticed, I can't convert regular tasks to repeating tasks in the browser version of Toodledo. At least I can't find the feature, using the latest version of Safari on Mac (Mountain L).
This is a pity, I searched help and this forum of course - it puzzles me, since it's so simple and in my iPad Toodledo app, the function's there... In a browser version you'd expect rather more functions, instead of less, having a higher resolution + bigger screen available.

By the way, in the iPad app one would hardly find it there either - I use Appigo on my iPhone, and there it's more visible, interface is clearer. That's why it stroke me, it's missing in the browser version, not because I ever used it in the Toodledo app. But Appigo having the better GUI + clearer design, is another topic of course.

Is this function indeed currently missing in the browser version, or am I doing something wrong / looking the wrong places?
By the way I checked, whether the function is checked as visible in my account settings, of course...

Thx in advance for feedback :-)